freelancing websites for web developers


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This article will recommend several additional platforms at home and abroad.,The main purpose is that you are not expensive.。therefore,picture「pigxQuit」This will let the programmer self-prize,Site,Will not appear in the recommended list below。

Let's start entering the topic。

Foreign articles

(freelancing websites for web developers)If you plan to get out of the foreign software,The following ability is best to master in advance:

  • Basic English communication skills(Can communicate with A 3rd)
  • Good overall planning capabilities(Consider good time difference factors)
  • Financial management ability(Taxation、Recycling cycle management)


freelancing websites for web developers

If you plan to enter foreign outsourcing industries,Competition with Ansano,Whether you can't get around freelancer This site。

Rank freelancer,Currently a global influence of freelance and prefectural platform,Founded by the company 2010 year,Headquartered in Sydney, Australia,Employee all over 240+ Country,have 4000+ Wan's employer and freelancer。Software design、Develop、Test to marketing、Accounting、legal service,You can find the corresponding partners in it.,Its business coverage is not unable to。

in addition,Rough freelancer Still continuously acquire some prestigious outsourcing markets,Further expand their size,Slowly eaten the entire market。

(freelancing websites for web developers)but,Listed company freelancer,The company's share price in recent month is continuing... Specific reasons, there is not much analysis here.,after all GitHubDaily The public number is not a recommendation platform。

freelancing websites for web developers

View only from platform size and market,freelancer It is gathered in the order platform of many excellent freelance workers in the world.,If you intend to develop on the platform,It is best to be fully confident in personal intelligence.。


freelancing websites for web developers

upwork Predecessor Elance-oDesk,Be freelancer Main competitor,Both often have been compared。

Company 1999 Established before and after year,The founders are MAC graduates,Perhaps it is to adapt to information technology, this instantaneous industry,The company has changed for a total of the company. 4 Secondmail(Elance、oDesk、Elance-oDesk、Upwork),Is a non-critical change name mad...

At the headquarters, California, California, USA,Online platform accumulated 1200 Wan Freelancer 500 Wan customer registration,Valuation 10 One hundred million U.S. dollars,It is now the highest global freelance free professional docking platform.。

(freelancing websites for web developers)and freelancer Same,On this platform, there are also a variety of different industries.,Not only are limited to software outsourcing。Microsoft、Airbnb Waiting for well-known enterprises,All with upwork Have a cooperation。

(freelancing websites for web developers)All data indicate,upwork The scale is not inferior freelancer,「Spoof、Multi-fish,Present」,Want to receive more high quality list,Don't limit only one platform。


freelancing websites for web developers

same freelancer Same,Fiverr Also found 2010 year,the difference is,The company's business business is smaller,Main writing、translate、Graphic Design、Video clip、software programming。

But the burger is,Fiverr Created only 3 Year,It is the top rankings 100,Global ranking 200 Mainstream website,And in the next year,Successful 3000 Wan Dollar Investment,Quickly occupy the market with Thunder。finally,exist 2019 year 6 moon,Mount NYSE(New York Stock Exchange)。

although Fiverr The service range is not particularly wide,But their home programming this area,The division is quite detailed:

freelancing websites for web developers

From the above picture we can see,Website、Moving end & desktop App Develop,Again to data analysis、User test,Have everything possible,As long as you are engaged in software professional developers,There is a place in your place。

so,Evaluate your technical stack,Bother!

Domestic articles

Introduction to the mainstream single platform platform,Let's talk about domestic。

Domestic enterprise,The main benefits are not so high for English communication skills.,But the customer is more,Not understand,Remification,Like bb,The problem of long-term repayment period is also common。

(freelancing websites for web developers)therefore,I personally feel,Order for domestic market,In the case where your basic technical ability is satisfied,The following capabilities should be your most important:

  • Business communication skills(Manage the psychological expectation of customers)

If the management is not good, the customer is expected.,Project is prone to problems。Most common situation,Is the information asymmetrical:Customers think that money is more,You are dry;Or you have a lot of,But there is no specific output, etc.。

A pit like this,There is also a bunch of。Due to space limitations,I am not talking about it.,I will share this article later with you.。

Below we come back, come back to talk about several comparison platforms in China.。

Code market

freelancing websites for web developers

(freelancing websites for web developers)Have to talk about「Code market」,I have to talk first. Coding,As the first one-stop cloud software service platform in China,You can simply Coding Understanding as the Chinese version GitHub,Although their ambition is not here。

Coding At 2014 year 2 Established in Shenzhen,Currently owned 100 Ten thousand users,7000+ enterprise,170 Vano Tube Project,Get all major capital financing accumulation 2500 Ten thousand U.S. dollars。

I personally should be 2015 Contact Coding,That will mainly be fresh and elegant by their website. UI Income,because Coding It is the domestic numerous use Semantic UI One of the products developed at the front end。exist Bootstrap Widely used era,Use a short birth,And the front end frame of the test version requires a lot of courage。

(freelancing websites for web developers)Years ago,Fortunately read Coding Several articles written by Zhang Haolong,Including「How to apply for software development project valuation?」,「Why do you have a good part?」,「Removing software outsourcing on demand economic era」Many articles related to software outsourcing。

(freelancing websites for web developers)After reading,Inspiration,It is believed that the boss should be a unique person who has a unique cognition of domestic and foreign industry.。Article link I have already put GitHubDaily Public number background,Classmate who wants to read,Key words available in the background「Zhang Haolong」or「ZHL」,The content is written,I suggest you look at it.。

Coding Aprical product:Code market,that is Coding The founder leads,Focus on the Internet Software Outsourcing Service Platform。Currently on the platform,Cumulative parallel 3 Billion,1 More than 10,000 projects,15 Wan developer。

(freelancing websites for web developers)15 Yearly start,to date 4 More time,This grade can be done with platform resources.,Indeed。

(freelancing websites for web developers)I have been in two years ago. Coding Post-release project,Also try to order,However, limited to platform special evaluation mechanisms,Both parties have not disclosed,Eventually, I chose the online partner.。Talent screening and evaluation mechanism for specific platforms,Detailed documentation in its official website,I don't have to make more details here.。

If you want to pick up it,Can perfect personal information on the platform,And submit an application,Platform。However, there are too many uncertainty factors.,A little similar to the rabbit,The best way is still to take the initiative to find customers,Write a tender to the needs party on the platform。As for the winning bid,Then look at the comprehensively qualities of individuals or teams.。

Open source

freelancing websites for web developers

「Vertical technology community 10 Annual depth 350 Ten thousand + Active developer Massive behavior data intelligent match」,Open its official website,This sentence is the first to introduce the eye.。

Benefited from「Open source China」Support for this developer community traffic,Their own「Open source」Product development is rapid,Outsourcing services doing wind。

At present, there is no excessive external disclosure of foreign transactions.,But the data from my Internet search indicates that,This platform 2016 Year end,Online only one year,The transaction volume has been successfully broken. 4000 Wan Ren。If you add a year of stable growth,The total water flow of the platform is not inferior Coding of「Code market」。

in addition,Understanding from official website data,The order of developers on their platform is also terrible:

(freelancing websites for web developers)freelancing websites for web developers

Flush,That list is naturally not less,Search entrance to an outsourcing project on the official website,Nothing, go shopping,Exported to meet your appetite outsourcing outsourcing。

Programmer Inn

(freelancing websites for web developers)freelancing websites for web developers

finally,Chat with you「Programmer Inn」This product。

If you don't make a mistake,The programmer Inn should be a website related to programmer talent docking.。Developers can improve their resume on the platform,Entrepreneur to hook the technical personnel,Everyone cooperates together to start a business。later,Implementation is that their founder smell this business opportunity,Change it to software outsourcing docking platform。

(freelancing websites for web developers)Early startup,Probably 2015 year,That will I am still reading big two,I am fortunate to receive the invitation of their founders.,I will watch it on their official website.,And then find out its website editor UI It is quite simple to do.,I will mention the suggestion.:Replace Tower Open source editor Simditor to realise,I didn't expect that it is recommended to be adopted.。For me at the time,There is still a small stealing。

Behind,I start working,Busy writing code every day,Learning new technology,The programmer inn reduces the attention。Another I didn't expect it.,In recent years, this unusually difficult entrepreneurial environment,They still shaped,Step by step and kill a blood road,Live today。Here,I am full of respect in my heart.。

Programmer Inn Currently Accumulated Registered Developers 40 Ten thousand,Coverage multiple technical fields,All kinds of social scarce talents、Major factory engineer,Can find it above。As long as there is money,They will use it for you。

If you can receive an outsourcing,But suffering from technology unable to achieve,That may wish to hire the technician above,I believe this should be the highest efficiency solution。

My company has had several cooperation with programmers on the platform.,Several times,Overall also smooth,The only unfull thing is,Some developers are part-time jobs,Work busy during the day,Can only do projects at night or on Saturday,So sometimes the feedback problem is slower,Two people run back,Some work details are also dealing with。

This is also the point of attention.,If it is you part-time out of an outsourcing,It is best to guarantee in your job.,Can leave sufficient idle time,Otherwise the final result may be lost,外。

Written in the last

With the big explosion of information technology in these years,Many software orders are like the spring bamboo shoots,Among them, there is still little lack of some high quality websites.,But limited to article space,Cooling one list,Therefore, only a few representative platforms are selected.,For your reference to pick,If you have any more than other platforms,Also welcome to communicate more in the comment area,Everyone study each other。

finally,I want to take up a little bit of the article.,Some things to talk about doing outsourcing。

「The world is all,Bustling」,Money money,Needle people、Shoulders。Software outsourcing this industry is no exception,When everyone is in the bureau,Safe to find a small situation in the existence of many meat。

To avoid this embarrassing situation,You have to expand more outsourcing order channels as much as possible.,In addition to what I mentioned above 6 Website outside,You should go deep into penetration,Deep excavating the entire software outsourcing industry,Go to more outsourcing platform,Connection more people who can bring you customers。

(freelancing websites for web developers)at the same time,Don't forget the construction of personal brands,Because of the last,You will find,Software outsourcing can be limited,个人品牌才是你最大的资本。

Personal brand is your biggest capital,还请记住下面这句话:

in addition,客户资源永远是你最宝贵的财富。

Please remember the following sentence,你已经可以不用通过出售自己的时间来赚钱了。Software outsourcing industry,来负责外包业务的具体开发,Customer resources are always your most valuable wealth,负责与客户关系的维护,When you have a large number of quality outsourcing customers on your hand,如:You can already make money without selling your own time.、产品定期技术维护 & Excellent talent。

这样,To be responsible for the specific development of outsourcing business,也是跳出码农死循环的最佳途径。

You are taking out,花了我不少时间,Responsible for maintaining relationships with customer,还请大家帮忙多多转发


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