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(wix website development)Which website is best for free??How to distinguish?This should be the problem that every business that needs to be stationed.,Is it easy to use??The answer is,But it is also easy to enter the business marketing routine,Then, the following cross-screen construction site is given to you from a few angles.,How to choose a reliable free station platform,And what needs to pay attention to?

wix website development(wix website development)Free Website

(wix website development)But picking up the station company can give several reference points.:

1.Website technology is unreliable?
This can refer to the time of the company's established,Conventional qualification,Past case。Also can I access the official website of the platform?bugAnd stable problem。
2.Can not be reliable after sale?
Website maintenance is a long-term job after all.,It is inevitable that there will be a variety of problems.。So the support of after-sales technicians is especially important.。
3.Companies can be unreliable
Some corporate websites have been built,There is a case where the station company is closed。Some will tell users to do our website to migrate,But some companies will not run directly.,Examples of the data loss of the enterprise user website are all。At this time, you will ask your business users to choose the station company to investigate the credibility of the enterprise.、Established time, etc.。

wix website development(wix website development)Free Website

(wix website development)

Some mainstream construction platforms on the market

(wix website development)

1、Wix (foreign)

Wix Is a famous free website construction system abroad,Template design is very good,Any module after the template can be selected casually,Text editing and frame size can be very casual,Small white friendship,User experience is also。

butWix Server overseas,Domestic visits are very slow,Waiting for web pages, you estimate a cup of coffee.,I may even be refreshed several times to open a web page.。If your main access users can consider abroad,If it is still not recommended in China?。


WordPressis based onPHP+Mysqldeveloping、There are currently many people in the world.CMSsystem。This site is more difficult to get,More suitable for more programming knowledge,First download installationWordpress It is a very complicated process itself.,Unlike other websites,You can use your username。

For novice,The server's operation and maintenance is very difficult,PlusWordpress The system is more bloated,very complicated,Need to consume longer time and energy,So, it is not very suitable for lazy and small white try.。But if you are a programming master,And energetic is not afraid of tossing,So choosing this is very nice。

3、Sohu Express Station(domestic)

Sohu fast station is a classic old brand,Mainly based on the mobile terminal。Mobile website,Community,E-commerce,app,Blog,H5Poster can do。All in all is a full-time website,It can be said that,Very rich products。It's rare to be in such a rich function.,Its operation is not complicated,on the contrary,Very simple operation,It is also easy to build a station.。Is a platform platform that makes you get started very fast,And a lot of various templates。


(wix website development)  Means of,in China,dedecsRelatively older。For users who do not have web programming,It is easy to get started,Background editor is very convenient,And the built-in website index effect is also very good。but,Design Dream Fund is relatively older,Template interface is not very attractive。Users are hard to make their website beautiful and personalized。in addition,Function is not very rich,Mainly based on simple content management。There are many vulnerabilities。


  WeeblyIs a foreign tool building station。The website itself has a high value,Design template is also good。There are a lot of rich external services,But you must pay。The website is mainly used to drag and drop to edit,image,video,Copywriting, etc.。Can drag them to any position。It is not difficult to operate。

  Unfortunately,The current support for China and domestic services,And like other external tools,Access stability is also restricted in different regions,And usually unable to open。Basically it applies only to foreign users,If your website is mainly suitable for domestic users,Not suitable。

  6.Cross-screen construction station(domestic)

  Cross-screen construction is focused on computers+Mobile phone 2 free platform platform,Its function is very complete,Easy to make a strong and beautiful interface,And the service is particularly good。Recommend this here。


(wix website development)Now, the free building is basicallySAASBuilding station platform,This platform has a characteristic that the construction site is fast.,Go online,cheap price,Very suitable for SME。