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China Net Finance7moon12Day message According to the website of the agricultural rural part,The Department of Agricultural Rural Areas issued guidance on accelerating the social services of agriculture。Details are as follows:

Agricultural Rural Department on accelerating the development of agricultural social services

(ministry of local government and rural development website)Agriculture〔2021〕2No

Party's 19th National Plenary Session,Improve agricultural professional social service system,Develop a variety of forms of moderate scale,Implement small farmers and modern agriculture。In recent years,Promoting the guidance of various departments at all levels,Agricultural social service continues to explore innovation、Flourish,Consolidate the basic business system of rural areas、Guarantee food security and important agricultural products、Promoting agricultural stability and development。But compared with the requirements of accelerating the modernization of agriculture,Agricultural social services are also facing industrial scale、Unobstructed、Unwelling、Quality is not high、Guided support is not enough,Urgent need to speed up,Continuous improvement of service capabilities and level,Further lead the small farmers enter the modern agricultural development track。to this end,Save the following opinions。


Develop agricultural social services,It is the basic pathway and main mechanism for realizing the organic connection of small farmers and modern agriculture.,It is the enthusiasm of stimulating farmers production、Important management of agricultural productivity,Has become a modern agricultural business system、Transforming agricultural development、Accelerate a major strategic initiative to promote agricultural modernization。

(ministry of local government and rural development website)(one)Developing agricultural social services is an inevitable choice for realizing modern agricultural modernization。Great country, young farmers are basic national affairs,One acre three degrees、Households but ten acres of small farmers production methods,It is the basic reality that my country's agricultural development needs long-term face.。This determines that my country is impossible to pass the land to engage in large-scale business operations in the short term.,It is impossible to take some national input high costs.、Every household facilities have a small and full road。current,Most realistic、The most effective way is to develop agricultural services,Putting advanced varieties、Technology、Modern production factors such as equipment and organizations are effectively introduced into small farmers production,Help small farmers solve a family can't do it.、Do not do it well、Do things that don't cost it,Enrich and improve the connotation of rural double-layer business system,Promote the opportunity of small farmers and modern agriculture,Promote the specialization of agricultural production process、standardization、intensification,Agricultural modernization。

(two)Developing agricultural social services is an important measure to ensure effective supply of national food security and important agricultural products。As agricultural production costs continue to rise,Comparison of important agricultural products such as food is getting lower and lower,Leading to agricultural production,Guarantee the effective supply of national food security and important agricultural products facing severe challenges。From the current situation,lower the cost、The increase benefits are supplied、Key to secure。Develop agricultural social services,Centralized procurement of production materials through service subject,Can lower agricultural material costs;Unified mechanical operation,Can improve agricultural production efficiency;Integrated application advanced technology,Standardized production,Can enhance quality and production of agricultural products,Improve quality excellent price,Agricultural social services have become the promotion of agricultural festival、The most powerful measures of farmers increase production。

(three)Developing agricultural social services is an effective form of promoting high quality development of agriculture。Compared with the requirements of high quality development of agriculture,my country's agriculture facing fertilizer pesticides、Low utilization rate,Technology equipment popularization、Application is not sufficient,Agricultural product variety、Non-quality,And the low level of management of farmers,Emperor needs to use modern science technology、Material equipment、Industrial system、Transformation and enhance agriculture。practice shows that,Agricultural social service process,Is the process of promoting application advanced technology equipment,It is the process of improving the structure and quality of resource elements,Is to promote agricultural standardization production、Square operation,It is also the process of improving the level of organization of farmers.,Helps to transform agricultural development,Promote an upgrade of agricultural transformation,Implement quality、Green and high quality development。

(ministry of local government and rural development website)two、total requirements

(one)guiding ideology。Guided by the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era,Fully implement the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and 19th、III、Fourth、Five Plenary,In-depth implementation of new development philosophy,To promote the theme of high quality development of agriculture,Main line to promote the structural reform of agricultural supply,Treume to cultivate agricultural service industry strategic big industries,Focus on focusing agricultural production weak links and serving small farmers,According to guide、promote、Support、Alimentarius,Vigorously cultivate service main body,Active innovation service mechanism,Focus on service area,Accelerate the promotion of resource integration,Gradually improve support policy,Development diversity、Multilevel、Multi-type agricultural services,Rapid development of service-driven scale operations,Leading the specialization of agricultural production and operation、standardization、Integration and green,Promote the opportunity of small farmers and modern agriculture,To fully promote the revitalization of rural villages、Accelerate the modernization of agricultural rural modernization。

(two)Development ideas

(ministry of local government and rural development website)——Adhere to market-oriented。Give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation,Capital、Technology、Production factors such as talents set up to agricultural social service,Promoting service supply and demand effectively docking。At the same time play a good government role,Intensify、support、Guide service subject development,Strengthen industry management,Standardize service behavior,Optimize market environment,Promote the healthy development of the industry。

——Focus on serving small farmers。Taking service small farmers as the fundamental,Leading small farmers into modern agricultural development tracks as the main goal of developing agricultural social services,Putting service small farmers as policy support,Focus on solving small farmers production modernization problems,Promoting the income of farmers。

(ministry of local government and rural development website)——Encourage exploration innovation。Promote agricultural social service content、Service methods and service methods innovation,Promote informationization、Intelligent integration with agricultural services,Encourage new technology、New equipment、New mode promotion application,Promote the upgrade of agricultural social service。

——Guide resource sharing。Share concept、Innovative mechanism、Information-based means,Integrate stock resources in width、Various elements,Realize sharing utilization、Efficiency improvement。Promote all kinds of service subjects through joint cooperation、Organization reconstruction and mode innovation, etc.,Promoting function complement、Form together。

(three)development Goals。Strive5—10Annual effort,Agricultural social service specialization、Informatization、Marketing level is significantly improved,The support function of modern agriculture and the use of agricultural roots,Basically form a reasonable organizational structure、High professional level、Strong service capacity、Service behavior、Agricultural social service system covered by the whole industry chain,Make the agricultural service industry develop into elements set、Multiple main body、Efficient mechanism、Complete system、Modern agricultural industry with certain scale and competitiveness,Better leading small farmers and agricultural modernization。

three、main mission

(one)Promote common development。Various professional companies that provide agricultural social services、Farmer cooperative、Supply and marketing cooperative、Rural collective economic organization、Service professional household subjects,Advantage、Director,To drive each other、Develop together。To make professional service companies and service farmers cooperatives as social services backbone strength,Promote its specialization、Scale,Continuously enhance service capabilities,Expanding service radius。It is necessary to use rural collective economic organizations to organize small farmers to accept social services.,Give full play to their strengths。To take service professional as an important supplement,Give it close to small farmers、Service small farmers' advantages,Make up the shortcomings of other service subjects。To play a supply、Farmland、Postal system advantage,Focus on the service mechanism,Constantly enhanced as agricultural service capabilities。at the same time,To encourage all kinds of service subjects to fund、Technology、Service and other elements are the link,Strengthen joint cooperation,Promote fusion development。Promote the main body and bank、insurance、Depth cooperation in postal institutions,Implementation、Mutual benefit。

(ministry of local government and rural development website)(two)Expanding services。Adhere to demand orientation,Focus on important agricultural products, such as coriette, etc.,Key weak links for focus production,Increase the guidance support for social services,Support for ensuring food security and important agricultural products。on the basis of,Guide the service subject to actively open new service areas,Explore the effective way to carry out social services,Promote service from large crops such as grain and utensils to fruit and vegetable tea and other economic crops,Promote the field of planting industry to a farm industry,From production、Supporting services such as postpartum and other links and financial insurance,Constantly enhance the coverage and support of social services on agricultural whole-industrial chains and industries in agricultural and forestry and fishing。

(three)Innovation service mechanism。Encourage service subject to actively innovate service model and organizational form,Vigorously develop multi-level、Multi-type specialized service。It is necessary to put agricultural production management as a promotion of agricultural services.、Important way to develop services to drive type,Development single link due to local conditions、Multi-link、Full production hosted service model,Effectively meet diverse service needs。Vigorously promote effective“Service body+Rural collective economic organization+Farmer”“Service body+Various new types of business mains+Farmer”Original form,Promote the close links of each subject,Form a sharing、Risk sharing。Promote agricultural enterprises、Agricultural technology company、All kinds of agricultural organizations such as Internet platforms extend to the agricultural service industry,take“Agricultural+Serve”“Technology+Serve”“the Internet+Serve”Equal way,Promote technological combination、Combination of skills,Implement business development、Innovative development。

(Four)Promote resource integration。To share according to resource、Request the requirements,Put the disk live storage facility、equipment、Technology、Talent and various subjects as the focus,Explore the construction of a variety of agricultural comprehensive service centers,Food around the agricultural whole industry chain,Provide agglomeration supplies、Technical integration、Agricultural machinery、Warehouse Logistics、Agricultural production and operation integrated solutions such as agricultural product marketing services,Cracking the body of agricultural production can't do、Do a bad communique,Achieve greater range of service resources integration、Supply and demand effectively docking,Promoting the resource set、Save and efficient use。Accelerate the pilot and comprehensive application of China 's agricultural social service platform,Continuous improvement platform function,Gradually introduce bank、insurance、Guarantee and other institutions,Wire-offline next-stop、Convenient service。

(Fives)Improve technology level。Give full play to agricultural social services in integrated promotion and application green quality new varieties、An important role in advanced applicable technology and modern material equipment,Promoting service and technology depth fusion,Focus on the landing of agricultural science“Last kilometer”question。Encourage service subject to make full use of the Internet、Big Data、cloud computing、Block chain、Information technology and means such as artificial intelligence,Promotion application remote sensing、Aerial photography、GPS、Mature intelligent equipment and data platforms such as video surveillance,Process of agriculture and animal husbandry、Production Environment、Precision monitoring,Enhance the informationization of agriculture、Intelligent level。Encourage service subjects and colleges and universities、vocational school、Research Institute and other strengthening cooperation,Launch a major key technology and equipment development in service industries,Solve the technology that the service body is generally facing、equipment、Talents, etc.。

(six)Strengthening industry guidance。Encourage relevant departments、Service body、Industry Association, etc.,Research and formulate local actual service standards and service specifications,Strengthen service process guidance and service effect assessment。Strengthen service price monitoring,Prevent price fraud and monopoly。Strengthen service contract supervision,Promotion using demonstration text,Standardize service behavior,Guarantee farmers' rights。Encourage local establishment of service sales list,Strengthen dynamic monitoring,Promote service subject credit records in the national credit information sharing platform。Encourage the establishment of a national or regional agricultural social service industry association、Industry Alliance, etc.,Give、Service member、Integration of resources、Self-disciplined normative function。

Four、Work requirements

(one)Strengthen organization leadership。All localities must fully understand the importance of accelerating the development of agricultural services,One of the main direction of promoting the modernization of agricultural rural modernization,Pandard an important agenda。To strengthen classification guidance,According to the actual situation of the actual situation, it is important to determine the focus of agricultural social service.、Organization,Improve working mechanism,Refining work measures,Promote orderly development。Strengthen and change、financial、Taxation、Communication and coordination of relevant departments including silver insurance regulations,Strive for policy support,Form a working force。To innovate work method,Wide mobilization social power,Co-promotion of high quality development of agricultural social services in the region。

(ministry of local government and rural development website)(two)Strengthen pilot demonstration。Creation around the policy、Subject cultivation、Industry management、Project implementation,Carry out agricultural social service innovation pilot,Create a group of innovative bases,Cultivate a batch of innovative subjects,Form a batch of innovative modes,Play the demonstration lead。Timely summarize typical cases and experience practices,Learn、Can copy、Easy to promote,Select a group of agricultural social services typical samples,From point to area、Demonstration promotion。

(ministry of local government and rural development website)(three)Strengthen policy support。Increase financial support,Implement a new agricultural production social service support policy,Strengthen performance evaluation,Ensure the implementation。Implement the agricultural machinery、irrigation and drainage、Pest Control、plant protection、Agriculture and Husbandry Insurance and related technical training business exempt from tax extension policies。Strengthen financial innovation,Research broadening includes service orders、Agricultural policy、Increases measures and arrivals in agricultural facilities(quality)Deposit,Encourage financial products that support agricultural production hosted,Promote all kinds of agricultural service platforms and financial institutions、Government financing guarantee institutions strengthen information and data interconnection。Promoting policy insurance and commercial insurance in agricultural social services,Explore safety insurance insurance insurance、Farm service quality insurance, etc.。Implementing a facility agricultural land policy,Effectively safeguard the reasonable land demand for service subjects。

(Four)Strengthen basic work。Strengthening major problems,Improve statistical survey、Monitoring and analysis system,Master development dynamics in time,Research solutions。Organize multi-level、Multi-form training,Policies、Project implementation、Management、Information technology and other content,Improve agricultural social service work department、The ability of the majority of service subjects and practitioners。Make full use of broadcasts、television、Newspapers and internet access channels,zone division、Different publicity promotion activities,Creating a good atmosphere for the development of agricultural services。

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