scope document for website development


Do you know this content of the website construction??Website as an internet one most important part,It can promote our own products and services in all directions.。As an autonomous platform,It passes the picture、Word、video、Functional services and more ways to show。To build an excellent website,It is also done by the beautification type of these elements.。

So what content processes are included in website construction??Firstly, I summarize a total process.:

1.Domain name registration

2.Rent space

(scope document for website development)3.Website planning program

4.Website design

(scope document for website development)5.Website before and after code development

(scope document for website development)6.Website test

7.Website up to space,And domain analysis。Officially launched

8.Website maintenance。

one、 Prior planning of the website

Excellent websites have a commonality,That is a precise plan for the early stage。Pre-plan、Function、Content and key display of the website。Position the type of your own website。Site types have enterprise display、Mall website、Industry portal website, etc.。

(scope document for website development)Their production methods and content are different.。This is, such as enterprise display sites。This type of website is mainly introduced by the company's products.、Show show。Corporate website design must be exquisite,This time when the customer opens your website,Will stay a good impression。

Corporate website is relatively low on program development requirements,So when everyone is doing corporate websites,Designed to spend more time。

(scope document for website development)

two、Website design

The website wants to reflect the visual effect mainly look at whether the website is very beautiful.,This is also part of what contents of website construction。The website is designed to quickly let visitors remember,Impression on the website。Website design is based on the previous planning program。The website version is very important。

When you want to focus on promoting your own products,Then the website is based on the product introduction during the typography.,This will promine the product point of the website.,The color of the website is also the same,Main colorlogoColor。Other colors are auxiliary colors,Website does not need so many colors。Three colors can be。

three、 Website code development

Website development languagephp、、jsp。These languages have their own advantages and disadvantages,inphpIs one of the most widely hottest languages。Many websites are usedphpTo write。The advantage is faster in operation.,Has a cross-platform and other advantages。

Asp.netIs Microsoft's products,YesaspProgram development language upgrade version。More than one personphpfew。But safety ratioaspMany。

JspIs the most difficult language development website,Development cost is also the most expensive,Safety is also the highest,Bank type website for the most。Small business website。

(scope document for website development)

Four、 Website post-operation and maintenance

When the website is developed,It is also necessary to operate。There are thousands of websites on the Internet,How to make your own website discovered by customers??This requires us to publish the original article everyday.。Let the search engine to grab our website。

Release the original article fixed every day,So your website will soon be ranked.。When others enter keywords,It is easy to find your website。The value of such a website is the greatest embodiment.。In addition, when the website is encounteredbugOr hacker invasion,It is also a professional programmer to maintain。In the process of operation,Adjust the details of the website and increase the function of the website。