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Professor Yulian and Chairman of the Indian Cultural Relations Council

International online report(reporter Yang Weiming Wang Chengyang):11moon,“2016World Indian Conference”Hold in Shenzhen。This is the following2015year11The World Hindu Conference after the World Hindu Conference held in New Delhi。Indian experts from all over the world gathered together,India in China、Indian literature and grammar、Indian learning in countries、Buddhism and world issues and the issue of India and China-India Cultural Exchange。

Professor Yuelian, India Research Center, Shenzhen University is one of the main organizers of the conference.。It is mentioned that the meaning of organizing this Indian conference,Professor Yulian said:“A variety of foreign-related learning,Indian learning is the oldest in China,Most basic。From the beginning,There were many scholars to study before he.,Always go to Xuanzang、Righteousness,until now。There have always many people studying India.。Ancient times called Buddhism,Later, it is called Van.,Now introduced noun named India。This concept is continuously extended and expanded。China's Indian study is so deep,There should be a chance to show it.。”

There are more than one participant at the Indian Conference.,The scale exceeded the first session held in the Presidential Palace in India。Speaking of Hinduists at this end,Professor Yulian is full of admiration。He said,This time, many scholars have made him very touched.。for example,Mr. Bowden, Indianist, France,He used to be the general of General France,Waiting to the United States during World War II to participate in the Pacific War。2015year9As the Second World War II, the president of Xi Jinping, China。At the same time, he is another researcher of Indian cultural persistence.。

After the war,Mr. Bowen has established pharmaceutical companies in India.。Profit by the factory, he takes the medical treatment of India.、Health care,Take the culture of India,And established the French Oriental Art MuseumASIATICA,Established a research institute of Indian Culture and Art。Last year, the Indian government was given to him.“Lotus award”。He this year90Years old,The body is not particularly good.,But he insists on。There is also Dr. Chilean Semirio,He uses1Time from Chile to the United States,Reuse1Today time from the United States to fly to Hong Kong,Go to Shenzhen to meet,Very difficult。And Professor Oska, German scholars,He is one of German and even Europe's most senior Indian,Get three most famous academiciases in Europe,Very high level,This is the first time to come to China to participate in the Indian Conference.,Take this opportunity, he will also go to Jinan and other places.。

Professor Yulian said,The Indian Conference is like a window.,Let the world's Indian understand Chinese,Also let China's scholars have access to experts and scholars in other countries in the world.,Thus the understanding and friendship between the two parties:“The relationship between our country and the country,Relationship between nation and nation,In the final analysis, it is the relationship between people and people.。The most advanced form between people and people is the relationship between the soul.,Cultural relationship。”

Professor Yulian said,This meeting is not only an academic exchange.,It is a platform for Zhongying Friendship Expansion.。Many participants have carried out the history of China-Indian and friendly communication.。for example,Roquashi, Chairman of the Indian Cultural Relationship Committee·Mr. Jiondo。His father is a famous master,1955He came to China to visit,Prime Minister Zhou Enlai、Mr. Guo Moruo, Dean of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the reception of Mr. Changshilong, the Dean of the Dunhuang Research Institute,And give him a lot of precious books,Total135box。They come out to India5Box for exhibition,The entire exhibition hall is full.。These beautiful memories are reflected in the recent books of Professor Jionguro.,Call《India and China》,There is a photo of Zhou Premier Zhou received his father and sister.。Professor Yu also mentioned Schuba Jing, who had previously visited Shenzhen University.。She will not only come from this time.,Also brought your own daughter and granddaughter.。This shows that she is friendly、Indian study、The study of Chinese school is full of feelings。

Professor Yu Long Yu,More than 30 years have done a lot of work for China-India cultural exchange.。He has published it.《Source flow of China India Literature》《China Indian literature comparison》《China Indian literature comparative papers》《Van Famarton and Huazhang:Indian writer and Chinese culture》《China Indian poetics comparison》Wait20Multiple works,Journal at home and abroad、The media published80Multiple papers,Indian language30Million words。He also did a lot about Tagore research and promotion.。For Tagore's role in China,Professor Yulian said:“Tagore is an eternal topic,Always do it。The relationship between China and India has four bonds that will never break.,Tagore is one of them。We have to play the role of the link and bridge.。”

Professor Yulian and Professor Dong Youqi went together《Tamor's Appreciation Dictionary》,I have received many readers.。2008year11moon,Professor, presided over the preparatory Shenzhen University Tan Yunshan Zhongyin Friendship Hall officially opened,Among them, there is a lot about Tagore's collection.、picture。2011He also presided over the Tagore Painting Exhibition,A total of Tagore high simulation paintings45Sign,And Tagore's photo of cultural travel abroad。Teacher Yu Long also also with the teacher of Beijing University Wei Liming.,Organized twice《Tagore is in my heart》National essay competition,A great response has caused a lot of youth in the youth of the country。Yu teacher thinks,Tamor's research still has a lot of work to do。He said:“Tagore research is currently facing a new stage of development,Because Professor Dong Youzhen is edited《Tamor's Complete Works》Has been published,It also provides the most authoritative for our new round of Thai Gore Research.、The most beautiful Chinese translation。With such a foundation,Affirmation has another number of new research results。”

(indian institute of learning and development website)Professor Yulian believes,China's Indian studies are an important part of the entire study of India。Chinese scholars are studying the relationship between China India、Some popular topics such as Zhongli economy,Also“Long line”Research is solid。only“Long line”Research is done,Speaking can make people believe,Tasten convincing。Yu Long said:“I hope,Research economic issues、These comrades,Still carefully and solidize the culture of India、history、religion、The problem of customs has a deep study。Studying these questions is going to see India's politics、Economic and China India and other realities,Will look profound。”

(indian institute of learning and development website)Professor,He was very pleased that the Indian Conference attracted many young Chinese scholars.,They are the hope of China's Indian research,China's Indian development is similar!Professor, also planned to organize a batch of scholars to select and translate some of India's classics and publish in China.,Working in the work of China-Indian friendly communication。