how do web developers create websites


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how do web developers create websites

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in student days,I always want to design a website of my own。Many people have thought like this,Have a website of your own,One can show one's labor、A personal portfolio of skills and achievements,Or a startup website。

Web development is the most sought-after skill,With the rapid development of the digital world,Demand for web developers is also increasing。This article covers all the skills and techniques needed in the field of web development,If you are new to web development,Then this article will help you,Navigate your web development journey,A guide on how to prepare for the role of a web developer。

(how do web developers create websites)

Let's move towards the goal of becoming a modern web developer,Let's go now!

Understand how the Internet works

After the website is successfully created, it will be published on the Internet,So we need a general understanding of how the internet works、How the browser makes the request and how the server sends the response。

simply put,The Internet is a large network of computers that communicate with each other。When we use the browser and enter the url,is using the domain name to access the website on the server。Hosting Made Easy Today,You don't have to get a domain name or set up a server。Many free sites will host your site for free,for exampleGithub PagesorNetlify。

Three Types of Web Developers

Website design and mockups are the first step in website creation。then,Developers start designing the interface,add functionality,and make the website responsive。Then,They send the website to another group of developers,The latter handles the code on the server side,and deploy it on the server。

· front end developer:They are responsible for user interface and website design,and make sure the website is responsive on all devices。

(how do web developers create websites)· backend developer:They handle the code on the server side,and deploy the website on the server that handles the request and response。

(how do web developers create websites)· full stack developer:They are developers with both front-end and back-end skills。

Front-end development

how do web developers create websites

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Front-end developers are responsible for the look and feel of the website。The basic skills required to learn front-end technology areHTML、CSSandJavaScript。now,Most users browse websites on their mobile phones,So when creating a website,Developers must also pay attention to the presentation of the site on desktop and mobile devices。CSSMedia queries adapted to mobile website design,Just right for developers。

After understanding the above concepts,The next step is to master the framework。with a frame,You don't have to write code from scratch,You can also use the various functions it provides。The more popular frameworks areBootstrap,Material CSSandTailwind。

The above skills will help you create a static website,But to reach the level of a professional web developer,You need to learn how to create dynamic websites and web applications。Advanced front-end developers use something likeReact JS、AngularorVuesuch a framework to create dynamic large-scale applications。The author recommends that you choose one of these frameworks to learn。

Backend development

Backend developers handle many functions,Apart from deploying the code on the server。If the website is static,then host it on a platform,Such asGithuborNetlify。But when it comes to dynamic functions,such as using databases and authentication,The role of back-end engineers is revealed。

Backend developer roles include:

· Design and manage databases and connect them to servers。

· Add authentication and handle requests from clients。

· Extensibility and Version Control

· Implement automated testing

(how do web developers create websites)

There are many techniques that can be used to learn back-end development,Not only do you have to be proficientPython、JavaEqual language,Net、Javascriptmust master。Also knowSQLandNoSQLdatabase,Such asMYSQLandMongoDB。

(how do web developers create websites)

If you are a beginner,The author recommends that you start withNode.jsstart,because it's a server-side codeJavaScriptframe,Other frameworks areDjango、Flask、ASP.Net、J2EEWait。

how do web developers create websites(how do web developers create websites)Image source:unsplash

(how do web developers create websites)

How to Prepare for Interviews for Web Development Jobs

If you want to be a web developer,and are preparing for the interview,Then the most important skill isJavaScript。JavaScriptconcept and framework,Such asReactandNode,is the most sought-after skill by companies。Many of the interviewer's questions will also be related to this topic。

You need to have a solid understanding of the stack front-end or back-end,And fully grasp the database management system。Beginners can start with freelancing or open source contributions,Gather some experience,Make some projects for your personal portfolio。Good luck with your web development journey!

how do web developers create websites

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