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1925year4moon,Famous writer in the United States·Found·Fitzgelad's short story《the great Gatsby》Published。The novel is a perspective of a young man named Nick,Young Gatsby wrote a social underlying,In order to pursue the love of the girl, trying to be a top society.,But the story of dreams。

In the first place,This work is relatively flat,What is not caused?,Did not bring the author's expectations,But how long does it take?,Beginners have more and more people pay attention to this work,Later, even caused worldwide sensation。Some commentamers praise this work is“The most exquisite structure and design,One of the most perfect works。”And pointed out that Fitzgerar throws his same writer far away from behind.,The achievements of this work even surpass many seniors writers。

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Why《the great Gatsby》Is a book of a man?

《the great Gatsby》In the form of the first person,Through the narrator Nick tells the story of Gatsby and Daisy。Gatsby born farmhouse,Wanwu,In the service, I fell in love with the Qianjin Miss Daxie.。The two shortly,Gatsby is going to,Two young people have to break up。After the war,When Gates returns from the battlefield,But found that Daisy has married the rich Tom。

(gatsby website development)Gates is not there therefore gives up the pursuit of love,But the moment is fantasy to be with Daxi old feelings。he knows,Daisy married Tom,Is because Tom has money,So he didn't hesitate to collude with the black society to make smuggling business,Quickly accumulate a big fortune,Finally climbed from the bottom of society to the peak。

The Gats ratio at this time is already enemy.,He bought a villa opposite the Daisy family.,Every weekend is a dance meeting,As long as people who are willing to come,He is not refused。“In his blue garden,Male male and female like a moth usually comes in laughter champagne and stars……Every Friday,Five boxes of oranges and lemons are sent from a Friend of New York。Monday,These oranges and lemons becomes a pyramid of a peeled pile from his back door.。”

Under the arrangement of Nick,He and Daisy finally met.,This makes Tom are awkward.。Due to Tom stealing,Leading Daisy driving a car accident,After two people discuss, they decided to marry Gatsby.。Gates is pregnant with Daisy love,Righteousness,And finally。

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In this work,Fitzgelad is always rendering“Money million”Atmosphere,At the same time, all places in the work are full of male awareness.。All female characters in the novel,Not only attach to men,In the emotion, it is even passive to the male.,This let the commentary think,《the great Gatsby》Is a full man。

Novels, whether the narrator is still the main figure,Be a male。The narrator Nick puts the focus on both Gates and Tom.,And the description of Daisy is lightly written。Reviewer discovery,Fitzgerald is uncertain even for the color of Daisy Hair,Sometimes, Daisy's hair is black.,But when writing to Daisy and a blonde,Also said that she is the same as her daughter's hair color.。but,He called Daisy“Golden girl”,This seems to be,When writing her hair is black,Is the author intentional in expressing it。

In fact,Fitzgerald is so serious,It is the real portrayal of the real life at the time.。At that time, the US economy depression after the end of the battle,Young people in the country feel fascinating,Fitzgerald is no exception,He often said:“The story that enters my mind contains some kind of disaster,In my novel,Cute young people to destroy。”therefore,Fitzgelad specially likes to shape a fantasy young men and women,This is also what he is called20Century United States“Fascinament”The reason for the spokesperson of the writer。In his work,The Life experience and spiritual world of the owners have closely contacted himself.。

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Fitzgerad1896Born in Sao Paulo, USA,1917year,21He should enter,And in the service, I fell in love with the rich woman.。But due to poor,He has no condition to marry Zelda,I have to go out by writing.。Hard work pays off,1920year,He passed the work《Human paradise》And famous noise,Dig to the first barrel of gold,This is the hope of Zelda as a wife.。After marriage,Fitzgerad has published several high-rang novels.,These works bring him huge income,Sure enough couple two people living in Europe over a wide range of life。

(gatsby website development)but,Luxurious life gradually makes him feel boring,He started looking for fun,Relying on flowering to make up for your spiritual emptiness,Because of squandering,His life gradually enters embarrassment,He has only borrowed wine,Finally, alcoholism,At1940Due to heart disease。Seven years later,His loved by Zelda died in a fire in the mental hospital。

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Fitzgerad and Zelda

Fitzgerad's experience is very representative,In fact, the real portrayal of the American young people at the time.。1918Year1929Year,Is the name of Nortzgerald“Everything is deserted,Everything has been finished,In the past, all the beliefs of people were completely shaken.”Era。that period of time,The United States ushered in the rapid development of capital,The thought of young people began to translate into money for money and pursuit,Abandoned morality and law。At that time,People only care about two things:“Be afraid of poverty,Eagerness。”People have been stunned by money wealth,Think that money is all,Money can buy love and happiness。

People began to enjoy the joy brought by substances,Put money in struggle,The big prosperity in wealth has also brought trouble to society.,People began to indulge with indulgence,Try to relieve the depression of our hearts。no doubt,Traditional moral impact,People's mind,Give this society a great impact。

(gatsby website development)In the mind of young people,With money, you have everything.,Pretty woman,Luxurious residence,Luxurious dance,This is the whole life,Belief、Good and evil、dream、Struggle, etc.。Fitzgerald is writing this everything,In fact, it is also writing yourself.。As《the great Gatsby》Narrative Nick Nick:“I am in it.,Be outside,Evervitations of life in life,At the same time, I feel dislike。”

Actually,Fitzgerar is not clear,Imagree love for women and money is just an absurd illusion,But he is not going to change,This is like a person who is kneeling in front of the father.,While confession,While continuing。So he arranged a tragic end to Gatesby in the work.,This end is of course the result of blindly loving money and women.。

And Fitzgerad is like Gatsby,See the success of the pursuing woman as a symbol of his status and personal dignity。Woman is his dream,He is willing to get money and social status at all costs.,Just to win a woman's heart。And those beautiful and soft vanity women,It is a parasite with a man.,It is even more evil source,It is because women continue to expand substance pursuit leading to the exhaustion of men.,So he loves women and hates,This is also the attitude towards women at the time.。

In such a large environment,Gatsby“Love dream”,Daisy“Money dream”,In that confusion,Inevitable。

Gatsby low slim born and rich enemy wealth

Gatesbi's parents are the poor people in the next society.,I have read a very small when Gats is still very small.《Cowboys Cassi》book of,This book is very touched by him.,So he wrote his own struggle in the last page of the book.,He wants to make self-improvement through efforts,Become a useful talent,And strictly demand themselves in all aspects,Study hard。

But at the time,Gatsby does not know what is success,until17Year old,He saw the Dan, the development of the Western Golden Mine.·Lili's luxury yacht,This has the goal of struggle。then,The first step in him is to get rid of humble identity.,Put your name“James·Gats”Change to“Jay·Gatsby”,It is said that this name is English.“Jesus,God's child”Pronunciation variant。

then,God's son Gates is re-designed with their dreams.。In the army,Gatsby became a young officer,Know the daisy,His dreams finally concrete。

Daisy is beautiful,She Mingmang,Managed,Distributed like orchids。“Her face is sad,But beautiful,Have a pair of bright eyes and a bright and enthusiastic mouth,But there is a special passion in her voice.,Make everything that loves is unforgettable。”She fell in love with the poor little Gatsby with a thousand gold.,It is enough to explain Daisy at the time or a simple cute girl.。But because you have to participate in a battle,Gats comparable to Daisy Separation,result,Under the temptation of money status,Daisy did not wait for Gatsby Triumph,Instead, marry the waist wandering Tom。

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After married,Daisy becomes more and more love and status,It became a greedy、Worshiping female。However, the material life did not bring happiness to her.,Tom has traveled again,And the heart of Daisy is extremely empty,No matter all day,So she wants to shout loudly:“What are we doing in the afternoon??There is also tomorrow,There is also the next 30 years.?”

(gatsby website development)However, in the mind of Gatsby,Daisy is always the innocent pure girl,When they love it, they will always stay in his mind.。He remembers going to the front line in his own,Gates is no longer the affection of the officers.,I also know that Daisy is holding a wedding with Tom.,After receiving the letter to Gatsby, I want to put the escaricine pearl necklace to Tom.。This makes Gates believe that Daisy must love yourself.,So even if Daisy is married,He also wants to take her back.。

Although the source of our wealth,Gates has a set of words with yourself,But people will believe this will,People who have the upper class will hide him outside.,They drink his wine while drinking,Which is whispering him,However, this does not affect Gatsby's“amazing”image of。He relies on smart mind,Looking for a hole in drilling,Quickly accumulates that others may have a huge wealth that can be achieved in a few days.,Started a poor luxurious life and carnival enjoyment。

despite this,Gatsby or inferiority。In order to let others recognize his wealth and status,He gives yourself a background of the Exlace University.,Also integrate with the official,However, all this is only just a broken bubble.。When his identity is exposed to Tom,Daisy stunned,Then I don't care about him.,It's really a part of Tom to marry a car accident to Gatsby.,The tragedy caused by Gatsby by Wilson。

Gatsby's love is shattered。His tragedy is the epitome of many people,They all fall in the process of finding dreams.,Falling through the body,Defective。

Determine the dream and unexpected death

Gatsby used half-life to pursue an illusory dream,This dream is metaphor in the novel.。

The beginning of the novel wrote green light on the pier。There is a saying that,If you see green light on the sky,On behalf of the lucky coming。In the novel,Green light symbolizes a beautiful love,Gatsby regards this green light as a beautiful Daisy,Whenever you see the green light of the pier on the shore,Gatsby far on the other side will extend your arms,As if you want to embrace this green light。This is the romantic emotion in Gatsby,He advances in this green light,In order to pursue this period of destined love。

In order to accumulate wealth,What is the effort and cost of Gatsby?,This is not known,But after he succeeded,Just place your home to the opposite of Daisy's home,Just to see the light on the sill on the sill of the west。In order to attract Daisy,He is a banquet in the villa,People who come to the carnival are not Gatsby invitation.,They don't even know who the owner here is,Just in order to live in this free banquet。Gatsby,The mysterious rich in this guest,His purpose is just one day and beloved.。But Daisy?She wants to do the Mrs. I am going to do.,I don't want to let go of Gatsby's love。finally,Gates is still lost to Tom,After the death of Daisy,Planted with Tom to Gatsby。

Until Gatsby dead,His dreams are not realized,He made good farewell gestures becomes a classic picture,His dreams of his dreams。

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exist《the great Gatsby》middle,The author sets two major suspense in the narrative:One is the identity of Gatsby,The second is the death of Gatsby。

It is very late as the Gates of the novel owner.,Before this,People have obtained aware of him through other people's discussions.,No one said that his identity and origin,With the advancement of the story,His mysterious outline is full of fullness。And when he died,It is only the gunshots where the next day, the next day after the car accident.,It is found that Gats is harmed in the pool in the home.,At the same time, Wilson's body was discovered in the nearby grass.,As for Gates, how is it??Why did Wilson's body appear in the grass of the product?These mysters were slowly announced until two years.。

(gatsby website development)Gatsby is poor。He loves Daishi,Create a gold palace and lively party,He is so sincere,So Nick after the first time I saw him,Evaluate:“This smile is extremely rare,With an extremely reliable feeling,Maybe you can only touch up to four or five in your life.。One instant this smile seems to face the entire eternal world,, However,It condenses to you,Exhibited an irresistible preference for you。”Even if it is a black society of the evil society Wolf·Sam talks about Gatsby,Also evaluated:“He is the kind of you are willing to bring him home.,Introduction to your mother and sister。”

However, he also has a fatal mistake.,For example, you are born,He lies“I am the rich family of the Midwest.,—The family passed away.。I grew up in the United States,In the UK Oxford,Because my ancestors are all educated for many years.,This is the tradition of the family。”

Gatsby is such a contradiction,He has ambitions and dreams,But because of that simple infatuation,Leading dreams are ruthlessly destroyed,Dead became his best home。Funeral,Heaven is a rainy rain,in the West,The rain on the funeral, it means flourishing the crime before,In exchange for the hope of rebirth and return to the paradise。

Washing in the rain,Gatsby returns to the earth,Integrate into nature。


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