how much is it to develop a website


Many small companies are concerned about how much is the website construction??Because companies have just started,Don't want to invest too much money to do a website,There are many free websites.,But ask you to understand the website construction technology,So companies that don't understand technology want to be a website,How is website construction cost??How much is website construction?,In fact, there is no fixed answer,From tens of thousands of yuan to a few thousand yuan,So how much does it take to build a website??

how much is it to develop a website

Tonas Network Takes a normal corporate website as an example,We need to figure out first,What kind of aspects of the money of the website,In this way, you can know the price range of a website.。

1、Domain name

First, the website must have a domain name.,Visitors can find your website,The price of major domain merchants now sells almost,The domain name is cheap,English domain name100Can get。


Server is used to store your website data,Is an important part of the website,It is also one of the factors affecting website rankings.。The website is not fast,Look at the server is not good,General enterprise website makes a virtual host to set up a website,generally500Yuan can meet the entry requirements of enterprise official website,If the number of online people on the website is particularly high,Then consider configuring higher servers.。

how much is it to develop a website

3、Website program:

With the server and domain name, the website program is required.,Can form a complete online website。The price of the program is different.,Service is also a five-flowers。Have expensive custom construction site,Are tens of thousands of starts,There is also a cheap template building,There are hundreds to several thousand,Each of them。Flexible station,Can be customized on demand,But the price is expensive,High cost,High maintenance cost。Template station style structure single,Want to modify difficulties,Cannot meet user needs,But low cost。

As stated above,Website construction setup station costs are3Ten thousand-510,000 yuan,Template station is probably 1000-5000Interval。If you want to be a website, please contact us.,China 10,000 network company was established2007year,A lot500Strong business and listed companies provide super expectations website construction services。

Military Network Zhijian Station has the flexibility to modify the custom station,Customization on demand,There is also a cost of template stations.,Advantage of convenient maintenance。China 10,000 network Zhijian Station2000Multiple setsDemoCase,Contains all walks of life,With independent copyright, you can use it with confidence,If you still have something you interested in,You can design the page of your industry on demand。Online visual editing page,Easily meet daily modified maintenance requirements,The first year of construction costs only need3680Yuan。

(how much is it to develop a website)