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human development website(human development website)2021year6moon16day,China's first19The Medal Awarding Ceremony for the Peacekeeping Forces Approved to Lebanon Held at the Chinese Peacekeeping Battalion in Sinya Village, South Lebanon,410All officers and soldiers were awarded the UN Peace Medal。Pictured at the award ceremony,The female peacekeepers under review arrange each other's clothes before entering the field。Xinhua News Agency(Liu Xiongma photograph)

(human development website)Chasing the past,Learn from the past。

10moon25day,The People's Republic of China restores its legitimate seat in the United Nations50Anniversary meeting held in Beijing。

76vote in favor、35vote against、17abstain——1971year10moon25day,The twenty-sixth United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted the2758resolution,Restoring the legitimate seat of the People's Republic of China in the United Nations。After the electronic counting board shows the voting result,Applause resounded throughout the venue。

Why is it said that the People's Republic of China has regained its legal seat in the United Nations?,Not only a milestone in China's diplomacy,It is also an important watershed in the history of the United Nations?50years,How China firmly upholds the central role of the United Nations in international affairs,become an important pillar of multilateralism?Standing on a new historical starting point,what will we do?The reporter interviewed the Changjiang Scholars Distinguished Professor of the Ministry of Education、Yang Zewei, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Law, Wuhan University。

New China regains its legitimate seat in the United Nations,Changed the balance of power on the UN arena,Enhanced the influence of developing countries in international affairs

ask:New China regains its legitimate seat in the United Nations,is a big event in the world,It is also a major event for the United Nations。why it's a big event?

(human development website)Yang Zewei:New China regains its legitimate seat in the United Nations,China's relationship with the United Nations opens a new chapter。China's representation at the UN issue resolved,The Chinese people, a quarter of the world's population, have a real representation in the United Nations,Universality of the United Nations、Increased representation and authority,Changed the balance of power on the UN arena,Enhanced the influence of developing countries in international affairs。

(human development website)New China regains its legitimate seat in the United Nations,Gradually connected with many other world and regional international organizations,Promoted China's reform and opening up,It also laid the foundation for China to play a greater role in the United Nations。

ask:China has always upheld the authority and status of the United Nations,practice multilateralism,Cooperation with the United Nations is deepening。How China supports the UN?

Yang Zewei:The Development of China-United Nations Relations,Experienced from learning to wait and see,to get used to running,to be proactive,And then to the development process of active leadership。in this process,China upholds the authority of the United Nations,participate、The original intention of supporting the cause of the United Nations has remained unchanged。

From the perspective of peace,China firmly safeguards world peace and security,Actively participate in arms control、disarmament and non-proliferation process,Actively participate in UN peacekeeping operations。since1990years since,China is getting closer30UN peacekeeping operations dispatched peacekeepers5More than 10,000 people,It is the second largest contributor to UN peacekeeping operations and an important troop-contributing country.。

From the perspective of development,China aims to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and implement the United Nations2030Contributed to the Sustainable Development Agenda。The overarching goal of the Millennium Development Goals,is to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger。China actively participates in international poverty reduction cooperation,still ahead10year to complete the United Nations2030Sustainable Development Agenda Poverty Reduction Goal,Created a miracle in the history of human poverty alleviation。

as a permanent member of the UN Security Council,China firmly upholds the international system with the United Nations at its core、international order based on international law、Basic norms of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,is an active participant in the promotion of the international rule of law、Steadfast maintainer and important builder。50years,China has participated in specialized international law codification institutions such as the United Nations International Law Commission、and some United Nations ad hoc committee activities,participated in《United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea》drafting and formulation of important international treaties,Participate in the formulation of international rules in a constructive manner,Interpretation of International Law、Actively speak out on major issues of application and development,and follow“Treaty must be kept”Fulfilling treaty obligations in principle,Fulfill international commitments。

ask:50Years,China's social development has made remarkable achievements in all aspects,Ushering in the bright future of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。How China shares the fruits of development with the world?

Yang Zewei:Chinese people are committed to promoting common development,from“Tazara Railway”arrive“One Belt One Road”,Provide assistance to developing countries within our capacity,Share China's development opportunities with the world。2013year,China proposes to jointly build“One Belt One Road”initiative。up to now,141countries and include19United Nations agencies including32international organizations signed“One Belt One Road”Cooperation documents。A large number of cooperation projects have been successfully implemented,Improve the level of connectivity between countries and regions,Effectively promote the economic and social development and the improvement of people's livelihood in relevant countries and regions。Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia,China actively shares prevention and control experience with the world,and sent a large number of anti-epidemic materials to various countries、Vaccine drugs,Carry out in-depth scientific cooperation on virus traceability,Work hard for mankind to completely defeat the epidemic。

for the world,After China regains its legitimate seat in the United Nations,in increasing the political power of developing countries、Increase aid to less developed countries、played an important role in promoting North-South dialogue and South-South cooperation。E.g,China has established a South-South cooperation aid fund5year time,and10Close cooperation with many international organizations,exist50Many countries have implemented100Multiple livelihood projects,more than200010,000 people,to implement the United Nations2030made a tangible contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals。

Restoring the UN seat has created a favorable external environment and conditions for China to open to the outside world,Help China safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity、Promote economic and social development

ask:return to the United Nations、Actively integrate into international affairs management,What is the significance of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation??

Yang Zewei:China returns to the United Nations、Actively integrate into international affairs management,of great significance to China。Politically,Restoring the legal rights of the People's Republic of China,Recognize that representatives of the Government of the People's Republic of China are the only legitimate representatives of China in the United Nations;diplomatically,Opened China's true multilateral diplomacy;strategically,It marks the beginning of China's role as a great power。After China regains UN seat,more and more countries,Including Western developed countries establishing diplomatic relations with China,Created favorable external environment and conditions for China's opening to the outside world。China uses the stage of the United Nations to continuously enhance its international influence and status,safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity、Great benefits from promoting economic and social development。

20century80early s,United Nations establishes agency in China,Become China to introduce capital、Technology、A vital source of talent and information。2001year12moon,China officially joined the World Trade Organization,marked by this,The relationship between China and the United Nations has entered into a period of initiative,China from“silent cultivator”Transform into an active participant in UN affairs。China has begun to consciously use the platform of the United Nations to preach the principles it adheres to,and actively participated in the relevant procedures of international judicial institutions,from2005year start,The number of China's participation in multilateral treaties has also increased significantly。also,from2007year start,Seventh Chinese Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations in charge of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs。This not only reflects the enhancement of China's comprehensive national strength、The fact that the world's influence is increasing day by day,It is also an active and promising performance of China in the United Nations system.。

50years,The areas of cooperation between China and the United Nations continue to expand,The content of cooperation continues to deepen,in economic development、The eradication of poverty、health care、food security、Comprehensive cooperation in environmental protection and other fields。future,The United Nations is still the link that binds China closely to the destiny of the world,It is also the main channel through which China contributes to world peace and development.。

ask:1971year,Albania etc.17The representative of the country to the United Nations has stated that,“any major international issues,It cannot be solved without the participation of the People's Republic of China”。What role has China played in solving major international issues??

Yang Zewei:why say“any major international issues,It cannot be solved without the participation of the People's Republic of China”,on the one hand,because in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations Charter,China as a permanent member of the UN Security Council,Mainly responsible for maintaining international peace and security。in the UN Security Council“any major international issues”The process of making decisions and making related decisions,China has veto power。on the other hand,Practice has proved,Solutions to many international hotspot issues,are inseparable from the role of China。

China is one of the five permanent members of the Security Council,world power,or developing country。The positioning of this developing country,Conducive to China becoming a bridge between developed and developing countries、also facilitate cooperation in the United Nations。China has played an important role in solving major international issues,first,Uphold the authority of the United Nations, including the United Nations Security Council。The Chinese government has always abided by the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,upholding the centrality of the United Nations,Support for a United Nations-led role;Second,Provide Chinese solutions for solving international hotspot issues。over the years,The Chinese government has been striving to safeguard world peace and stability in an all-round way,initiative、Constructively participate in handling international and regional hotspot issues,persuade peace,Eliminate the war,Issues in Darfur、North Korea nuclear issue、Afghanistan peace process、Upholding principles on international issues such as the Syrian civil war,Propose a Chinese plan。also,China actively participates in UN peacekeeping operations,Actively participate in arms control、disarmament and non-proliferation process,many reasonable、Practical claims,Efforts to advance the process of international arms control and disarmament,Safeguard world peace with practical actions。

ask:current,What role does China play in the United Nations?

Yang Zewei:After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China,China's work in the United Nations has entered a period of active leadership。

(human development website)first,proposed by China“Building a new type of international relations”“community with a shared future for mankind”and other ideas and concepts have been widely recognized in the United Nations system,and included in relevant United Nations resolutions。

Second,China's Influence in UN Agencies Further Enhanced。E.g,Candidate recommended by the Chinese government to serve as ICAO Secretary General、Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union、Heads of UN specialized agencies such as the Director-General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization and the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations。

again,China's contribution to the United Nations is enhanced。E.g,according to2018year12budget resolution passed by the UN General Assembly,2019year—2021Scale of assessments due to Member States of the United Nations for the year,China is12.01%,in the second;The proportion of China's share of the cost of UN peacekeeping operations has reached15.2%,second only to the United States。China has also become the third largest shareholder of the International Monetary Fund、Ranked third in voting power at the World Bank。

finally,China has also played a role in the United Nations system“innovative supplement”effect。E.g,Faced with many new challenges for the United Nations,In recent years, China has initiated the establishment of regional international organizations such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank,Designed to drive regional and global economic development,Leading a new wave of globalization。

A divided world cannot meet the common challenges facing humanity,To deal with global problems, it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation

(human development website)ask:What are the characteristics of global problems?Why it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation to deal with global problems?

Yang Zewei:Global issues are global and transnational,It is not an individual problem that exists in a certain country or local area,but widespread worldwide,the fundamental interests of all mankind,is a major issue that determines the fate of mankind。such as climate change、cyber security、biosecurity, etc.。

A divided world cannot meet the common challenges facing humanity,To deal with global problems, it is necessary to strengthen international cooperation。Humanity is a community with a shared future,face common challenges,No country can survive alone,Humans can only work together、Harmony and symbiosis is the way out。In the era of economic globalization,Major emergencies like Covid-19 won't be the last,Various traditional and non-traditional security issues will continue to bring new challenges。The international community must establish a sense of community with a shared future for mankind,help each other,Working together to tackle risk challenges。

ask:Why must the authority and status of the United Nations be resolutely maintained?Promote the building of a community with a shared future for mankind,Why a strong United Nations is needed?

So far, the world's important intergovernmental international organizations have exceeded500multiple,as the most member state、The most influential intergovernmental international organization,Today's United Nations still has an irreplaceable position and role in international affairs。There is a wide range of issues that the UN General Assembly can discuss and consider,some call it“world parliament”。The United Nations has a lot of political influence,regardless of its public appeal,or a resolution passed by an overwhelming majority,are the concentrated expression of world public opinion。Use the United Nations as a multilateral institution,Help reduce or weaken the likelihood of any country practising unilateralism,Helps manage differences between great powers。Facing increasing global challenges,The vast majority of members of the international community advocate the promotion of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter,Practice true multilateralism,Create a better future with unity and cooperation。

ask:Facing great changes unseen in a century,China will adhere to the road of peaceful development、The road of reform and opening up、The road to multilateralism。Can you share your understanding with examples??

Yang Zewei:Humans have only one earth,countries coexist in one world。United Nations established76years,The vast number of developing countries won national liberation and national independence,10More than 100 million people lifted out of poverty,Billions of people embark on the journey of modernization,Greatly enhanced the power of world peace and development,profoundly changed the world。The deep demand of developing countries for mastering their own future and destiny、The unremitting pursuit of international fairness and justice,determines the multi-polarization of the world、The historical trend of democratization of international relations。

(human development website)China maintains and practices the firm determination and practice of multilateralism,Let the world feel the important value of the concept of human fate community。Help the global anti-,China implements the largest global humanitarian actions since the founding of New China,Towards150Multiple countries and international organizations provide material assistance,As of2021year10Mid time100Multiple countries and international organizations provide more than15100 million new crown vaccine。China has always been a practitioner of ecological civilization、Global Climate Governance Action,for《Paris Agreement》Declaration and effective implementation of the implementation of important contributions;Last year, I took the initiative.2030Peak to the year ago、2060Realize carbon and make a solemn commitment year ago。

50Ago,China restores United Nations legitimate seats,China、United Nations and the world,Working from confrontation、Open from closed、Transcription point from isolated toward integration。50Years later,China、The United Nations and the world stand in a new crossroad。China will adhere to the road of peaceful development、Reform and opening up、Multilateral way。Memorial to commemorate new China's legitimate seat50anniversary,It is the common value of all humanity、Maintain and practice real multilateralism、Promote another important declaration of building a human fate community。