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1990year,FirstWebBirth of the browser,1991year,“WWW”The birth of directly opened the prelude to the front end。

From static pages toJavaScript,fromPCend to mobile,never favored“page boy”Front-end development engineers needed in all walks of life,The front-end industry has gone20for many years!It also makes more and more people take a fancy to the position of front-end development engineer。

now,Front-end development engineers can already be compared with back-end development engineers,and have very good job prospects:The front-end technology ecosystem is built onJavaScriptover programming language,no competitors。andhigh salary,First-tier cities easily break through20k!in addition,According to related reports,my country's front-end talent gap reaches16Ten thousand!

front end website developer

It can be said,Front-end development engineer is a fairy job in the current Internet industry。But the prospects are good,Enterprises also have more demand for related talents。

Recruitment requirements for front-end engineers:

1. proficientWebFront-end technology

2. proficientReact、Angular、Vueand other mainstream front-end development frameworks

3. Familiar with performance optimization solutions

4.Relevant work experience preferred

(front end website developer)……

from recruitment requirements,We can also see the front-end technologies favored by companies today,The moment of rapid technological iteration,How to grasp the future development trend of front-end??

as far as the field of vision,front end only

according to《Software and Information Technology Higher Vocational Graduate Career Development Environment Report:Front-end development engineer》show,CurrentlyLeading front-end technologies include:

• Node.js is able to run on the server sideJavaScript open source、cross-platform JavaScript Operating environment。for mastering JavaScriptengineer,Node.jsEasy to learn and use ;

• MySQLIt is the most widely used relational database in China;

• Vue.jsis a lightweight、high performance、Componentizable MVVMlibrary,At the same time, it has a very easy to useAPI ;

• Reacthigh performance,Suitable for large-scale project development,Market share has been on the rise ;

• In the field of front-end development of small programs unique to China,Different manufacturers have also launched small program development frameworks adapted to their own businesses。

Technologies being phased out include:

(front end website developer)• .NETTechnology has been phased out in China;

• JQuerydue to its inefficiency,being phased out by the market;

• ASP.NE TThe share of domestic usage is shrinking rapidly;

• domestic pairPHPDemand for engineers is shrinking。

As can be seen from the report,The current leading front-end technologies areNode.js、MySQL、Vue.js、React、Small program development,and these,It determines your prospects in the front-end competition,Solid basic skills will make you more competent for front-end work。