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recently,A message is widely spread on some social platforms:3moon4Day is a historic moment in the history of world population,Indian population surpassed China,Become the world's largest country。

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This message is circulated in different platforms,But the big arrival is from one screenshot.。picture display“Indian population has reached14.15Billion,Formally exceed China14.12Billion”,Some people add oil to vinegar,Calling this is where China has lost his first population big country for hundreds of years.。

However,This message did not give a reliable source of data。

Check out《Economic Times》、《Indian fast newspaper》、After the Indian Joint News Society, the Indian media website,Did not find India2021Annual census or2022Report of the latest population data in India。In use“Indian population 1.41565 billion”As keywords after search engine retrieval,Nor did not find that India's more credible media reported this news.。

also,When browsing the official website of the India Statistics,Did not find related data and information。

(freelance website developer in india)After investigation,The data referenced by this screenshot is not the official data of the Indian government.,But from a name“Medindia”Estimation of Indian Medical Information Site。

Enter the site“Indian population clock”interface,There is a blue real-time update block。As of Beijing time2022year3moon6Day afternoon6Time,Interface shows the Indian population reached14.15Billion。

(freelance website developer in india)The site claims to be a leading online health information、Application and service provider,Global consumers、Doctor、Health care professionals provide services,But it is not an authoritative institution that publishes Indian population data.。Specifically,This name“Medindia”The website is actually developed by a website staff.,And the staff of the staff is bachelor of engineering,Non-popiculous and statistical background。

also,There is more data sources and calculation methods for the site.。

According to the developer of the page,Dynamic Indian population clock is a real-time clock predicting the population of India,It according to the birth rate of the country(Thousand people19.3)And mortality(Thousand people7.3)Constantly updated per second。but,Reference page in the article,This page“Indian population clock”Data fromcountrymeters.inforegistration。

But comparative discovery,The data display of the two pages is not consistent:“Medindia”The number of India population displayed,andcountrymeters.infoPage is less。

And several other different data sites compare results display,Indian population still has not exceeded China。

freelance website developer in india

in addition,It is worth mentioning that,How much is India today?,Indian government has no official data。India's plan2021Annual census per decade。According to Indian media reports,India Federal Interior Minister Nianan·Ray said,Due to new crown epidemic,Population census and related field census activities will be postponed,Not for further notice and instructions。

(freelance website developer in india)According to the United Nations data,Indian population2020Year13.8100 million。Indian media when reporting India population data,Frequently cited well-known world real-time statistics websiteWorldometerThe data。3moon7day,The site shows that India is currently about14.03100 million。And according to Indian experts in combination with the United Nations data,It is expected that the Indian population is2022Annual meeting14.07100 million。The above two data have not exceed the latest published China population data.。According to China National Bureau of Statistics2022year1moon17Daily announced data,2021The national population is14.126Billion,Increased than the end of the year48Ten thousand people。

freelance website developer in india

Image Source:Social media screenshot、Xinhuanet

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