online website development


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(online website development)

A website is:1、domain name,2、Virtual host(server)3、Website program,Three parts composition,so:

online website development

Website development

1、register(Buy)A domain name

for example,Can:www.df8s.comRegister(Buy)A domain name,About dozens of money。

2、Buy a virtual host(server)

for example,Can:www.df8s.comGo to buy one,Prices are about hundreds of dollars,Expensive,Can go to search for cheap。

3、Download a website program

Free,Also charge(Dozens to hundreds),Such as,Can:www.df81.comgo download。

4、First3Step downloaded website program,Explanation with the installation site,Follow the steps to upload the website program to the virtual host(server),Bind domain name,Not operate,Please contact the server provider or website program provider free help。

5、According to No.1Steps buy domain name,Go to parse the domain name to the virtual host(server),Not operate,Please contact domain name provider operation。

online website development

Website building

Because this article is targeted0Basic construction website,so,There are some nouns in the middle、Steps,You can Baidu yourself,for example,Maybe thereftp、Database, etc.,Don't take care first,First according to this5step,Build a website。I understand the principle of website,Go to study in depth。

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