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Red is not much Zoom,Do you think about it??

Because the global spread of the epidemic,Remote office has increased in various countries,Also let Zoom Going more quickly into the public vision。However, people are not many,Although US stocks 10 Continuous 4 The fuse is not let Zoom The stock price is affected——3 Month share price rising 70%,But recently Zoom But because the privacy security problem is frequently questioned,Even migration prohibits usage。More snowing is added,Privacy security issue,Insufficient research and development、Plenty of cheap labor, etc.。

Frequent issue of privacy security

recently Zoom Frequent issue of privacy security,It was exposed to Facebook Send user data、End-to-end encryption method is not based on publicity,Download the application by preloading without the user agreed,Also NASA and SpaceX Mingli prohibited usage...... But even so,Zoom The stock price is compared to the beginning of the listing 62 Dollar,In less than a year, I have achieved more than one year. 142% Gauge。

(hubspot website developer)In fact,this is not Zoom First exposed privacy problem。already 2019 year,Security researcher Jonathan Leitschuh I have disclosed it. Mac on the computer Zoom A serious zero-day vulnerability in video conferencing applications:Any website can be installed Zoom Applied Mac Open video call on your computer,This will result in at least 400 Ten thousand Zoom User's privacy is affected。

For this matter,Zoom At that time, at the statement of its website:“We think this is a reasonable solution to solve the problem of bad users.,User users can make one click on a conference。We are not the only video conference provider who uses this solution.。”

Zoom Year of stock price:R & D is insufficient 10%

The stock price continues to rise,Because the excellent experience of the product is frequently welcoming the highlight Zoom,Not only because of privacy security issues,Also because I ignore the investment in technology research and development。

2019 year 4 moon 18 day,Zoom Living in Nasdaq。After another,Shares rose all the way,Since the listing of the first day, the price is closed per share 62 US dollar rose to 3 moon 30 Recommended price is more than 150 Dollar,In less than a year 142%,City value exceeds 407 One hundred million U.S. dollars。(Because of the privacy problem of continuous and many days,4 moon 1 The stock price of the day has fallen to each share 146.12 Dollar,Current market value 382.23 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Bind 2710 Billion)

Different from the technology companies that are ready to list,Zoom Before listed, it has already proved that the company can profit.。according to Zoom Financial report,company 2016 The revenue of fiscal year is 6080 Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Arrived 2017 Finish year grows 1.52 One hundred million U.S. dollars,2018 Financial year continues to increase 3.31 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Two consecutive years of revenue,In 2018 Finishing year lost,Net profit 758 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

according to Zoom《Raise manual》show,Deadline 2019 year 1 moon 31 Day fiscal year,The company's revenue is 3.31 One hundred million U.S. dollars,Net profit 758 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。Compared with,R & D expenditures are only 3300 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。Means of,Zoom R & D expenditures account for the proportion of revenues 10%,This is much smaller than the share of other commercial software manufacturers.,Even the proportion of research and development of some smaller software development companies is low,E.g,Atlassian The company's development costs account for its income 40%above;and Zendesk and Hubspot Waiting for companies to income 20%More used in R & D。

See this data,Zoom It is really not so atmospheric in research and development investment.。Zoom The main competitors in the same market are Avaya、Cisco and Microsoft, etc.,Compared to these companies,Zoom The advantage is the most important,Most of its products developers are located in China.。according to Zoom《Raise manual》show,Zoom Has a multi-R & D center in China 500 Multiple employees,Total number of workforce 30%、Total number of non-American employees 70%。

(hubspot website developer)Recruitment website according to foreign countries Glassdoor show,China's entry-level software engineer average annual average wage 34350 Dollar(Order the RMB is about 24.4 Ten thousand yuan),It is one-third of the average annual income of the same level of engineers in the United States.(The average annual income of the same level engineer in San Jose is about 11 Ten thousand U.S. dollars)。

Zoom In their state“Risk factor”Clearly write in some:

Our product development team is mainly in China,There is low in human cost there in many parts of the region.。If we have to transfer the product development team to other regions,Then we may need to bear higher operating expenses.,This will adversely affect our operating profit margins.,And harm our business。

Cheap labor:2 10,000 yuan month salary Chinese engineer remote work

Zoom The reason why a large-scale research and development is deployed in China,One of the reasons is the company's founder CEO Chinese bloodline,This background makes him easier to build a huge research and development team in China.。

(hubspot website developer)Compare,Zoom San Jose, California, California, China(San Jose)area,Software engineer position average tax pre-salaries 135977 Dollar(Joining 91 Ten thousand yuan)。Means of,Every China's engineers will be Zoom Save about 70 Ten thousand yuan,500 The cost of the engineers will reach the cost of annual provinces. 3.65 Billion。

Market analyst Tomasz Tunguz Once,This“Labor market arbitrage”Moderate Zoom Profic main driving force。If the R & D cost is higher,Zoom The profit may not be realized.。Zoom Behind the revenue growing,Hundreds of monthly salary 2 The result of the Chinese engineer of 10,000 yuan。

Tunguz In an email,In technology company,Labor arbitrage or transfer work to a cheap area showing an increasing trend。Many investment companies are currently looking for talents around the world.,Due to labor cost advantages,They are more willing to hire remote engineers outside Silicon Valley.。

Enterprise software supplier Zuora company CEO Tien Tzuo Express:

(hubspot website developer)With the rise of China's local science and technology giants such as Alibaba and Tencent,The competition of the Chinese market for technical talents is increasingly fierce,In recent years, the salary gap between China and American engineers has gradually narrowed.。But I still think,Hiring remote engineers are an important part of the company's strategy,Any company that does not take this distributed engineering layout will“Out”。

For remote possiblePrivate issues,Zoom Indicates in a document:“We have many developers in China,This may make us face market review related to solutions or data security functions。”visible,Although in the short term Zoom This kind of labor arbitrage model has played a certain results,But it is not a long-lasting thing to continue to rely on compressed research and development.。

Zoom Behind the growth:More than 2,000 CEO Personally

Zoom At 2011 Founded by Chinese entrepreneurs。1997 year 8 Yuan Zheng came to the United States,At first WebEx company,2007 year, WebEx quilt Cisco Acquisition,He as a member of Cisco's Global Vice President's Software Development Business。2011 year,Yuan Zheng leaving Cisco,Found Zoom。

(hubspot website developer)With Li Jiacheng、Injection of capital such as sewed capital,Zoom Slowly grow up slowly。Zoom The reason why it can rapidly rise in a short time,Close with the values and cultural relationship behind it。Many people think that culture is very virtual.,Nothing,In Yuan Zheng, this is completely wrong.。

exist Zoom,Not only is R & D cost compression,The company costs must be controlled.。Yuan Zheng's early sharing has been discussed:

The company's early time,Yang Zhiyuan invests us,once,I have another two investors to eat with Yang Zhiyuan.,I ate a more expensive sushi,I thought at the time.,They are investors,Certainly can't let them pay,So the last meal is my own spending.。Some people say,In fact, the company's card can also be brushed,But I think this is not,This money should not come from the company.,Because every penny of investors give the company should know where to know where,Is there any effect?。

exist Zoom,2000 Flower sales,Yuan Zheng will personally。Check check through every day,What is the company's money?,Why is some departments spend more,Some departmental expenditures are small and other issues,Can let the founder understand the activities of the company's ongoing activities。This signature will not make the company's operation complex,Because mechanisms are the simplest,No items are signed more than two people,Fully trust all departments and responsible people。

In Yuan Zheng,Zoom The most core competitiveness is his saleship。Zoom Always consider how to make customers happy,Every day thinking is to enhance your product performance、Create more convenience to customers,Caring for customer needs。All salesmen have developed new customers,I have to take time to deal with old customers.,Ask the customer to experience and provide help,Get feedback and maintain a friendly relationship。we can even say,Zoom Any administrators of the company are a competent sales。

This is probably Zoom This company can grow so rapidly,The powerful saleship has brought rich revenue.,And great compression cost,Make it good profit。

However,As in the above,This kind of hiring Chinese engineer“Labor market arbitrage”Although the model is compressed,But it is difficult to last。

Revenue,Morgan Datong analyst Sterling Auty In a report,“Despite the impact of new crown epidemic,Most companies have to ask employees to work at home,Let Zoom Software use significantly increased,But this situation actually has no substantial impact on the financial outcome of this quarter.,Because most of the usage is available from free service,Zoom Management believes that these new users can be converted to pay users or fashionable。”


Over the past long time,Zoom Because a large number of employed Chinese engineers have been questioned by foreign media, they have been questioned by foreign media.。Epidemic,Zoom Another two-wire three exposure privacy issues,New York General Prosecutor Letitia James Also sent a letter Zoom,The company is required to be more transparent on the problem of sensitive and privacy.。For these questions,Zoom What adjustments will be made next?,Will it consider increasing the employment of foreign local engineers,Reduce remote dependence,And increase research and development investment,We don't know。