example risk management plan for website development


2019year12moon,I have participated in the construction of a regional information project management platform project in a city.。Because I have rich experience in project management,So I am fortunate that the project manager designated as the project is。Investment500Ten thousand yuan,Cycle8Month,The project is based on the existing collaborative office platform.,Project declarations in the construction of informationized projects in the district、Project bidding、Project implementation、Project Acceptance、All-process management of project results,At the same time, relevant personnel of party and government informatization、Asset resources、Daily maintenance、Daily work such as transaction processing for electronic management。Realized the information about the region、Informatization assets(Including various information resources)、Informatization operation、The whole process management of various services during system operation and maintenance。

(example risk management plan for website development)The project covers information management subsystems、Information resource management subsystem、Information transaction management subsystem、Information operation and maintenance management subsystem, etc.4Large seed system。Since this system is limited to application this area government agency,So the system is based onB/SandC/SMixed architecture;Server is stored in the district government center machine room,Other government agencies adopt a private network connection,This platform is adoptedJAVADevelopment language,Server adoptionIBM power 720type,Application server operating systemWindows Server 2008,Database adoptionOracle 11g,The database server operating system isAIX 5L,Adoption during managementRational Rose 2003conductUMLModel,use simultaneouslyVS2010Self-contained team manager(TFS)As a project configuration management tool。

The project is characterized by the project cycle.,Large scale,Project officer constitutes complex。Therefore, project risk management is especially important.。I am based on the company's organizational process assets and project requirements,Strictly manage the risk of the project in strict accordance with the company's project management regulations,Especially in the following aspects:

(example risk management plan for website development)one、 Planning risk management

Risk management plan is the process of defining how to implement risk management activities,It ensures risk management、Type and visibility,Can also arrange sufficient resources and time for risk management activities,And lay a joint recognition foundation for assessment risks。In the early stage of the project,We combine this project scope manual、internal、External environmental characteristics and the implementation of the company's previous projects,Organize relevant personnel to use the meeting's methods to collect information to develop risk plans,Plan mainly includes methodology、Role and responsibilities、budget、Risk source and classification、Risk analysis and monitoring report format、Risk monitoring tracking mechanism and other content。

two、 Risk Identification

(example risk management plan for website development)Risk identification is to determine which risk will affect the project,And record its characteristics in writing。The risk recognition process is a repeated process。during this process,We use the cost management plan、Progress management plan、Quality management plan、Human Resource Management Plan、Range benchmark, etc.,Organizational project team members and experts use brainstorming conferences and expert judgment technology,The meeting according to the actual situation of the project,Put the risk in the project into demand risks、Technical risk、Team risk、External risks four categories,The risk decomposition structure is used to list known risks.。By risk identification,Squiring the main risks that may happen at all stages of the project40Remainder,I also organized new risks that occurred in project team identification projects per week weekly.。After identifying the above risks,We also determine the basic characteristics of these risks,Main factors that cause these risks,And may affect the project,Form a detailed risk list。

(example risk management plan for website development)three、 Qualitative risk analysis

In the qualitative risk analysis phase,We have a qualitative risk analysis of each risk identified and focused.,At the same time, it also analyzes the possible impact of this risk on the project.,Including progress、Influence of cost and quality, etc.。during this process,We use the way of discussions discussed.,Especially invite industry and technical experts to participate in our risk analysis,Improve the accuracy of the results。In the actual implementation of the project,We analyze risks to project progress、Influence of quality and cost,Getting risk effects is five levels,Be“very low”、“Low”、“middle”、“high”、“very high”。We have qualitatively analyze the probability and impact of each risk through expert judgment.,The probability and influence of the probability and influence matrix of the risk are subject to priority.,Through analysis, we believe that the risk and technical risk of demand is high.,Need to perform the next analysis,Team risks and external risks are in low priority into the list of observations。

(example risk management plan for website development)Four、 Quantitative risk analysis

Question after qualitative analysis of known risks,We also have quantitative analysis,Analyze the impact of various risks on project objectives。During this process,We use the method of expert judgment,Organize project members to demand、High priority risks such as technical risk、neutral、Pessimistic estimate,After summing three valuesPERTTechnology,Triangle probability distribution,Analysis of the specific quantization indicators of high priority risks。At the same time, use the data of our company's historical project.,Used to assist assessment。Risk after quantitative analysis,Updated a risk register。

Fives、 Develop a risk response plan

(example risk management plan for website development)Risk response plans are qualitative、Analysis of the risk register updated after quantification analysis,Further determined which of the project is favorable,What is unfavorable?,Targeted、Feasive risk response measures。E.g,Demand risk,The countermeasures we have developed are fully communicated with the customer-related party.,Prototyping method development method,Get project requirements in detail,And after forming a detailed demand manual, sign confirmation by the customer,The changes in the implementation are strictly performed in accordance with the change process.,Avoid happening。Other types of project risks have also formulated a countermeasure。

six、 Risk monitoring

Risk monitoring is performing risk response measures,And continuously supervise project risks to discover new risks and changes。For the recognized risks,I will choose the risk of the corresponding phase in the project milestone.,Make a new risk register,And will know people、Risk responsible、Risk response measures are written in the risk register,I also passed the project.、Performance report、Turning interviews and other changes in risks,Assist project members correctly handle risks。

After our team's unremitting efforts,Last8Month。This project finally2020year8moon,Through the acceptance of customer organization,Got the praise from customers。The success of this project has benefited from the risk management of my success.,Two points:First, the more the risk identification is,The earliest, the better the effect;Second, it must be strictly carried out in accordance with planning and processes to carry out risk supervision and control.,This will be better。But there are still some shortcomings in project risk management work.,We are still not high in quantization of risks.,It is expected that the negative impact on some risks gives the project is expected.。In subsequent work,I will constantly study,Gradually improve your own project management,Strive to make your own contribution to my country's information construction。