internet and website development


The website has experienced three times, respectively.“Web production”、“Front-end development”、“Rear end development”。Let's talk about what these three eras are in these three ages.,Let's take a look at Xiaobian Xiaobian, Qianfeng Guangzhou.。

internet and website development

Web production

Web pages areWeb 1.0Era product,Produce2005Forehead。At that time, the web page is mainly static page.。

The static page is to enable the user to browse the web, but cannot perform data interaction with the server.。E.g,Aim,Users can only browse pictures or texts of this article,But you can't post a comment on the web page。

Maybe some people have heard of“Web three sword passengers”,This combination isWeb 1.0Time website development tool。The web page three sword refers to“Dreamweaver、Fireworks、Flash”3Software software。

Front-end development

Now“Front-end development”From“Web production”Evolve。The Internet has entered more than ten years ago.Web 2.0era,existWeb 2.0era,Web pages are divided into two:“Static pages”,“Dynamic page”。

Static page with the forego“Web production”The same described。

Dynamic page is interactive with the server in a static web page。E.g,One day,Small blue is a bit uncomfortable to see a small video to ease,He opened a website that stored many years.,Website requires account and password,Small blue enters your own account and password,Then log in。At this time, the website background server will verify this account and password.,Can you log in after success?。

Web 2.0era,If only use“Web three sword passengers”Come to do development,Is it possible to meet a large number of data interactions development needs。Now“Page development”,Close to traditional website background development。therefore,No longer call“Web production”,Be called“Front-end development”。

Now if you want to learn the website development technology,Don't believe so-called“Web three sword passengers”In,Because they are already the product of the previous era.,This era did not carry their boats.。

Many people have to ask,How do I go to the new era?,This needs“New three sword”In。The new three sword passengers areHTML、CSSandJavaScript(AbbreviationJS),In this case, I know these three things.,After we come slowly。

Rear end development

When describing the dynamic web page,Say the web page if you want to transform from static to dynamic needs backend technology(server),That is, the page needs to interact with the server.。If you are reading the article, you need to be promoted to the salary increase,Going to the peak of life,I think the backend still needs to learn.,This can bring many conveniences for future development.。It is not to say that you are doing you to learn the back of the front end.,This is wrong。Because the logic and demand of the backend need to be implemented at the front end,Need to know how to design to be more perfectofaccomplish。Since you need to learn the backend,What are the commonly used backend technologies??

(internet and website development)(1)PHP:One of more universal open source scripts,Broad,Easy learning,SuitableWebDevelopment field。

(2)JSP:Can be in traditional web pagesHTMLInsert in fileJavaBlock(Scriptlet)andJSPmark(tag),ThusJSPdocument。


(4)existnode.jsPlatformJavaScriptDeveloped server

These backend technologies want to know,Baidu is more meticulous,It's not fine here.,If you use it later, you can talk about it.。

The above is the history of the front end to the present,Technology can only be in front of this industry before you can succeed,So we can't always learn the technology that has been eliminated by the times.,Need to look forward。