self development websites


With the popularity of personal entrepreneurship,Many individuals also need a detailed website to show yourself.,Personal business,Or accumulate fans, etc.。So how to make your own personal website??How to make a better look?Let's share the method of making it.。

self development websites

Online personal website case,Reprinted

(self development websites)

Generally,Most individuals do not understand code technology,And very wasteful from scratch,Therefore, the relatively convenient method is to use the self-service construction system directly.。There are many self-service construction systems on the market.,Novice minus the operation is simple、Zero threshold、Template design is beautiful、Highly known type。

After the construction tool,Personal website productionThe process is as follows:Enter「On the line」Official website,Select after registering an account【Create a website】,Select one more“personal”template。

self development websites

Click on the template to enter the background editing page,Here you can add a variety of functional blocks。The website page is made from a variety of different sections.,If do your personal illustration、Works website,You can add a grid、Album、Large-size media、Horizontal layout、Portrait layout、Contact such sections to display works,Communicate with visitors。

self development websites

If you are doing your resume website,Then you can use personal profile、experience、educate、Skill、Album、Participated in the project and other function section,Introduce your work experience。

(self development websites)If it is a personal blog site,So mainly title、Blog、Message form and other layers。

In the upper left corner【style】inside,You can change the theme style of the website、Font、template;exist【set up】-【domain name】inside,You can set the site domain name。You can also add social media icons on the website footer.,Link to your own Weibo、Tik Tok、BStation and other media platforms,Attract more fans。

self development websites

(Demo effect)

All of the above is done and preview,Click on the lower left corner“online”I.e.。

(self development websites)Such a personal website is made。How to make your website more distinctive?How to avoid a thousand situations?You can pay attention to these points:

(1)Diversified version of the block layout

Online website, the layout is modified,The order can also be adjusted,You can choose the favorite layout,Let the website more personalized;

self development websites

(2)Personality font

Unique fonts allow your website to leave more impressive to visitors,Click on the editor - Font,Click to open any font type,It's good to upload a font file locally.。

self development websites

(3)Multi-map display

(self development websites)The picture is an important part of the personality and fashion。Now people are increasingly inclined to debris reading,So your personal website should not put too many text content,Try to use pictures and videos,Let the website more energetic。

The above is how to make a tutorial for a personal website.,Layout、Personality design,It's very simple in the whole process.,Basically, no brain。