entry level website developer jobs


(entry level website developer jobs)

·System analyst/Architect

(entry level website developer jobs)·System integration engineer

(entry level website developer jobs)·system engineer

(entry level website developer jobs)·Demand engineer

·System test


·Internet software development engineer

(entry level website developer jobs)·Website architecture design

·Website maintenance/manage

·website/product planning

(entry level website developer jobs)·Website operation manager/director

·Web Design/Make/Art

·Website editor

(entry level website developer jobs)■ System analyst/Architect

Job description:
1、Responsible for system and related product requirements analysis and architecture design;
2、The overall system of products is responsible for the overall system,Responsible for system security design for products,Development and related design documentation;
3、Technical analysis of relevant requests,Responsible for developing related technical solutions;
4、Participation in design and implementation specifications,Guide design、Implementation and deployment;
5、Technical decision-making with project manager,Technical risk assessment;
6、Responsible for technical guidance on the software development team。

(entry level website developer jobs)Qualifications:
1、Software engineering、Software development related professional undergraduate and above;
2、3Year of work experience,Independent bear2Software project system analysis and architecture design experience,Successful case、Large system software architecture design experience priority;
3、Master software engineering theory,Exquisite at least one software engineering method,Strong systematic analysis capabilities;
4、familiar.netandJAVAArchitecture,Open source framework;
5、proficientOracle,sqlServerApplication of the database,Large-scaleMISSystem build experience,Have related application development experience and database planning capabilities;
6、Understand the latest technology and development trend,Abbrevite,How to measure how to measure the pros and cons of various design methods,Know the constraints of balance various development limitations;
7、Extreme document writing skills,Good English reading ability;
8、Logic analysis capabilities、Strong learning ability and innovation ability,Team player,Good language expression and communication skills。

■ System integration engineer

Job description:
1、Design and planning of system integration projects,And implementation plan;
2、System integration project organizational management and project implementation;
3、Product performance、Optimization and improvement of operation and maintenance system;
4、Discover product problems,Propose an excellent solution;
5、Solve integrated technology,Survey and excavation customer needs,Proposed a targeted solution;
6、Develop a textbook、Project plan、Industry technical documentation;
7、Responsible for organizational and technical work in the process of bidding。

(entry level website developer jobs)Qualifications:
1、computer、Electronic undergraduate degree;
2、There is more than one year related work experience;
3、Skilled configuration switch、router、server、Network service, etc.;
4、Understand related development language,Database and operating system knowledge;
5、Good technical documentation capability,Good English communication skills;
6、Strong expressive ability and communication skills with customers,Good analysis problem and actual hands-on ability,Good learning and innovation;
7、conscientious,Dedication、spirit of teamwork,Can often travel often。

■ system engineer

(entry level website developer jobs)Job description:
1、Can independently complete the design and production of system solutions and responsible for programs,Network scheme、IPplanning、Device selection and other specific work,The feasibility of research project construction;
2、Be responsible for guiding and implementing the implementation and management of system integration projects;
3、Maintaining the stable operation of the company's project customer computer system,ItPC, OAequipment,local area network、Wan、Management and other facilities;
4、Provide customers withITSoftware and software services and support。

(entry level website developer jobs)Qualifications:
1、Communicate、Computer and other related majors and above,2More than the above related work experience, Foreign business experience is preferred;
2、Practical experience with good system integration,Solution、Technical program writing ability;
3、Proficiency、switch、Router and storage、Backup system、Planning of network security products、Configuration and debugging;
4、Good communication、Writing ability,Have strong customer service awareness and team spirit;
5、One of the following certificates,CCNP/HCSE/MCSE/CISPCertificate/Information system supervision engineer certification or information system project management certificate is preferred。

■ Demand engineer

Job description:
1、According to product planning or project requirements,Develop demand research,Complete research report and demand specifications;
2、Consulting development engineers、guide、Explain business needs,Report system function to users;
3、Squiring and analyzing customer needs,Summary and implementation of its classification,Propose requirements analysis report and implementation plan requirements;
4、Participate in the entire product development process,Responsible for demand development and tracking,Control and management of demand changes,To ensure the correct positioning of the final product with the development test team;
5、Guidance test engineer based on test needs,Form a test environment。

1、Bachelor degree or above in computer or communication related majors,Graduation4Year-old,Graduation1Year-old;
2、More than two years of end software development work experience;
3、Has strong communication skills,Logical thinking ability and documentation ability;
4、Master the demand analysis method,Familiar with demand management and research and development process management,Have better development experience;
5、Strong sense of responsibility and team spirit,Can afford work pressure;
6、Software requirements for large management system software with e-government, preferred。

■ System test

Job description:
1、Independent system characteristic test plan and test case design and implementation,Volume write test report andBugTrack;
2、Take on the research and development of system test tools;
3、Assist in solving problems encountered in market applications;
4、Various evaluation sections participating in the product;
5、Evaluation analysis of third-party products;
6、Other tests related to departmental arrangements。

1、Communicate、electronic、Bachelor degree or above in computer and related majors,2More than two years of communication industry work experience;
2、Familiar with router,switch,Safety,Principle of data communication products such as voice,System test work experience with related products;
3、Familiar with software and system test principle/method,Proficiency in various test instruments,Such assmartbitsixiaWait;
4、Have strong learning ability and analytical capabilities,Have better English reading ability;
5、Have a good team spirit、Strict working attitude and good communication skills。

(entry level website developer jobs)■ UIDesigner/engineer

Job description:
1、Responsible for company software interface design work;
2、Responsible for the page style operation flow of the company software from the visual and operational level , Design of page content、Develop、And maintenance;
3、Responsible product propaganda、manual、Art design work of various types of accessories;
4、Combined with the user experience,Optimize and improve design processes,High quality completion product design。

1、Two years and above complete portal、Topic page design experience;
2、Bachelor degree or above,Computer or art design related majors;
3、Skilled useDreamweaver、Photoshop、Illustrator、flashRelated software;
4、Have better communication skills and logical thinking,Have a good team spirit;
5、conscientious、Can withstand certain work pressure。

■ Internet software development engineer

Job description:
1、Responsible for company website development and maintenance;
2、Responsible for implementation of the website,test;
3、Maintenance and upgrade of existing websites;
4、Responsible for solving technical problems during development;
5、Responsible website development documentation。

(entry level website developer jobs)Qualifications:
1、Computer and related majors,University undergraduate degree or above;
2、more than a yearwebDevelopment experience ;proficientHTML/XML、JavaScript、CSS、JSP、JavaLanguage andSQL;
3、Can independently complete large website architecture design and implementation;
4、familiarWeb Service、AJAXEtiquette;
5、To understandingPhotoshop、 Flash、DreamweaverWait for software,To understandingSQLorORACLEAnd other databases;
6、Have good communication skills and team spirit。

■ Website architecture design
No,If you have the position“Job description”or“Qualifications”Professional understanding and cognition,Welcome to contact us。

■ Website maintenance/manage

(entry level website developer jobs)Job description:
1、Responsible for the daily maintenance of the website,Guarantee the security of the website,Maintenance related tools;
2、Independently conduct necessary programming work,Continuously improve the function and reliability of tools;
3、Participate in the structure of cooperative websites、content,Design and responsible for its implementation and post-maintenance。

(entry level website developer jobs)Qualifications:
1、Computer and related majors,above Bachelor degree;
2、With more than two years related work experience,Independent developmentwebProject work experience;
3、haveInternetApplication programming experience,Familiar with related software,Can modify and maintain background management procedures;
4、quick thinking,Rich imagination,Good spiritual and soap;
5、Work hard、carefulness,Strong sense of responsibility and good communication skills。

■ website/product planning

Job description:
1、Responsible for the overall style design of the website、Column planning work;
2、Responsible for website positioning,Develop a website construction plan;
3、Responsible for the content management and special feature of the company website;
4、Responsible for analyzing customer needs,Adjust the website construction of the website according to the requirements;
5、Responsible for coordinating company departments,monitor、Urges the content of the website to update and improve the content of the website;
6、Responsible for website structure optimization research and implementation;
7、Responsible for the planning and implementation of website large activities;
8、Responsible for content promotion and promotion of various products;
9、Responsible for content product cooperation planning and development management。

1、Bachelor degree or above,Branding、marketing、Advertising、Computer and other related majors;
2、Familiar with the Internet,Familiar with the operation and revenue model of the website;
3、Have an internet、news media、Network company and successful project planning case preferred;
4、Experience with rich website operations,Always engaged in overall operations of large websites;
5、Familiar with network operation mode,Very strong leadership;
6、Excellent coordination、Planning ability,Textwork;
7、Very strong team spirit, Can withstand certain work pressure。

■ Website operation manager/director

(entry level website developer jobs)Job description:
1、Responsible for large portals、Overall planning and marketing of industry websites;
2、Responsible for overall development plan,Clear positioning target,Implementation of development strategy;
3、Can lead the team to do a good job in the operation of the website with other departments、Operation and maintenance;
4、Analyze and grasp the user needs,Adjust the construction of column,monitor、Urges the content of the website to update and improve the content of the website;
5、Responsible for the brand building and technical solutions in various business cooperation、Embodiment;
6、Responsible for the overall operation of the website,Ensure the smooth development of the website。

(entry level website developer jobs)Qualifications:
1、University undergraduate and above,2Experience in the management of relevant information on the website;
2、Abundant website operation experience,Always engaged in overall operations of large websites,Team management success experience is preferred;
3、meticulous、Patient work attitude,Good communication skills and organizational coordination,Passionate and creativity;
4、Understand the development and key operations and operations of the training industry;
5、Have a strong sense of responsibility and the spirit of teamwork。

■ Web Design/Make/Art

Job description:
1、Design work in website design and operation maintenance;
2、WebsiteFLASHandGIFAnimation design;
3、Video processing and title animation involved in website development。

1、Acquisitional or above with art design or art;
2、With more than three years of website design work experience;
3、Engaged in the design of large portals or professional websites;
4、Comprehensive proficiency applicationPhotoshop、Flash、Illustrator、CorelDrawSoftware ability;
5、High planar design expressions and creativity;
6、Have strong network animation advertising design capabilities。

■ Website editor

Job description:
1、Responsible website related column/Channel information collection、edit、Trial and other work;
2、Complete the planning and daily update and maintenance of information content;
3、Write a website propaganda information and related product information;
4、collect、Research and processing network readers' opinions and feedback;
5、Team with responsible editorial organization planning promotion activities,And participate in the implementation;
6、Assist in completing the development plan of channel management and columns,Promote the improvement of the findings of the website;
7、Strengthen communication and cooperation with internal relevant departments and organizations。

1、edit、publishing、news、Chinese and other related professional college degree or above;
2、Experience in the field of media editing;
3、Skilled operations common web software and web search tools,Understand website development、Related knowledge of operation and maintenance;
4、Good writing skills,Strong website special planning and information editing capability;
5、Higher professionalism、Professional spirit and team spirit,Be good at communicating。



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