ifrs website development costs


Many Zhihu netizens put forward:How much does it cost to build a regular company website?Take a look at some of the content I shared below,after reading,I believe you will understand at a glance。

(ifrs website development costs)1、server side(web hosting)

The cheapest is web hosting,From a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars,Also called cloud hosting,assorted,These differences are mainly in the size of the space、IISConcurrency、cpuOccupancy rate、Network traffic、Database support、Program support and more。

better,cloud server available、VPS、Standalone server,It mainly depends on the number of customer visits of the general company.。From our experience:Generally, the number of visits is not very large in the early stage of operation,So basically you can choose according to the actual。

2、Domain name

(ifrs website development costs)Domain names are still relatively cheap,As long as you don't choose a side door、unpopular domain name,popularcomThe model is only a few dozen dollars a year,cntype is the same,

3、website program(website system)

This is not necessarily,From thousands to hundreds of thousands,If you use some open source programs to develop, the cost will be lower,Generally, the price of customized type will be higher,there is free,paid。Can also be developed by yourself(Usually time consuming、Labor costs)。

4、website database

Commonly there areaccess、mysql、mssql,Some need to be purchased independently,Some have been given with the server configuration,Specific consultation server provider。

5、website content

After all the above are set up,The next step is to edit the website、The artisans worked together,The company's products need to be、material、Content such as promotional articles are filled on the website,It's a long-term job。

It should be noted here that,The cost of common sites:

It can be said that the cost of making a standard enterprise official website is about several thousand yuan.,The construction cost of the official website of the company's brand that looks a little more atmospheric is seven or eight thousand.-ten thousand yuan,large portal、E-commerce portal platform customization from tens of thousands-Hundreds of thousands or so,Of course, if your company is not bad money, you can form a team to develop independently,If you don't want to take risks,If you are not mature enough at the beginning of your business,Of course you can choose to outsource,Need to see specific plan,If the function is powerful, the price will be much higher,It is to be mentioned here that,Don't believe the ads or gimmicks of low-cost website building,After all, this year is all about quality for every penny。

(ifrs website development costs)The above is the content of the article I shared,Because I have been engaged in website design and production for seven or eight years,Therefore, it is natural to know the importance of corporate website construction to the development of Internet marketing.。Since you are here,After reading the article I shared,That's a fate,It is also an indescribable fate。If it's bad,Welcome to Paizhuan and corrections,Have any questions about building the site,You can discuss with me,Although working7year,But don't forget the original intention,I always believe that the harder you work, the luckier you get,And I myself like to make friends from all walks of life,thanks!

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