end to end website development


The website is the most important part of the Internet。Learn to create a website,It's still helpful for us at work。web development for games、For software development,still relatively simple。It will not be difficult to learn。There are many books available online,But I recommend that you write code,Or write it yourself,Or watch online video tutorials。For the high-speed update of information on the Internet,The information of the books will obviously be far behind。The following article will introduce the knowledge of website creation in detail and how to learn website creation。

(end to end website development)

1、 The basic stage of website creation

Languages required for website development,Front end hashtml、css、jslanguage。back end hasphp、asp.net、jsplanguage。

Let's first understand the front-end language。Before smartphones became commonplace,The website is stillpcmain。The main consideration of the website is the compatibility issue。Later, with the discovery of mobile networks,Front-end code is also fully upgraded,htmlupgrade tohtm5,cssupgrade tocss3,jsdevelop more widely。The following is a detailed introduction。

(end to end website development)

end to end website development

Htmlhypertext markup language(English:HyperTextMarkup Language,short name:HTML)is a standard markup language for creating web pages。everyone on the page,right-click,View source code,can seehtmllanguage。The most important attribute isclassandid。Currentlyhtmlhas been upgraded tohtml5。Html5With more concise language structure and powerful functions。

Cssstyle is landscapinghtmlof。web page color,font size,Layout and typography are made bycssto control。Early learningcssWhen you can write in notepad,can be used laterHBuilder Xsoftware editing tools,they autocomplete code。in our program development,Save a lot of energy and time。Currentlycssalso upgraded tocss3。Css3Compatible with mobile phones,The adaptive function is very powerful。

JavaScriptweb programming language。Almost all web pages useJavaScript,JavaScriptvery easy to learn。What it does for web pages is,Page switching like we see,Image scrolling,data interaction, etc.,all byJavaScriptTo be done。it's the behavior of web pages。JavaScriptsource code available,can also be usedjQueryplugin。There are a lot moreJavaScriptframe。haveAngular,Vue,ReactWait。

2、Advanced Stages of Website Learning

(end to end website development)The above is the language for basic front-end code learning,If you want to develop to the advanced front-end,must learnAngular,Vue,Reactetc. frame。These frameworks are useful for developingappetc. application is very important。In front-end recruitment employment,You can't be called a front-end developer without learning these frameworks。These frameworks are the basic skills of front-end personnel。

end to end website development

Above we introduced the application of front-end technology in website development,Next, let's talk about back-end applications。The knowledge that a full-time back-end needs to learn includes back-end code and server operation and maintenance。The backend code hasphp、asp.net、jsp。inphpmost widely used。Also the easiest to learn。First choice for small and medium projects,low development cost。Cross-platform and other advantages。JspProbably the hardest to learn。The development cost is also the most expensive。Those large websites such as bank websites basically usejspto make。If you are a beginner,Language skills are not that strong,recommended studyphp。

CurrentlyphpAlso divide the source code and framework。Projects on the market are basically developed using frameworks。for examplethinkphp、yiiWait,There are also more popular in recent yearsLaravel 。LearnphpMust learn these framework techniques。They are heavily used in development。

end to end website development(end to end website development)

they all useMVCprogramming principles。Much more powerful than the source code。apart from language,Back-end personnel also need to master the database andwebKnowledge of server software。database lock,High and multiple processing, etc.。WebThe server needs to masterapache、 iis、nginxThese threewebOperating environment。To be proficient in their installation and maintenance。have their functions,I won't go into details here,Everyone can learn online。

Learn a basic website making code,not difficult,But to learn their framing techniques in depth,enough time and access to them。Combined with my years of experience in learning code,Please watch more videos when you have time。Look at other people's code。It's okay to learn a complete website by yourself。It is recommended not to look at writing code,Benefit is the lowest。