full stack web developer portfolio website


Now,It seems necessary to reinterpret“Full stack development”the word,Once this is the dream of many programmers,Now the heat is gradually waning......

full stack web developer portfolio website

When it comes to full stack development, people will think of itLAMP。This stack consists ofLinux,Apache HTTPD,MySQLandPerl / PHP / Pythoncomposition,Tidy up migrating from static website to interactiveWebComponents required by the application。 I admire those that can be configured independentlyLinux,InstallHTTPD,configuration database,Integrate all components with a fledgling language,for examplePHPprogrammers。

(full stack web developer portfolio website)Full stack development combination:JavaScriptand any backend

(full stack web developer portfolio website)Gone are the days when developers only mastered one programming language。The reality is,just doWebdevelop,JavaScriptIt's a hurdle that programmers can't get around。this war,JavaScriptseems to have won,AchievedJava“write once,run everywhere”The goal(althoughJavaScriptCloserJavaearly goals“write once,debug everywhere”)。

full stack web developer portfolio website

but masterJavaScriptonly half the victory。If you writeWebapplication,it takes a long time to learnJavaScriptNumerous libraries in the ecosystem。it doesn't sound simple:Know that every six months,A hot new architecture will go mainstream,And with that comes the excitement of the community。But please don't believe some senseless hype。

(full stack web developer portfolio website)backend optionalC#,JavaorPHP。Although these platforms are not asJavaScriptThe library is growing like crazy,But it also takes a lot of time to learn。The following issues should be paid attention to in the development process,Even experienced programmers,It takes a lot of time to master each。


Linked In,Target,Yahoo,SonyandAdobehave anything in common?These sites have been hacked,Caused millions of personal information leaks and huge losses。Although these damages can be repaired,But there are still some common security vulnerabilities that should be considered when programming,Coding according to standard specifications。


The purpose of the test is simple,But there are many types of tests,such as unit testing,Integration Testing,User Acceptance Testing,Performance testing and black box testing, etc.。according toWebDifferent types of tests are performed at different stages of development。Writing testable code takes a lot of effort,and often needs to be used for each type of test(or create your own)different tools。Of course,Programmers may test two different languages,This also increases the number of tools to learn。


Apple、Google、Microsoft has a certain say in this regard,and actively compete for the market。It's amazing how much effort these companies put into expressing a vision of how they should interact with their apps。In order for programmers to understandUXspecification,Microsoft also launched aWindows 8.1 UX Design Jump Starttraining video series。


APIdesign withUXdesign standards are as high as。Developers need to build standards-compliant,expressive,safe and high performanceAPI。

(full stack web developer portfolio website)Of course,There is no clear design approach,Maybe you have a clear specification,Such asSOAP,Or you can embrace the newerRESTexample,and use something likeHAL,JSON-LD,Collection + JSON,SIRENorJSON APIsuch community standards。Then,need to consider how to useSwaggerorRAMLetc. designAPI。


Big Data、cloud computing、Internet of Things、The development of many new technologies such as artificial intelligence,Programmers simply cannot digest such a huge technical system in a short period of time,so,face the reality,What should programmers do??

Now,The concept of full stack development should be changed,Full stack development experience,and studious programmer。To know,Attitude is always more important than skills。So it's not that full stack development is lagging behind,But the technology update is getting faster and faster,Smart programmers should learn to turn the unknown into the known in the shortest possible time。