section 179 website development costs


(section 179 website development costs)Website building,Everyone knows,For those who do the website for the first time,They are more concerned about a website cost,first,Different website construction companies do the same website,The price difference is very big,Therefore, you must clear the website mainly constitute a fee.。

1.Domain name。

Domain name is the premise of the website,Determine the domain name can be purchased on Wanl。The price of different domain suffixes is different.,General international domain name is probably50Yuan annual。

(section 179 website development costs)2.Space cost
Space usually has a virtual host and a cloud server and physical server,The cost of space is generally determined by the size of the space capacity.,The bigger the space, the higher the price.,It is recommended to choose the right website space according to its own situation.。
3.Website production fee
Website production fees include these two parts:One is the page design,Second, functional requirements。The quality of a website depends on the design.,If you want to original design, the price is relatively high.。Function,If it is just a simple show,The price is very cheap;Differentiate the difficulty of function,Price is different。
I suggest you can find a reliable network company.,See their case,Interview,Understand their strength,Looking for cooperation in compliance with yourself。In short,The price of the website construction is high,One point price,Rational contrast choice of suitable websites。