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British Weida 70 Hundred million US dollars acquired peers Mellanox Technologies

3 moon 10 day,A person who knows people,Chipmaker British Weida is about to 70 Tortone of US dollars in cash acquisition of its peers Mellanox Technologies。This will boost its data center chip service,Thereby reducing the dependence on the video game industry。Previously, Royal Bank of Canada(RBC)Analyst issued a report,Ying Weida seizures 75% Digital monetary market share,Due to encrypted market downturn,It is serious than imagination.。

Digital currency

Report:More than total 80% of ETH Depend on 7572 Add address hold

Digital Asset Research Company Delphi Digital A report recently released,ETH Total cycle supply 80% Above 7572 Add address hold,And these addresses ETH Hold 1000 Or more。in 6490 Holder 1000 arrive 10000 Enumerate ETH between,923 Hold 10000 arrive 10 Ten thousand ETH between,155 Capacity 10 Everything 100 Ten thousand ETH between,only 4 Add address 100 Ten thousand 1000 Ten thousand ETH。

(woocommerce website developer)Menluo Coin hard bifurcation upgrade has been completed according to the original plan

Menluo official,Menluo's hard bifurcation upgrade has been completed according to the original plan。

(woocommerce website developer)Bitcoin Private Towards HitBTC Send a lawyer letter,say BTCP Not unreasonable

Bitcoin Private Towards HitBTC Send a lawyer letter,Reason is BTCP Not unreasonable。It is reported that,2018 year 5 moon,Bitcoin Private use BTC Towards HitBTC Pay 50 Wan US dollar listed fee。2018 year 12 moon,CoinMetrics Analysis,About 200 Ten thousand BTCP Secret mining。as a response,Bitcoin Private Request,Maintain the market BTCP Circulation,HitBTC And users need 480000 Zone BTCP Currency mobile to new wallet。 According to Bitcoin Private Saying,HitBTC The team did not take appropriate measures,Leading the loss of part。HitBTC It is considered that the loss is Bitcoin Private cause,and request Bitcoin Private Compensate,Otherwise it will break it.。

The fourth largest ratio address or sold in the next month 6 Ten thousand BTC,Clear address all assets

since 2014 Cumulative holding since the year 11.3 Ten thousand BTC(Bind 4.4 One hundred million U.S. dollars)The fourth largest ratio address may be transferred at the end of last month 6 Ten thousand BTC,Empty all bitcoin。It is reported that,Most of this address BTC Mainly 2017 Annual purchase,In the last year, it is sold to sell.。

Block chain industry

Ripple Support XRPL Labs Launch WooCommerce Project developer's reward fund

Wietse Wind Ali、Tristan Cooperation project XRPL Labs Recently Ripple Get funded by two to three years,It announces that it will integrate to any development XRP and WooCommerce Plugin developers provide rich bonuses。XRP Fans can participate,Contribute to the bounty,so far,Bounty has exceeded 3000 XRP,This purpose is to promote WooCommerce Application range of this commercial payment platform。

Invesco The block chain will be introduced in the London Stock Exchange ETF

Invesco Elwood Global Blockchain ETF In 3 moon 11 Listing transaction in the London Stock Exchange。Should ETF Corporates that will be aimed at the potential from the block chain,Powerful investment CME Group,Other constituents include apples、Microsoft、Intel、AMD Wait,The portfolio will be covered 48 Company。

Report:Block chain、AI and 5G Injury,The Internet will present new business models

National Sheng Securities Research Institute issued a report《Kechuang future:Block chain、AI and 5G What will be brought??》。Report,Block chain、AI and 5G Injury,The Internet will present new business models。Internet companies have dropped the control of data,Algorithm mode supplier;The block chain network provides basic protocols for data privacy and data market governance,User Share More Data Value;5G Edge network's power platform will carry more terminal traffic,Change the first network architecture;Mobile terminal hardware architecture GPU tilt。

Korea Internet Revitalization Academy Jin Tiuan:Plans to expand the number of public service projects based on the block chain to the original 2 Multiplication

Korea Internet Revitalization(KISA)Gold Tinhuan,This year will develop a fusion industry and 5G Safety as a pilot strategy。For block chains,We will expand the number of public service projects based on the block chain to its original 2 Multiplication,which is 12 indivual;And newly launch three public-based private leadership projects。

The Brazilian court requested Santander Bank to return all the assets of the freezing encrypted currency exchange.

recently,Brazil Sao Paulo Court Commands Santander Bank( Banco Santander )Be more than 33 Ten thousand 5000 The dollar's fund is returned to a local encrypted currency exchange。Previously the bank frozen its account,Namely, its activity does not match the bank's policy。Court pointed out,Lack of supervision does not mean that the activities of the encrypted currency exchange are illegal.。

(woocommerce website developer)Foshan City Chancheng will use the block chain technology construction Chancheng Science and Technology Financial Services Platform

(woocommerce website developer)Foshan Chancheng Science and Technology Finance Industry Integration Innovation Development Three-Year Action Plan( 2019-2021 )(Draft for comments)Public comments from recent days ago。The action plan proposes the use of block chain technology construction“Chancheng Science and Technology Financial Services Platform”,Building an efficient financing channel for technology companies;At the same time extending equity financing、Technical results transfer、Technical contract registration、Docking services such as technical property transactions。2021 year,This platform will be fully built into a comprehensive investment financing platform in Chancheng District、Big Data Platform and Small and Small Technology Credit Platform。

Global policy

(woocommerce website developer)Iranian encrypted currency community calls on Iranian central bank to formulate reasonable regulatory rules

Iranian encrypted currency supporters and business owners call on the central bank of Iran(CBI)Don't hurry to take action to supervise the block chain technology and encrypted currency。Community calls for currency and credit committee meeting will finalize CBI The time of the policy is delayed for four months,And said they are ready to work closely with the authorities.,To create an efficient rule manual。

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National People's Congress representative Li Jun:Use block chains and other technologies to solve agricultural traceability issues

(woocommerce website developer)Two sessions,National People's Congress representative、Li Jun, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Baiyun Town, Cangxi County, Guangyuan City, Sichuan Province, using the Internet and Digital Technology to help develop quality agriculture,Promoting the revitalization of rural villages。Li Jun suggested innovation using digital technical means,For example, block chain technology,Traceability of agricultural products to solve quality agriculture。at the same time,Production of agricultural products with digital technology、Sales process transparent,Further solve consumer and producer、Trust issues between sellers。

National People's Congress representative Shao Zhiqing:Accelerate the block chain in the government affairs area,Create a more secure and reliable government ecosystem

National People's Congress representative、Zhigong Party Shanghai Deputy Merrssion Committee Shao Zhiqing Suggestions,Accelerate the Internet、Big Data、cloud computing、The block chain in the field of government service,Use technology to force government functions and process reconstruction,Creating a lower cost、higher efficiency、More secure and reliable government ecosystem。

People's Congress representative Liu Rupeng:Using block chains and other accelerated realization of artificial intelligence networks in Dawan District

National People's Congress representative、Dean of Shenzhen Guangqi University Institute of Technology、Liu Rupeng, Chairman of Lighting Technology, said in an interview,To support the construction and operation of manual intelligence coverage network in Guangdong and Hong Kong, Macau,Explore artificial intelligence coverage,Commercial center is mainly shared in urban infrastructure、Intelligent business and transactions、Block chain technology、Solutions in core areas such as people's livelihood、continue to innovate。

Hong Kong Institute of Industry and Engineering Cooperation, Tan Weihao:Hong Kong can use the block chain and other expansion“All the way”Business opportunity

(woocommerce website developer)On both sides of the Taiwan Straits and Hong Kong, Macau 2019 Industry and cooperation development forum,Tan Weihao, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Industry and Engineering Cooperation,Hong Kong in the block chain、5G、Large health and other fields can play,I hope to cooperate through colleges and universities、Incubator exchange, etc.,Strengthen cross-strait and Hong Kong, Macultural research cooperation,Promoting advantage complementary,Share“All the way”Business opportunities brought by initiatives。

Australian Cong:Lightning network will never be more efficient or more secure than Bibi

Australian clever promotion,Lightning network will never be more efficient or more secure than Bibi, Because it is a coverage network on a system designed by a Bitcoin?。

BM:Facebook Coin In fact, like PayPal Same,They don't understand at all

Some members are in the telegram group BM right Facebook What is going to issue a loop?。BM Reply to,They don't understand at all,They just think people need to stabilize the currency,FB Coin In fact, it is like PayPal。(IMEOS)