who developed flipkart website


who developed flipkart website

walmartCEO Doug McMillon and Flipkart Co-founder and CEO Binny Bansal at an event in bangalore

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six years ago,Flipkarthosted it for the first time ever“Big Billion Day”big sale。Now such an annual celebration sale has become a signature event for e-commerce platforms。However, when the event was first held that year, it was a mess。

At the time, the company advertised the one-day celebration as“Biggest sale ever in India”,However, the event encountered many problems:The spike in traffic caused several page downtimes,Item sold out too fast,The third-party seller refused to process the order at noon, etc.。

This time the user experience was so bad that it got a lot of bad reviews on social networks,FlipkartHad to issue an apology the next day。despite this,“newbie”Flipkarton the day10Got it in an hour1billion dollar orders。

this home2007The retailer that started out in Bangalore in 2009 has continued on firmly since then.,Will“Big Billion Day”turns into a weeks-long carnival,During this period, the platform will release flagship products、Give customers big discounts。local research instituteRedseerData from consulting firms,This year“Big Billion Day”period,Flipkartsold value25billion dollar merchandise。

who developed flipkart website(who developed flipkart website)by contrast,Its biggest rival, Amazon India, has also held a similar sale carnival in the past few years“The Great Indian Festival”。in India,Larger e-commerce companies are usually10arrive12month,Choose three or four weeks to host the annual sale。This is also the time when festivals gather,Including the influential Diwali festival。But in the first week of the event, Amazon only got about12billion dollar sales,Not yetFlipkarthalf of。

Forresterof senior forecastersSatish Meenasaid:“Big sale carnival isFlipkartCreative,from2014years we have‘Big Billion Day’Start,Amazon has never been betterFlipkart。”

HoweverFlipkartIt's not just the big sale carnival that leaves Amazon India behind,but extends to market share。2018year,one servingForresterreport evaluationFlipkartand its fashion platform has approximately40%market share,Amazon only has31%。

The two currently consider themselves to be the first brothers in the Indian online shopping market。RedSeerthink to2020end of the year,India's e-commerce market is expected to reach380One hundred million U.S. dollars。Many industry experts believe that,according to2018Walmart in mid-year210billion dollar acquisitionFlipkartthis consideration,enough to reflectFlipkartValue in the eyes of supermarket giants,It is the one that leads the e-commerce industry in India。

Flipkartgrowth path

(who developed flipkart website)2007year,FlipkartStarted as an online book sales platform。the first three months,platform for a week only8arrive10orders。arrive2008end of the year,reached a day100about orders。

Flipkartco-founder ofBinny Bansaltell the local《Times of India》,In that year, the online penetration rate of enterprises in India was only4%Time,Resolutely adopt a strategy of focusing on only one category,that helpsFlipkartsurvive in the market。

until2010beginning of the yearFlipkartEntered the mobile phone field,go through10year time,This category already accounts for half of its e-commerce platform sales。followed by2012year,Its online platform has entered the field of fashionable clothing with the mentality of letting it go。

Amazon's online debut in India,Bringing a consumer price comparison platformJunglee.com。one year later,The US-based e-commerce company launched its shopping site in India。Shelf categories include books、Movie、TV show、mobile phone、camera,And later more kinds of electronic products, etc.。

“first comer”Flipkartin electronics like、Fast-moving consumer goods such as clothing are already ahead of Amazon。exist2014year5month3.30 million acquisition of fashion platformMyntraback,The market share of the two online fashion sales has reached60%。However“latecomer”Amazon is inFlipkartacquisitionMyntrathe month before,The fashion category has just been introduced on the platform。

RedSeerThe Senior Consultant Sermons,“People are reluctant to buy fashion online,Because I don't know if it fits,But when e-commerce platforms make the return process convenient,The field of fashion has officially started its online development。”

As more and more people buy fashion and accessories online,Market competition has become fierce。At the timeFlipkartandMyntraCombined, it accounts for about 30% of the online fashion market share.50~55%,Amazon occupies approx.17~18%。

(who developed flipkart website)FlipkartThe dominance of the online fashion market gives it the confidence to challenge the Indian e-commerce leader。A strong position in online fashion also makesFlipkartCountless fans in small cities。

“The Breakthrough in Customer Acquisition in Smaller Cities is Fashion”,Institutional Senior ForecasterMeenaSay。“For many entry-level players who shop online,Fashion becomes a starting point。Because many people want to try online shopping,But maybe you won't come up and buy a smartphone'large'。”

many likeH&M,ZaraSuch fashion brands are not available in smaller cities in India,This also gives online fashion platforms the opportunity to develop in these places。in the past six years,FlipkartandMyntratake a chance,Cooperated with local third-party sellers to create many private brands。

(who developed flipkart website)earlier this year,FlipkartTowardsArvind Youth Brands——Indian fashion retailerArvind FashionsIts subsidiary, which focuses on the youth line, has invested in3500Ten thousand U.S. dollars。last month,FlipkartReinforcing its position in the online fashion market,by2billion dollars investedAditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd (ABFRL),Here's another traditional brick-and-mortar fashion retailer。

FlipkartgroupCEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy recently with local mediaMintsaid in an interview,Companies are trying to create fashion brands in partnership。“The lines between brick-and-mortar fashion retailers and e-commerce are only getting blurred”,He said。This year's big sale carnival,E-commerce companies have100Home Local Fashion Brand Collaboration,The platform has more than2000shop。recent,The company also announced plans for fashion houses that sell celebrity promotionsUniversal Sportbizinvestment(Consideration not yet announced)。

Pay attention to sinking markets

Forrestersenior forecasterMeenaExpress,FlipkartLeadership in both mobile devices and fashion,That is, two of the three largest e-commerce sales categories(The other is electronic products)。

who developed flipkart website(who developed flipkart website)“Because money will flow into smartphones and trendy apparel during the big sale carnival,That isFlipkartTwo categories in leading,So it can continue to maintain the stamp。”MeenaSay。

get to the bottomFlipkartThe reason for the expansion of these two product categories,It is one of its strategic positioning into a whole environment“market”,Focus on low prices、More affordable。This also makes itFlipkartIt has established a lot of influence in the second and third-line market.。

Industry experts believe,Amazon is mainly placed on the first level of customers from high-income families.,butFlipkartTarget customer more than a big city and high income people。FlipkartNot only high-end products,Can also meet the daily needs,And Amazon's products are relatively low.。

Not only that,FlipkartI often sell some of the popularity of the public in the second and third lines.,This makes it a very high existence in the local area.。

Last week,New smartphone priced at SamsungGalaxy F41Time,FlipkartgroupCEO Kalyan Krishnamurthy Say,Companies fully understand Indian consumers need,Will bring cost-effective products to all brands。

“The desire we have been bringing the most cutting-edge technology to Balate2.5Yi Consumers,And Samsung's strategic cooperation further accelerated its implementation。”Bala is located here for the second three-line city。

more importantly,FlipkartSeeking cooperation in cross-product,Production of lightweight and portable products,Enriched low price products。Always,FlipkartAlso started to build a self-operated brand,I hope to be able to“Brand goods”Coordinated development,Provide a lower price、Maori higher products。

In order to attract a wider customer,FlipkartPlease come to the local celebrity to make a brand。It puts chips in localization,Sellers in the area focused on local specialty foods,At the same time, there are many local languages for customers on the platform.。

althoughFlipkartWorking properly under the current strategy,But let the small city customers have always patronizedFlipkartAnother important factor is to do online items,Keep this part of the market。

The expansion of the next stage

In addition to fashion,Market value250BillionFlipkartGroup is looking at groceries,I hope to carry out the next phase of the expansion by this type.。India's retail industry80%~90%The market share is made of grocery and fashion,And the permeability of these two categories online is very low.,Therefore, most e-commerce uses these two categories as the development goal.。

CEO KrishnamurthyMediaMintSay,“For Indian e-commerce2024The year is 100 billion dollars,Permeability continues to grow,These two categories will certainly play a lot。We do invested more and more funds in these categories,But will also be strict‘ability’Angle to examine the company,Seeking cooperation or strengthening investment in other areas we can't build with a strong force。”

However,This hatched e-commerce platform is still facing some challenges。

“FlipkartGood at mobile phone、Each type of electronic product、Fashion these categories,But like toys、infant products、Decorate these needs less demand‘Long tail’Category,It's not so good at it.。”An industry analyst is said,“Confused Amazon has reached its entirety、Platform business experience in multi-region“Long tail”It has a considerable voice in the class.。”

MeenathinkFlipkartCurrently, it is too relying on the release of new products、Big price reduction activities to attract consumers,But there is no one like AmazonPrimeSuch a long-term plan to retain customers。PrimeIs a member payment project,It offers free express,Some discounts,Support video stream,There are also advertising music, etc.。

“Some customers may be fromFlipkartorMyntraStart online shopping trip,But as they grow older、Purchase power,In addition to discounts,They also began to pursue the convenience and comfort of shopping.,” MeenaSay。“Some people in them will conduct consumption upgrades.,AmazonPrimemember。”

who developed flipkart website

“FlipkartI can't get the extent to which customers can rest assured with brand reputation.,”He said。“Therefore, the company is working developmentFlipkart Plus,belongFlipkartOwn integral system,Advance more new customers by issuing vouchers,This will lead to Amazon now。”

Besides,New admissionIndian conglomerates Reliance、TataWaiting for e-commerce may make“Melon”Indian consumer wallet competition is more intense,FlipkartThe challenge you face may be more。

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