new website development ideas


(new website development ideas)Website revision is based on the speed of development today.,Not uncomfortable,Of course, there are many factors that sometimes sometimes,How to analyze if the revision is effective,Usually there is no article is a separate introduction,To this end, we must discuss this problem by following。

new website development ideas

So,How to analyze more accurate after website revision,What are the precautions?


How to analyze how to analyze the website revision,We must first clarify the purpose of your revision,Usually the purpose of the revision is mainly:

(new website development ideas)①Function

Sometimes the beginning of the website is not much for some functional expansion.,Or the demand for functional expansion in the later period,Especially for some template websites,In addition to using plugins,No matter,And some functions cannot be implemented by plugins,At this time,The website change appears,If you want to make an analysis,What you need to pay attention is to add new functions,How big changes will be accessed when the ranking changes,Normally,Just judgment,New feature adds inevitably increase user access。


If it is just the website style, I am free to do the website.,I think most of the website revision is for this purpose.,To analyze,Should be revised before and after,User page hop yield change。

(new website development ideas)2.Data comparison

For website revision,Performance analysis or from data:

①Clicking rate

The click rate here is the station's click rate,Since it is changing,Affirmation is higher,Even if you change because of the change ranking,That is justserpClick rate,If the revision is successful,Clicking rate is higher than the revision。

②Conversion rate

(new website development ideas)Of course, if the click rate is increased,Explain that users are interested in new websites,But not necessarily the transaction rate will be high,Because there are a lot to see the lively,We can use the same click rate data,To analyze changes in the conversion rate before and after the revision,To determine if the revision is really successful.。


Usually we are doing a website revision,More is the consideration of whether to affect search engine optimization,therefore,When we are doing a revision,Be sure to pay attention:

① Ensure the websiteURLAddress is not changed,If you really need,Be sure to use301Redirect,New oldURLMatch jump。

② Website revised website should not change the click distance between the website page,for example:AarriveC,Before the revision3Clicking,Try not to change this path,If you modify the distance between the page,It is likely to produce changes in the whole station structure weight,And finally leading to keyword ranking fluctuations。

③ Website revision must pay attention to whether there is an internal chain earlier,Try to recover early inner chain layout in the new page。

(new website development ideas)④ Make sure the new website page is loaded with slower version,Especially front-end page,Use some high quality materials,Remember to compress rationally。

Summarize:How to analyze more accurate issues,Let's discuss here,the above content,for reference only。