funding for website development


(funding for website development)funding for website development

Nowadays,The rapid development of the Internet is promoted to establish websites in many companies.,Follow,Kunming also has more increasingly more website construction companies,Every website construction company's website production costs are varied,How much does it cost to be a website?,Which costs are?Why is there more expensive companies?,But there is a relatively cheap。

Domain name registration(Annual renewal)

Domain name is the address of the website,Only address,Can you find a website。

When the general business official website selection domain name,Substantiallycom、cn、netThis3Universal top level,Domain names are also available in business construction sites,So this domain name is also less,The annual renewal price is20to100Yuan or so,Different domain suffixes are different。

Enterprise for the first time,I don't know how to name,What domain name is registered?,Generally used company name、Products and industry to name,This is more representative,for registration fee75Yuan, registration fee60Yuan,pja.cnBoutique domain name,It takes a high price to buy it.,.cnThe domain name registration fee is22Yuan。

Rent space(Annual renewal)

Domain name,There is also a space that stores all files in the site.,Because the website is made by the database、PHPprogram files、HTMLdocument、JS、CSS、picture、Video combination。

space/The price range of cloud servers is relatively large,Like us using your computer,Quote according to the configuration,If it is a cloud server,The greater the bandwidth, the higher the price.,General enterprise,The content and product diagram are not very much.,The space provided by the website construction company can be,Approximately price200Within the yuan,If you want a private cloud server,—Price1000Ruster。

Website program(Disposable charge)

(funding for website development)Mature online now、Free open source program is also more and more,This price can save a part,The program is not like2010Ago,Just do a website program, the cost is not moving.10000Element。

Of course,Free,Never guarantee the needs of the website,To achieve your own ideas,Still need to be customized,Can be、Change with the market,This personalized custom price cannot be estimated,This is mainly related to the user's requirements and the difficultness and construction period of procedures.。

page design(One-time fees)

Recommended template website in recent years,It is cheaper than the price of the website.,This website design is also a shortcomibility of,A set of templates may have more than 100 companies,Because it is a template website,To achieve customer, you can build a station without knowing the code.,Based on the page there is a lot of useless function plugins,These will affect the website to open time,Time is long,Will lose customers,Like this,The money is not worth it.。

If you are ready,The website design is completely in accordance with the culture of the company、UIimplement,General website page design includes homepage、Column page、Product page and single page(about Us、development path)Wait,Like a mobile interconnection era,Also need to make a mobile phone,Increase half of the working time,It is about a lower price in the current market.3000Yuan started(15Build within a page),Specific several number with the number of website pages have a direct relationship。

Website maintenance(Annual renewal)

Work after website construction must continue,The daily maintenance of the website contains website filings、Content update、data backup、Picture processing、Page adjustment、Website security monitoring、Space and domain management, etc.,Most of this requires website construction companies to provide services,After all, the company should continue to operate.,Take a fee,Of course,This is also no standard price requirements.,Size of different sizes companies,Different service provided,Expenditure cost,It is different for each charge situation.,The general business website maintenance fee price is1000Yuan or so,Of course,Also pay according to the type of website type,Website maintenance requirements like platform classes are relatively high,The charge is also relatively high。

Summarize:How much is it now doing a corporate website??The specific price depends on your needs,If it is just a template website、Copy the website of the peer,No need for original design,Only use the content to fill it,Price only need1500Yuan,If the front end is new design,Backstage procedures should also be customized,cost5000Yuan started,No matter how much money is a website,Mainly to see the requirements of the company's website construction,Website design requirements,Website production type(Display type、Marketing type、Brand、Function)、The price given by different station companies is not the same.。

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