wix website developer


wix website developer(wix website developer)


If you are a programmer or designer just entering the development field,Then you must have heardWix。

Wixis one of the most famous and used website editors,Although it's not perfect,but an efficient solution for most users。

useWix,You don't even need a graphic design foundation,No computer knowledge required,you can easily create a beautiful and functional website。

wix website developer

Login to the account after entering the website,Choose the type of website you want to create:

wix website developer(wix website developer)

Then choose a plan for making a website:one isADIAutomatic generated,One is to select a template and edit it by yourself。

wix website developer

Let's talk about this firstADIAutomatic generated,because currentlyWixis the only website editor with an AI assistant。

chooseADIAfter auto-generated,You just need to answer some basic questions,Finally, choose the theme and design you like.okspan。

wix website developer

WixofADIYou can get to know you through these aspects,And build a beautiful website for you in minutes with advanced algorithms。

After the website is created,You can use it like any other media editor,Easily modify and edit the content on the website。

wix website developer

The operation is really very simple,Users can easily use various functions,Master it in just one pass。

If you need to add elements somewhere,Just drag and drop from the material library into the editor。

wix website developer

if you are not usingADI,Instead, I chose the construction plan of editing the template by myself.,This process is also very simple。

First choose your favorite template,Then enter the editor。

wix website developer

WixOne of the major advantages is a friendly user interface and a high degree of customization。

it's here,You don't need to spend energy researching jargon and code。Simply drag and drop to add your favorite elements to your website。

wix website developer

In addition to the excellent operation interface,WixThere are other advantages you can't miss:

1.Template material is updated quickly

(wix website developer)for a website,Nothing is worse than an outdated design。

Wixof developers update a lot of assets every month,It is convenient for users to continuously beautify their website,to keep modern、Fashion、beautiful,and efficient website construction。

(wix website developer)Such as animation interactive effects、Popular photo filters, etc.。

(wix website developer)2.Drag and drop operation is more convenient

WixThe drag-and-drop tool allows you to quickly place text、image、Music and video added to the design。

Just drag the mouse,to successfully display、Share and sell your content。

wix website developer

4.Powerful tool suite

if you are rightCSS,Javas criptIf you have some knowledge about the database,then useWixIt's like a tiger with wings。

(wix website developer)WixAdvanced code features allow you to build your site from scratch,and can createWebapplication、dynamic page,even database collections。

Wixcode can be directly used withWixeditor connected,When you need to modify part of the code in your website,you can totally useWixout-of-the-box code。

5.app store

(wix website developer)app store is aWixgreat features of,It provides260multiple applications,Allows you to add more functionality to your website。

wix website developer

6.auto save

An editor without autosave is soulless。

WixAlso provides real-time auto-save function,Let you relax and work,No need to worry about the inconvenience caused by problems such as computer crashes。


althoughWixThe advantages are abundant,But it should be noted that,If you choose the free creation plan,SoWixAds will remain on the website you generate。

It's fine for private sites though,But business website builders need to be cautious.。