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Parked medical bill(ACA)Usually also known asObamaMedical bill(Obamacare),Is the US President Obama2010A federal law signed by the year。The main purpose of the bill is to lead the US government's medical insurance coverage and reduce US medical expenses.。

according toACA,The US federal government and the state government will establish a government medical insurance market(Health Insurance Exchange),Allow individuals and small companies here to be individual/Family and business employees to buy medical insurance,Will3000American citizens who do not have medical insurance include medical insurance coverage。The implementation of the bill will increase the national medical expenditure,At the same time reduce federal medical insurance(Medicare)expenditure。

Federal fund(The Commonwealth Fund)Is a private foundation in the United States,Be founded in1918year,Founded to date, it has been active in related fields such as medical and health policies.。Its purpose is“Promote high performance healthcare system,Pay attention to social vulnerable classes and elderly people,Realize higher medical coverage,Improve medical quality and efficiency”。2016year10End of the month,Federal Fund released a messageACAResearch results。

(obamacare website developer)The purpose of this study is to compare2010year(which isACAPromulgate)Cost growth of medical insurance funded by employers before and after,And compare this cost change with employee revenue。Article collection and analyzes“Federal medical expenditure expert group survey”2006Year2015Year published data,This10Summary of cost trends during the year。Artery network(We chat number:vcbeat)Mainly discovering the study for you,Take you understand the results of the US medical insurance reform。Due to more content,Length,We divide the article into、Next release。first,Let's take a look at the study conclusions of employers and employees in premium payment.。

(obamacare website developer)sinceACASince the promulgation,Many comments and research more focused on the medical insurance plan sold by the government medical insurance market,But actually,More Americans have access to medical insurance through employers:2015year,more than half(57%,about1.54100 million)of65American Americans get medical insurance through their work or family members,Only about about the purchase of medical insurance programs from the market1000Ten thousand people。

existACAInitiate,Many industry people have predicted that many employers will stop providing health insurance for employees.,RespondACAReform requirements。But the actual situation is,sinceACAAt2010Emergency effect,There is almost no change in the share of the employer medical insurance plan in the non-old population.。

althoughACAThere is no loss to employers in medical insurance.,But some critics of the bill consider,Regardless of the company or for employees,ACAIt has added the cost of medical insurance。This comment,Federal funds compared2006Year2015Year's medical insurance cost trend,And give their findings。

Through this report,You will focus on learning the following points:

(obamacare website developer)1.existACAImplement6Years later,Although the goal of the bill has not been implemented,ACAWhether it still makes companies and employees need to face higher premiums and exemptions,ACAAfter the implementation, the health care costs in the United States have declined?

2.Why do many medical insurance Americans will think that health care costs are too high?,Incredible?What is the fundamental driving force for medical insurance market premium??

(obamacare website developer)3.More Americans have access to medical insurance through employers,So employer self-service premiumACAHow to grow after the effectiveness?What is the situation in each state??

4.How is the premium growth rate of employee payment?,Whether employees need to pay for household medical insurance more than?Whether the premium growth rate of most states is reduced?

5.Medical insurance exemptions are the fastest group of people who have incorporated in the United States?How is the proportion of family medical insurance scrap and deductible in income??

Employer funding premiumACARising speed is slower after entry into force

since2010yearACASince the promulgation,The annual average growth rate funded by the employer funded the premium。For single or only medical insurance programs covering employees without including any of their family members, 2010Year2015The new year's average premium growth rate is3.8%,Lower than2006Year2010Year4.7%(See the picture1,surface1a)。

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surface 1a 2006、2010、2013、 2014and2015The average premium of employees funded by employers funded by employers

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(obamacare website developer)Note:Premium data from the US private sector employer's policy。

*Refers to a statistical difference with the average of the United States(p <0.05)。

(obamacare website developer)Data Sources: 2006、2010、2013、2014and 2015year《Federal medical expenditure expert group survey—Insurance roll》。

From the state of the state,Compared with the previous year,Full beauty33State and Washington, Washington, DC2010Since the year, the premium growth of single medical insurance is slow(See the picture2,surface1a)。Among them, the average annual premium growth in Louisiana is slower.,Growth rate2006Year2010Year average year7.8%Fall to2010Year2015Year2.4%;Another9State(Florida、Maine、Minnesota、Mississippi、Nebraska、Nevada、Oregon、Tennessee、the state of Wisconsin)The annual premium growth rate of Washington, Washington, DC is at least at least3Percentage point。

obamacare website developer8State(Alaska、Hawaii、Idaho、Kentucky、Maryland、New Hampshire,New York State and Utah)The average growth rate is still high,2010Year2015Every year5%Or higher,This is over5State(Alaska、Hawaii、Idaho、Kentucky and Maryland)exist2010The growth rate before the year is higher than the national average(See a table1a)。

The actual size of employer premiums between states also have a big difference.。2015year,The average annual family medical insurance premium is17,322Dollar。Minimum5State(Alabama,Arkansas,Hawaii,Michigan and Tennessee)Premium interval14,218Dollar15,959Dollar,The highest4State(Alaska、Delaware、New Hampshire and New York)And Washington Columbia Special Zone is18,920 Dollar21,089Dollar。(See the picture3,surface1b)。Family annual medical insurance9State and Washington, Columbia Special Zone exceeded18,000Dollar。

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surface 1b 2006、2010、2013、 2014and2015The average premium of family medical insurance plans funded by employers in the United States

The premium growth rate of employees pays slowly,But employee revenue remains stable

Single medical insurance plan with employer funding medical insurance,Part of the average annual insurance premium of employee is required21%。by2015Year-round,This figure is1,255Dollar(See the picture4,surface2a)。This percentage2010I have not changed since year,But ratio2006Year19%Rising,At that time, the average premium payment of employees was788Dollar。exist11State(Connecticut、Kansas、Louisiana、Maryland、Massachusetts、Minnesota、Nebraska、New Hampshire、New Jersey、South Dakota and Tennessee),Employee needs to pay24%Or more premium。In Connecticut,The premium cost in the single medical insurance plan is as high as the annual1,652Dollar。

(obamacare website developer)obamacare website developersurface2a 2006、2010、2013、2014and2015The average of employees paying in employees in all state employers funded single medical insurance premium

obamacare website developerNote:Premium data from the US private sector employer's policy。

Reproach2bvisible,Compared to single medical insurance,Employees need to pay for family medical insurance more than,The proportion of contributions accounts for the total premium27%,Take all the United States,Be4,710Dollar。Similar to single insurance,This ratio is also2010Same year,But higher than2006Year25%,The average amount of payment at the time was only2,890Dollar。exist16State,Employees need to pay the total premium in the medical insurance plan of employer sponsoring30%Or more,Among them, Maryland's family medical insurance program is most,Average6,365Dollar。

surface2b 2006、2010、2013、2014and2015The average of employees paying in employees in household medical insurance premiums funded by all state employers

obamacare website developerNote:Premium data from the US private sector employer's policy。

Like the total cost of employer premium,CompareACABefore5year,Employee payment for single and family policyACAAfter5Slow year growth。Single premium payment2010Year2015The average annual growth rate of the year is4.2%,and2006Year2010Year6.7%(See a table1,surface2a)。Family premium paymentACABefore and after5The year is4.8%and6.5%(See a table2b)。

ACAAfter,exist31State and Washington Columbia Special Zone,The proportion of employee premium payment for single medical insurance plans is slow;exist30State and Washington Columbia Special Zone,The proportion of family medical insurance programs grows slowly(See a table2aAnd table2b);In the rest of the state,Single and family planned employee premium payment growth rateACABy the same or higher。For example in New York,2010Year2015Year,The annual average annual growth rate of employee premium payment of single medical insurance programs is6.7%,much higher than 2006Year2010Year-old3%。

Although employee premium payment is generally relatively relatively slowed down,But due to2014The annual salary growth continues to slow,Means people's premium payment in income is still higher than the previous year.。

although2015Annual revenue growth has a mild recovery sign,But there is still no practical change。2015year,Family medical insurance plan payment accounts for the median income of the family5.8%,and2006This figure is4.2%(See the picture5,surface5)。2015year,Employee medical insurance total payment accounts for the percentage of the middle income, the state gap is huge,Range to Hawaii4.2%,High to Mississippi9% 。Premium payment ratio exceeds7%There is still another7State,Alabama、Arizona、Florida、Louisiana、New Mexico、Oklahoma and Texas。

(obamacare website developer)obamacare website developersurface5 2006、2010and2015Annual state average employee insurance contribution and exemption account for the percentage of home median income

obamacare website developer*Single and home premium payment、The exemption and the two and according to the distribution of the state single people and family households。

(a) The data from home in the home is from《Current population survey》(CPS)。The income questionnaire of the survey2013The year was revised,therefore2014The data from the year comes from the traditionalCPSIncome questionnaire,and2014The annual data comes from the revised questionnaire。Family median income for two years average,And adjust according to the possibility of purchasing medical insurance in the place where the population is purchased。

Data Sources:2006、2010and 2015year《Federal medical expenditure expert group survey—Insurance roll》Of“Insurance costs”; 2006、2007、2010、2011、2014、2015and2016year《Current population survey》Of“Family type distribution and income”。

Of course,The situation also has a positive side。2014Year2015year,员工对单人医保计划的缴款增长率降至不到2%(Employees have fallen to the contribution growth rate of single medical policy.)。这意味着平均而言,Data is not displayed,全美员工中位收入的增长速度仍将高于单人医保的保险费用。

This means average,自2010At least last periodACA以来,The growth rate of the median income in the United States will still be higher than the insurance expenses of single medical insurance,反映了ACAThe results found。研究结果还表明,since,ACA中对雇主的要求接受起来相对容易,Annual promulgation、允许年轻成人与父母同享家庭保单,since。