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Modern websites are built using multiple technologies。Although you don't have to be an expert on these systems to properly manage your website projects,But it's good to know the basics of the technologies available and their pros and cons,to understand their long-term effects。will be on your website。There is no single thing to build a website“correct technique”。Many factors should be part of your decision,such as supplier experience,Supplier's collective team talent,Development and licensing costs,and the organization's internal guidelines,website performance,maintainability,Easy Extensibility and More。You should not impose specific technologies on your developers,Especially if it's not their first expertise。YourWebDevelopers should publish recommendations,And explain why the technology they recommend is the best option for you。at the same time,Choose the wrong technology or have little experience with this technologyWebDevelopers can pay a huge price。To avoid costly mistakes,before starting the project,Please make sure the following conditions are met:

  1. You fully understand your choice of technology and its long-term impact on your website。E.g,Does it have any limitations or require additional licensing fees?
  2. YourWebThe developers are indeed experts in the technology chosen for the project。

The following will help you navigateWebA sea of modern technologies used in development:

(sample rfp for website development)Websites are a multi-layered cake

Before deciding which technology is best for your website,Must understand all the building blocks of a website。You can think of a modern website as a cake with multiple layers。Each layer represents a certain technology。each“technical layer”have their own function and purpose。choose them wisely,you get a delicious cake。Improper choice,Your product will be inedible。Here are some you should know“Floor”:

sample rfp for website development

Client encoding HTML(Hypertext Markup Language),CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)andJavaScriptis a necessary part of the website。They are as important to your website as sugar is to your cake。without these components,You won't be able to build a modern website,and yourWebDevelopers must be experts in all three。What are they doing?simply put:HTMLis a way to make up the content of a website and tell the browser(E.gInternet ExplorerorGoogle Chrome)language。CSSis a representation used to describe a website(Appearance and Format)language,It tells the browser what to display on the website。JavaScriptis a programming language,usually used inWebCreate interactive effects in the browser。These are client side technologies。Client means when you visit a website,browser will downloadHTML,CSSandJavaScript。then,Your browser will render(or process)HTMLandCSSand execute(or run)JavaScript。This happens on your computer;therefore,These technologies are client。Other client-side technologies you may have heard of,E.gAjaxorjQuery,They are usually extensions and enhancementsJavaScriptfunction method or library。

sample rfp for website development

Another client-side technology isFlash。Flashis a client-side technology to avoid。historically usedAdobe Flashto create animations and interactive experiences。it has beenHTML5 / CSS3replace-HTML5 / CSS3The new version of has built-in support for the feature,previously only throughFlashto realise。FlashThe biggest problem isiOS(Apple's operating system)does not support it,Therefore useFlashSome parts of the website are written that cannot beiPhoneoriPadrun on。finally,Flashalso not suitableSEO。

programming language

The rest of the technical layers that make up the website are server-side,This means that they are on the server and run on the server。To program business logic or custom functionality on your website,WebDevelopers use programming languages。there are many,But the most common is“top four”:PHP,ASP .NET,JavaandRuby。You may have heard of less common or older languages,E.gPerl,ColdFusion,C / C ++orPython。

sample rfp for website development

Which programming language should your web developer use for your website?as long as you have unrestricted access to the source code,I'll leave them to them。My only suggestion is that you stick with it“top four”one。This will make it easier for you to transfer to anotherWebDeveloper。To give you an idea,Here's a breakdown of the programming languages used in the world's most popular websites(caution,Most languages use more than one language,therefore,I only list the main languages):

(sample rfp for website development)sample rfp for website development


frame(sometimes called a platform)is next in your site“Floor”。You can think of it as what constitutes your websiteLego®piece。Essentially,A framework is a set of optimized and field-tested codebases,They provide building blocks that can be used to build a website。They allow to reuse code in common functions,without the need for“reinvent the wheel”。YourWebDevelopers probably have a framework or platform they use most often,I suggest you leave the choice to them。Just make sure that the frame/platform is otherWebFrameworks that developers can use/platform,If you need to transfer to anotherWebPartner。Most modern complex websites rely on frameworks,because they makeWebDevelopment saves time and cost。They usually have pre-written solutions for most functions commonly used on websites。Some of the most commonly used programming language frameworks are listed below:

sample rfp for website development

database engine

A database engine or database server is the fundamental component of a website,Used to store data for the entire website。Your website will store all information here,e.g. product,Order,trade,User records, etc.。You might be surprised to find out,mostCMS(Content Management System)Both use a database to store the content of the website。Yes,This means that even the text on your website may be stored in the database。The choice of database engine depends heavily on other factors,such as programming languages/frame,Webserver etc.。WebThe most common databases used by developers areMySQL,Microsoft SQL Server,OracleandPostgres。The choice usually depends on the other techniques described below。caution,MySQLandPostgresusually“free”(open source)database engine,

Webserver software

WebThe term server can refer to hardware that helps deliver your website to end users(physical computer)or software(computer application)。Since we're talking about every aspect of your website's technology,So we are referring to the software on the server that makes your website work。WebThe server is the layer between the operating system and the rest of them.。Selection usually depends on other technologies you are using and where you will host the website。Two two of the internet patternsWebServer is:Apache(Linux)andIIS(Microsoft)。

operating system

(sample rfp for website development)althoughLinuxIs inherent open source(free)operating system,But there are hundreds of different versions and distributions(Ubuntu,Red Hat,CentOs,SUSE,Debian,Fedora)Available,Each version and distribution are supported by different groups and organizations,Including releases and additional products。May not be free。Windows ServerYesMicrosoftThe product,Need to purchase a license。The bottom of the website“Eventually all work is normal”Is the operating system running on a physical server computer。For most websites,Two underlying operating systems:LinuxandMicrosoft Windows。

Network stack

Now you have learned all“Cake layer”,There are some popular recipes now,These recipes combine all layers that are usually used in combination with each other.。They are called“Stack”。Stack is a combination of techniques or components required to deliver a perfect website.。Most websites are divided into two categories:LAMP(based onLinux)orWISA(based onWindows)。You can see the unfolded initial abbreviation words and each component:

sample rfp for website development

I will say that these are very popular choices.,And both settings will not be wrong。Actually,mostWebDevelopers are divided into two camps,InLinuxorMicrosoft WindowsBuild a website。If you sendRFP,It is likely to get the bid at the same time.。Which is your better choice,Does it have a difference??Before answering this question,Let's take a look at other factors。

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