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In curved circle,I often have a friend asking me if there is any good website recommendation.,for example:Where do I see abroad??Market analysis、What are the projects of the project class??Today I will come to you some,Very practical website。

I divide these websites into three categories.:1、Blog,Foreign airtight personal blog。2、Tool type,It covers the utility tool I use.。3、Information class,Foreign information website。

website development company nashville


1、nakamotoinstitute Zhongtutong College

On this site, many early passwords are recorded for password technology and digital currency.,And upload a lot of the Paper's papers,Collect many big gods for decades of research results,The average person does not understand,Because the content is very deeper。


Zhongcheng successor Jia Wen Anderson's personal blog,He is not used to say that many people know that many people know.,He shares some views on digital currency and encryption communities on blogs.。


First proposed Bitcoin NVT(network-value to transactions ratio,Comparison of network value and chain trading value) Valuation model big cattleWilly WooPersonal blog,His valuation model once fairly accurately to bits nearby 2 Wan Dollar。

(website development company nashville)4、Bitslog

Early participants in the block chain industrySDLerners blog,As a gray-grade character in this industry,It often shares its technical views and discovery on the blog.,CurrentlySDLernerYesRSKChief scientist。


This website passes through the algorithm to the active block chain and digital currency fields in the tweet.VPerformance score,If you want to pay attention to your friends who want to pay attention to foreign gods, you only need to pass this site to enter the corresponding tweet.,Focus on what you want to pay attention to,Get one hand foreign message。


Created by Curre,It is also the world's largest pitcoin and other encrypted currency forums.,First batchHoldlAggregation,Many encrypted currencies after Bitcoin are born in this platform.,There is also no shortagers to latenat in this forum.,Specially targeted for new projects。

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Information class


One of the famous block chain media abroad,Mainly for encrypted currencies、Block chain、Dapp And Internet finance,Provide timely news information、price、And quote analysis,Its market analysis experts from digital currency fields。

2、Bitcoin magazine

FounderVGod2012Annual Created Currency Magazine,At the same time, it is also the first magazine in the field of encryption.,At2015A company acquired by Nashville, Tennessee, USA,Change to web version,It is also one of the more famous information websites in the area of the block chain.。


CoinDesk Is a news site focused on Bitcoin and digital currency,The site is established2013 year,Foreign block chain line, vertical media as an old style,Coindesk Provide industry information report services,Have a large influence in foreign communities。


Compared to the previous information website,This website is more streamlined,Content also more depth and technology,There is often some research content,I personally prefer,Recommended for everyone。

website development company nashville



Coinmarketcap Is an encrypted monetary offer website,The website shows more than 1300 Historical prices for encrypted currencies、Instant price and market value rankings and other currency information,Is one of the toolb sites in the highest penetration in digital currency。

(website development company nashville)2、Allthingscrypto

This is aWelfarewebsite,Since some project parties needtokenTry to disperse,Often airdrops,Some new projects will cooperate with this platform.,User Click the corresponding item option,Fill in some personal information,for example:Wallet address,You can get the currency of the project side。


Lightning network search and analysis engine,Counting the number of nodes on lightning network、Basic data such as number of channels and network capacity,And network data visualization,Can be very intuitive to see the development of the network。


VariousDappInformation,EmbankmentDapp、EOSofDappWaveDapp,AdoptDappVarious data analysis,Currently, it has been statistically and analyzed more than1700indivualDapp,And for theseDappClassified and ranked。


This is aEOSNetwork real-time monitoring site,ContainEOSNetwork block data、Real-time block node、Block information,StatisticsEOSofTPS、APSandEOSPrice change curve, etc.。

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BTC.COMNot only a bitcoin mine,Still a data and wallet service provider,Bitcoin on this website、Bit cash and Ether work block browser,Coverage distribution、Network Dynamics and Digital Money Index and other information,Of course, the commonly used bitcoin block browser。

(website development company nashville)7、Etherscan

Used Tanfang block browser,The intrinsic data is also the most detailed website in all Equality block browsers.,View all this website ERC-20 Standard Currency Transfer Route、Holder、Trading volume and contract, etc.。

(website development company nashville)Charts and statistics provided through this website,Can see the growth of the address、Supply growth、Integration and other information。pass through DEX Track function,You can also view a single detrimentary delay layer relayer The data。


Digital currency market analysis website,andcoinmarketcapsimilar,But this website provides more detailed information than the former,for example:Users can flexibly set different parameters,1Hour change~90Volatility of the price,And this website is based on its own evaluation criteria,Analyze and rating the listed projects,Very practical。

(website development company nashville)9、1C0rating

Analysis website in digital currency,Data specifically collecting digital currency fields,And analyze and evaluate all kinds of1C0andSTOproject,And make reports for user reference。


Visual data website of Bitcoin and Lightning Network,Monitor each data in comparison and lightning networks and make visual data in real time,Very convenient to observe the specific situation of the network。


Bit cash real-time tracking site,Information includes node information for bit cash、Block information、Improve agreement,Bit cash upgrade and improve proposals will be submitted on this website,And after community voting is officially implemented,Bit cash powder essential。

(website development company nashville)If you think the above tools are very helpful,Don't forget to share it with friends!

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