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(no code website development)The abroad-free code development platform can be described as a five-flowers,But domestic non-tualing development may be unfamiliar with us,Many programmers even dismissed and even boycott uncipa development technology。I also think that there is no code to complete some simple functional needs.。Complex functional demand cannot be completed,Has little effect。When I actually use these platforms,I found that many domestic non-transcribed development platforms are also very convenient.。Effectively improve development efficiency,Some non-code development platforms can even complete complex functional requirements。Here are some nice domestic non-code development platforms.。

I recommend that the company uses a non-code platform.,It can bring the following benefits to companies。

(no code website development)1、Mitigate the pressure of the technical department。No code has high development efficiency,Companies can solve internal needs very quickly。

2、Avoiding problems with technical personnel。No code platform does not need to write code,Avoid in traditional development methods,Since the programmer left,Other colleagues need to spend more time to understand the code of the code written before.。

3、Save cost improvement efficiency。No code relative to the development speed of traditional development or low code,It can be said that it is far more than the latter.。In the intense network market in competition,Take time。And greatly saved human resources、Financial, etc.。

4、Will not deviate with the strategy。Since the zero code platform can also participate in the development,The direction of the strategy and implementation of the business will not deviate。

5、 Facilitate adjustment。Enterprises can adjust their ideas at any time,Don't think about time and human cost。

The following is to introduce you to a good code-free development platform in China.。


no code website development

Snord book is a sensitive and easy to use build platform,Can meet the individual needs of enterprises。Bring changes to their flexibility,Users can build sales without programming、office automation、Production and so on,Help enterprise standardizing business processes,Promote team collaboration,Implement data tracking!Establish business management system quickly and flexibly、Online generation form、Fill in data,No code,Greatly improve work efficiency。


1、Mobile phone mobile office:You can also be office at any time,Improve enterprise office efficiency;

(no code website development)2、Many column layout:Drag faster set form,Say goodbye;

(no code website development)3、Customization process:Support single approval、Multiplayer、Multiplayer or sign、Processing chain、Many approval methods such as approval,Rule engine configuration expression,Let the process engine determine the next branch based on the conditions at runtime;And you can achieve complex approval flow。

4、Support privatization:Personalized customization,Protect enterprise data。

(no code website development)5、Authority:Assign permission according to different roles,And can do control field strength。

(no code website development)6、Intelligent collaborative form:pictureexcelMo management data,Team collaboration sharing form,Break information islands;

7、Data big screen:Intuitively see the data situation;

(no code website development)interface:Page simple and generous,Functional arrangement。

two、Quick cloud

(no code website development)no code website development

Quicroid clouds unconsigned application platform for business executives,Can build、CRM、Financial Management、project management、After-sales management、Dynamic management and other applications。Support business form design、Complex business process design、RPA process、Data Timetable、Customer portal and other functions;Help SMEs Low Cost Implement Digital。


1、Online form:Strong tracking capabilities,Can track the user IP 、location、Browser、Name, etc.,You can also distinguish between specific data sources according to channels.。

2、BPM Process engine:Start node、End node、Fill in nodes、Approval node、Branch node、Jump node、Automatic operating nodes, etc., Can meet the needs of some companies。

3、BI Report analysis:Process form,Similar to the polymer table data factory。


no code website development

FileMakerA matterdatabaseApplication software,It is essential for use and does not require additionalThird-party applicationIt is known to be dynamically known for web services.。FileMakerThis non-code development platform,Graphical interface design(Inherit the design of Apple products),It is very helpful for new users.。


1、Table Import Export:Users can also directlyExcelForm import toFileMakermiddle,Or manually create a field,Create a database table here,Personalize demand。

2、Business logic and interface layer integration:Development of one-time development,Cloud,Local environment and other platforms。

3、Database sharing:Multiple databases can be managed at a time,And database automatic backup、Logging file management、User login status management, etc.;Client sharing。

(no code website development)Cross-platform consistency,FileMakerIt is not very perfect to do.。For exampleiPhoneUpdate an inventory,The layout of the interface is confusing and inconsistent,No desktop version is then useful。Enterprises have customized demand,But time is tight、Funds limited,FileMakerIs a good choice。


If you want to find a non-code platform that you want your own business needs, you need to try your own trials.,Today, Xiaobian sharing is here.,We appear next time。


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