html5 website development software


With major browsersHTML5Continuous improvement of technical support,futureHTML5will definitely change the way we createWebway of application。and manyhtml5of beginners are looking for an easy-to-use writing software,here in GuangdongITExcellent employment is recommended to everyone⑧usefulhtml5write software。

html5 website development software

GuangdongITExcellent employment


Recommended:★★★★☆(four star)

Adobe Open source front-end development tools。This is basically completely prepared for the front end,Plugin support。At first it took a while,Very good experience。built-in Server ,Changes can be previewed directly(Hot update)。


Recommended:★★★★★(five star)

Why didn't Brackets span,Because this stuff is really good。consistent Jetbrains-Platform Powerful code hints、analyze、Check and Suggest。can be integrated SASS/LESS 。built-in Server 。Of course with some scaffolding on the front end/build tools,Integration doesn't matter。

3、VisualStudio Code (vscode)

Recommended:★★★*☆(Samsung and a half)

vscode Has a powerful expansion system,Can do development in many languages。The extension quality is relatively high。Debugging in dozens of languages can also be integrated。Excellent as a front-end developer。Of course, as a front-end tool, I think it is still slightly inferior. Brackets weaker than WebStorm of。I personally use vscode Write rust code。or small sample programs in many other languages。


push index:★★★*☆(Samsung and a half)

Architecturally, this software vscode Greater emphasis on expansion and freedom,itself consists of numerous extensions。Great freedom of expansion,For example, install a minimap and sublime text same。write front end vscode half a catty,It can also be used for development in many other languages.。But personally feel that the quality of expansion is generally not vscode height of。At first it took a while,But can't stand the uneven extension quality and compatibility,just turn vscode span。

(html5 website development software)html5 website development software

GuangdongITExcellent employment

5、Sublime Text

(html5 website development software)Recommended:★★★☆☆(Samsung)

Compared to the above three,much more lightweight。because it is not used web Technology-built desktop applications,Startup is also faster,More in line with what an editor should look like。However, the number of extensions cannot be compared with the above。front-end development,can't keep up atom and vscode,So I don't really want to recommend it。But as a Text Editor It's definitely one of the top picks。


push index:★★☆☆☆(two stars)

This is a so-calledHTML5prepareIDE,I used it a few years ago,seems to be based on eclipse kernel。all based on eclipse I don't want to use any software。I remember it even code format have BUG。Formatting code in any of the above recommended extensions can be easily done to the point of perfection。

(html5 website development software)7、Aptana Studio

(html5 website development software)Recommended:★★*☆☆(two and a half stars)

(html5 website development software)This is the same as above HBuilder similar to the eclipse of,It's the first built-in I've come across Server front-end development tools。At that time, I remembered to install one by the way when I installed it. NodeJs kinda catches my eye。But it hasn't been used for a long time。Check out its official website now,it can also do Ruby 、Pythonwait for development,Of course, it is also a highlight for writing front-end。and HBuilder half a catty。


Recommended:★☆☆☆☆(one star)

When first learning the basics,The teacher uses this editor。We also use this,I just remember clearly that using it to write web pages, you can click the icon in the upper left corner to preview directly without opening the browser.,will callIEused to display the page。it as a Text Editor also great,But doing front-end development is not very recommended.。

To sum up,GuangdongITExcellent employment Xiaobian personal comparison recommendationwebstorm ,Followed by vscode,These two seem to be better at the moment。

html5 website development software

GuangdongITExcellent employment

(html5 website development software)Hope GuangzhouITThe content shared by the trainer above is helpful to everyone。

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