school website development


(school website development)EveryAn enrollment season。In order to do a good job in enrollment,Many schools will carry out website construction,Maintenance school、Close relationship between students and parents。Different from the general enterprise website,The school website is a typical propaganda website,No marketing nature。It is best to design the website according to the following method.:

(school website development)

school website development

1。The school website is mainly for students and parents.。therefore,The content displayed on the website should be part of their concern.,Teacher、Accommodation、Cafeteria、class schedule、After class, I, etc.。These content should be placed in front of the website。As for some relative propaganda materials and news information,Can be placed behind。

2. Every school has its own culture and purpose,Can reflect it through the website,The design style of the school website and the visual beauty will affect the impression of the visitors to the school.。therefore,When designing school sites,Not only must highlight the school's cultural atmosphere,Also have a certain beauty。

3. Schools can also provide online learning videos for students on the website.,Enriching students learning methods,Improve students' learning quality。In order to ensure the smoothness and clarity of students watching video,The school should choose a space that supports large flow and high speed.。

4. The school website should also maintain communication and interaction with students and parents.,Not just mechanical show,This is no angry。Although the school website does not need to provide like a marketing website24Hours of customer service,But at leastOnline messageFunction,Convenient students and parents ask questions or suggestions,Then reply in time。

5. After the design of the school website is completed,You also need to invite dedicated websites to operate and maintain,Otherwise it is easy to become a zombie site。Whether it is a school consultation、Teachers and students dynamics or other related information,Should be updated in time,Apply more interested students。

The school website is not only browsing in the enrollment season.。Whenever,Schools should ensure the readability of the website,Thus all people entering the site can have something to gain。

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