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website development wikipedia

Bookshike 6 moon 11 Daily in Beijing

China Internet we are familiar with,There are many Internet services to occupy a lot of social resources in the development process.,Need people to pay management costs for them,Sharing bicycle is the most typical example。

Others are not concerned about social costs in the early days of development.,Finally I have to pass“Makeup”The way,Make up the social management expenditure of you before.,For example bytes beating and Facebook I have to strengthen the power of artificial review.,Take the abuse of products in governance。

These can be called technological development“External sexuality”:Originally, my love, my mutually beneficial trading process,Additional impact has caused third parties。Exhaust foreign trade will reduce the benefits of the whole society。

but,Wikipedia(Wikipedia)And Internet Archives(Internet Archive)Such a public welfare service,Then contribute public services for the Internet,It is self-paying due to the factors of ideas.。

All say“Technology is good”,Wiki“Unfavorable,Expertise”The product seems to be the vertices of this goal,Than any“Not as evil”The slogan is more convincing。How to make this benefit society“External sex”More than one thing,Make more?

| Orange Huainan is orange

(website development wikipedia)Wikipedia is a copy“The free encyclopedia”,Selfless editor from all over the world,Under a basic rigorous organizational architecture,Paying obligations to work。Server、Develop、Operation and maintenance costs through online donation coverage。

According to the official introduction [1] ,Wikipedia is the world's fifth big website,Monthly 4.5 Billion users provide services,The number of page views is billion。However, the website is only 350 Full-time employee,They prove their payment by emphasis on operational high efficiency and non-profitability to donors。

website development wikipedia

But except for these employees,worldwide 70000 Many volunteers are the main force of editing website content。Every month,Global users pass 10 Detailed terminal to visit Wikipedia,The content on Wikipedia per minute will be modified 350 Second-rate。(2016 Annual data [2])

(website development wikipedia)Google is on the right side of numerous search results,Put it on the linked link of Wikipedia,Help people quickly understand the meaning of query words。One of the flow entrances in the future world,Google Voice Search Products“Google Assistant”(Google Assistant)Also quantified by Wikipedia answered people“what is……”Problem。

Google is still YouTube Some videos,Put it to the link to Wikipedia,Inform the video is about a proper news、Historical events(for example 9/11 Terrorist attacks)Or official media from a country,Or get government funding, etc.。[3]

website development wikipedia

Seem,Wikipedia in Google Products,It has played the same role in Baidu Encyclopedia in Baidu Search Products.。

The content saved by Internet Archives is diverse,Apart from 90 Outside of the web content of many global websites started in the mid-era,There are also special preservation CD-ROM Disc image、Older host game、Subregion of TV news programs and other content。

(website development wikipedia)There is also a special partition in the station. [4] Store 2001 year 9 moon 11-17 The main TV station that can receive within the United States within the week,Information content including national TV stations in all countries,Can take people to return to the attack,It is an American version“Patriotism education base”。

website development wikipedia

but,The most famous of the Internet archives,Still the preservation of or willing to die。They were last year 6 moon 500px Website decided to delete“Knowledge Sharing”(CC)The photo of the free protocol rushed to back up a part [5],Last at the end of last year Tumblr Also backed up before all pornography [6]。

website development wikipedia

Have a media question,Wikipedia is used by Google,But Google did not pay full for this purpose.。

(website development wikipedia)but,Google takes every year 100 Wan Dollar donation,One of the donors who have contributed to the Wiki Media Foundation。Jimmy·Wales(Jimmy Wales)It also said in an interview,The relationship with Google is relatively best in all Silicon Valley big companies.。[7]

More money than this is the high exposure rate of Wikipedia content in Google search results.。They basically do not need to spend money to promote themselves,Become a crucial factor in maintaining Wiki low cost。

Similar to this,Internet archives don't have to bear all operating expenses with a powerful force。2014 year 8 moon,The archive part of millions of historical pictures migrate to the picture storage site in Yahoo Flickr custody。[8]

that's it,Completely public welfare Internet services and business giant cooperation in traffic resources,Achieve win-win and loop ecology。

(website development wikipedia)Wiki Media Foundation has multiple items outside the encyclopedia,in WikiData Provide computer recognition,Structured human knowledge map。[9]

(website development wikipedia)Because the current machine learning is still not based on human logic-based approaches“think”,These knowledge spectrum is Alexa Waiting for the product assistant products will be very useful。

visible,The next generation of Internet entrys also minimally can't contribute to Wiki,And mutually beneficial cooperation with giants。

| It is born in Huaibei.

domestic,Wikipedia's corresponding product——Baidu Encyclopedia does not make a spontaneous maintenance and donation from netizens,Environment that can work properly。

In fact,Baidu has paid a lot of manpower for maintaining the normal operation of the encyclopedia,At the same time, because it is the final responsible person,And always bear“False information”Criticism of regulatory vulnerabilities。

Baidu Encyclopedia's auditor is indeed by the general netizen,It also includes some professional editing from the editorial battle of Chinese Wikipedia。but,Baidu must work with the obligations of these netizens,Building a sufficiently strong incentive mechanism。because,In turn, use platform to destroy the abuse of the entire environment,More but more than。

In addition to everyone knows the modification entry,Another one is to put the link to encyclopedia first.,Modify the external link after revision,Make the external link of certain entries to be guided by the porn website。[10]

Baidu has to add an external link to the entry,Transfer from the original straight chain to webpage snapshot,And due to Internet archives in China, you can't access it directly.,Baidu also needs to build a fast market。to be honest,Just, you have to do it yourself again.,Higuated waste。

Baidu also invited some authorities to make a professional entry。However,even when hitting“This entry is made by‘Popular Science China’Science Encyclopedia entry writing and application work item review”in the words,There may still be bugs。

website development wikipedia

E.g,in wikipedia“Higgs boson”in the entry,There is an error in the data unit of a value,But this error has never been corrected。[11]

website development wikipediawebsite development wikipedia

at the same time,Baidu in order to further enrich the information of the encyclopedia,Some short videos from external content creators are also quoted,release“Understand encyclopedia in seconds”column。And the matching and copyright attribution of these videos, etc.,Another extra expense for Baidu。

another embodiment“specialty of China”The place is the necessary qualification for making encyclopedia products。Issues highlighted due to content moderation,In addition, it is very difficult to obtain qualifications and licenses,Some controversies that may be put on hold on Wikipedia,For Baidu Encyclopedia, it has to face,Greater audit costs are required to eliminate operational risk。

(website development wikipedia)even so,Official review power of Baidu Baike,its huge number,different“Contributor”,and a wider range of users than,still only a small percentage,Unable to prevent some low-quality content from being retained。And these are like buried mines,Irregularly discovered by netizens who searched,and on Weibo、Know it and wait for it to come out,Incidentally, add to Baidu“do evil”severe criticism。

(website development wikipedia)We can basically think of Baidu Baike as Wikipedia in a parallel world,It clearly demonstrates that if Wikipedia were a commercial project,how much it will actually cost。

The backer of Baidu Encyclopedia is Baidu,so that it will not be forced to distort excessively in burning money,even down to a complete shutdown,it's more fortunate。

(website development wikipedia)The long-term and continuous burning of money in the domestic venture capital industry,Make a large number of projects deformed,Only desperate expansion,Go back and make a mistake,Looking for policy approval。Such as《Central European Business Review》Mentioned:[12]

“this‘pollution first、post governance’development route will even affect other‘Medium-sized’business decision。once insisted‘small but beautiful’easy to reach,that's the competitive environment‘Regret’。”

| common challenges

Even if a product is designed with noble motives,It should also be taken into account that the people who use it are bizarre,many different types of,They may have all kinds of thoughts,make an unexpected move。

Burger King“hacking”The story of Google Assistant becomes a classic case。2017 year 4 moon,Burger King airs an ad,does not introduce any product information,Just let the clerk say something:

“you are reading a 15 Burger King ad in seconds。only,in this short 15 in seconds,We can't tell you all about the ingredients in the Whopper.。but,I have a way。OK,Google:what is a castle?”

website development wikipedia

(Picture taken from YouTube)

Once you have a Google smart speaker at home Google Home,Then next you will hear it recited for you from Wikipedia“Whopper”The introduction content of the entry interception。The point is,in order to Google Home The intro sounds more like an ad,Burger King also secretly changed the beginning of a Wikipedia entry。

this“Fighting cattle across the mountain”of 15 second ads are called “The Oscars of Advertising” won the Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Advertising Festival,second only to the highest prize palm award。[13]

This is certainly not the only example of abusing Wikipedia's trust in freelance editors。The latest one seems even worse。

In order to occupy the top position in Google image search results,outdoor clothing company The North Face(north)Sneaking advertisement photos in Wikipedia articles。if it weren't for their fanciful self-promotion,Incidents may remain unreported。

The North Face Working with Leo Burnett,Send photographers to famous outdoor landmarks around the world,photo shoot The North Face Photo of people in jackets standing at landmark,and replace to the wikipedia page for these landmarks。

“How does a brand appear first on Google without paying for it??” The North Face self-promotion,“We've reached one of the hardest places to reach:world's largest search engine‘top’。Just by working with Wikipedia,No need to pay anything at all。”

website development wikipedia

The incident sparked unanimous condemnation from the Wikimedia Foundation and netizens,Ended with company apology and photo taken down。[14]

This opportunistic approach is related to the so-called SEO(Search Engine Optimization)very similar。SEO the emergence of,Originally to make the original do well,However, sites that are hard to find get more exposure,But in practice it is often abused,Make low-quality content appear at the forefront of search engines。

Similar things to almost everyone with pure and kind thoughts,Founders who think of human nature as beautiful have had an impact,including developed《wind traveler》(Journey)producer of legendary games“Zen master”Chen Xinghan。

In the game he made with seven years of painstaking efforts《SkyLight·encounter》among,Chen Xinghan tried in-app purchases for the first time to make money,But most in-app purchases are for cheating and showing off,Doesn't fit the lighthearted and positive tone of his game。

The mechanism set by Chen Xinghan is,In-app purchases to accumulate gifts and give them to others,Those who receive it will receive love,Use love to unlock hidden costumes and props。result,Many loopholes in the mechanism have been discovered by players。

Someone opened a trumpet to give himself a gift;Someone dressed up as a cute little guy,Begging for love from strangers;There are people sitting in chat chairs,Tout a love exchange program to everyone who sits down……The team constantly adjusted to control a relatively healthy ecology。[15]

The weakness of human nature determines the mutual utilization between users and the platform,The relationship of exploiting loopholes is inevitable。If the platform intentionally exploits human nature,It may offer an addictive recommendation algorithm,Tie the user firmly with a small profit,Then the user side has almost no“odds”。

but the other way around,For a platform dedicated to good,other“exercised”of users have become more powerful destroyers。This is both Chinese and foreign,is a worldwide problem。

(website development wikipedia)only,Products from Chinese Internet Soil,some additional tests。

| Sad about language and culture

Chinese Internet is a much smaller,Severely torn plate。

Of course,Here speak Chinese Internet“little”,just relative。some minor languages,Even the native language of developed Nordic countries such as Iceland,Reduced usage opportunities in an English-speaking Internet environment,are about to fall into a state of semi-death. [16]。But the relative problem,It's a problem after all。

The largest Chinese-speaking region is mainland China,have a set“self-circulation”system。And other Chinese-speaking regions outside mainland China,both tend to contribute directly to Chinese Wikipedia。That is to say,the world may have,and only one Wikipedia,Can be subject to such extensive and prolonged maintenance。

As for English,Because it is used in almost all regions of the world,from more than 100 regions around the world“pinch point”Find top talent with money and leisure,no doubt much easier。

in non-native English-speaking countries,Those who are proficient in English,Generally have better family background and educational conditions。they are less likely to be forced to make a living,or outright mischief,to do something special to destroy the ecology of the community。

well known,There are many people in the country,Intent by destroying an otherwise clean network environment,The purpose is just to create my own poor virtual presence and sense of accomplishment。

To make matters worse,,Education between regions where Chinese is used、Cultural and even ideological divisions,Also let Chinese users compare to other languages,more difficult to cooperate。

Wikipedia also faces editorial wars and“troll”(troll)The problem,But the scale of these wars is relatively limited,The English version only focuses on a few topics,such as trump and right-wing entries。However,Editing wars on Chinese Wikipedia 2002 The Chinese version has not stopped since the opening of the。

Experienced 2003 Year Simplified and Traditional Chinese Versions merged,2004 Introduced automatic conversion software for idioms(such as“software”and“software”、“the Internet”and“Internet”mutual conversion,This was one of the important fuses that sparked editorial wars early on.)Later,Ideology-based editorial warfare continues,Even according to Wikipedia's own records,Jimmy·Wales has considered temporarily shutting down Chinese Wikipedia to push for forced ceasefire。[17]

finally,The basic quell of the war depends on mainland China, making it more difficult to directly access Wikipedia。It is also unimaginable,In case the thousands of troops who are stopped in the country have to go“fighting”what are the chances of……It's probably going to be an epic all-out war。

The example of encyclopedic products seems to prove that,purely“positive externality”of products do exist,But its existence may be accidental,Success may be irreproducible,for“sinister”the Chinese Internet environment,may be particularly lacking in reference。

(website development wikipedia)| in conclusion

a realization from start to finish“positive externality”,A company that creates positive social value,First of all, you should gather enough idealistic feelings from the beginning,People who don't forget their original aspirations after their fortune。Jimmy·Wales so,Other success stories as well。

In fact, there are idealistic people,Not lacking in China,Even these people don't have to go abroad,pure idealism。exist GQ A recent report on Houchang Village [18] middle,Mentioned in Baidu 7 Employee Chen Xiaoqi。

”Years ago,Friends of Internet executives sell Beijing house and car,Run to Lijiang to open the inn。she was moved,also experience。But after a week she couldn't wait,I think it's still exciting to watch the self-driving car test every day.,Back to Houchang Village。“

extremely cruel in the country“dark forest”middle,Someone like her who can still find value,rare,but not really。But if we want to make some public welfare Internet products appear in China that will not die prematurely,At least the following:

1、should be a self-looping,break even,Or very low maintenance costs,projects under control。

(website development wikipedia)2、during project implementation,It will inevitably cause interference caused by abnormal use of users.,These disturbances stem from defects that were not considered in the product design,May incur additional operating costs。Therefore, when estimating the cost,leave enough advance。

3、Make sure the products you make are for Chinese(or Mainland China)market or global market。Because of various characteristics of the Chinese Internet,more difficult to obtain at scale than the English Internet、suitable user group,to maintain the operation of a public welfare product。

no matter what,The scope of application of the product should still be wide enough,big enough to have scale effects。after all“Let tens of millions of people pay a few dollars each”Compare“Let thousands of people pay tens of thousands of dollars each”much easier。

Except for the parts mentioned above,And some scattered points,such as the production of as little hardware or physical items as possible。

produce a lot of solid waste“innovation”More than just shared bikes。《New York Times》It has also been pointed out that the rise of domestic and foreign sales websites has produced a large amount of white garbage.。Whether the responsibility lies with the platform or the merchant,The negative externality of environmental pollution caused by it is inevitable。[19]

Chinese people debate and quarrel,a sentence“proceed if you can”It's easy to tell people to jump。Comment on good or bad food without having to be your own cook,Commenting on the performance of the refrigerator does not require your own body to be able to cool。

But how does a product grow and expand,avoid generating too large“negative externality”,It really belongs to a“You can't get up”category。

Everybody knows what's wrong,but put yourself under,Not necessarily a better solution,It remains to be tried later。

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