how to develop audio streaming website


(how to develop audio streaming website)BigGood home,I am Carbie,Is an NAS Old company in the field。

I used to be responsible NAS A small series of sectors,I am fortunate to have a lot of brands. NAS,Including Zunhui、Wen Unicom、ASUS、Iron Wema Drobo Wait。

(how to develop audio streaming website)I will always outputNASDry goods,Code is not easy,I hope everyone will give a collection.、focus on!


A pseudoHIFIFooker,The author will pay attention to this field.。Recently,Belkin issued a one and DiwarelSOUNDFORM EliteSmart speaker,The author will purchase the family audio and video environment in the first time.,In order to hear a more perfect sound quality experience,The author has studied againNASGame onHIFImusic,I hope everyone can like this.ROONUse tutorial。


(how to develop audio streaming website)1、ROONServer deployment tutorial

2、How to access the Internet accessROONTutorial

3、Belkin&DiwarelSOUNDFORM EliteSmart speaker experience

4、ROONServer considerations(Very important)

5、Best groupROONserver NAS Model recommended

(how to develop audio streaming website)6、Summarize


a lot ofHIFIPlayers have experiencedCDDigital transformation,When it goes to the digital,It will find that the storage of these music is getting bigger and bigger.,At this time, try all kinds of storage methods.,FinallyNASProbably playingHIFIBest storage selection。When there is a storage device,How to use streaming,More than the gameplay is available at this time.,for exampleAmarra、JRiver、ROON、HQPlayeretc,This author introduces oneROONUsage。

how to develop audio streaming website

Official introduction:

use Roon,You will re-discover the old favorite and find your favorite new music。Explore the music world while listening,Tailored according to your taste。

(how to develop audio streaming website)Let yourself immerse yourself in photos、Personal profile、Comment、Producer list、lyrics、Tour dates, etc.……

(how to develop audio streaming website)Starting from your familiar music,Then let Roon Be with TIDAL and Qobuz Millions of high resolution tracks provided

Personal opinion:

(how to develop audio streaming website)BeHIFIIt is best to use the most expensive player in the field.,In my opinionROONIn fact, it is a streaming media music management tool.,It has a powerful database and file finishing logic,And pathways for managing music play,Very easy to use!Next,The author will explain how this software isNASDeploy and multi-platform。

ROONServer deployment

first,We need to be in WeirongNASApplication storeRoon Serverapplication,And download。

how to develop audio streaming website(how to develop audio streaming website)

Then open the application,In fact, in this step,OurRoonThe server is already deployed.!Next, just connect to thisRoonServer problem。

We can choose music libraries at this time.,Can also choose later!Next,Let's choose“More”,choose“Try Roon”,Carry outappTrial。

how to develop audio streaming website

Next, enter the purchase page of the official website,We can see the annual fee.,Every month price is9.9Dollar,That is one year118.8Dollar;If it is a monthly fee,Every month price is12.99Dollar;There is also a one-time buyout option at the bottom.,price is699.99Dollar。Let's choose a free trial first.14sky。

how to develop audio streaming website

Next is to create personal information。Name casually fill,Please select good email address.,Password, please remember。

how to develop audio streaming website

It is worth mentioning that,RoonTrial must need to fill in credit card information,This operation is a bit powerful。

how to develop audio streaming website

After completing the credit card information,Finally enter the official trial。At this time, we need to know a few points.:

(how to develop audio streaming website)1、Multi-platform downloadRoonsoftware。includeWindows、Mac、iOS、Android。

(how to develop audio streaming website)2、Roon Software has multiple configurations,Can meet your unique needs。

3、If you encounter problems,Can take a lookRoonknowledge base,It is the authority source of all things。

(how to develop audio streaming website)4、Can also joinRoonCommunity。

how to develop audio streaming website

The author is used by the author.iPhone,DirectApp StoredownloadRoon I.e.。

how to develop audio streaming website(how to develop audio streaming website)

1、As long as the phone isNASIn the same LAN,Access toRoonThe core is the server。(But it is necessary to pay attention to,How to access it in an external network environmentNAS,This is actually a problem.,Let's give the tutorial later.)

(how to develop audio streaming website)2、Enter us just registered goodRoonAccount number and password,login successful。

how to develop audio streaming website

1、RoonCan be addedTIDALandqobuzOnline song library,And you can try a month for free。

IDAL is world famousHIFImusic library,Offers a subscription-based music streaming service,it has more than 7000 10,000 tracks、Exclusive releases and tons of interviews and music videos,Brings you closer to the artist you listen to。completely ad-free。It features support CD Class Hi-Fi Streaming in sound quality,Very good sound。

Qobuzis a French music streaming service provider,It has more than 7000 10,000 tracks and the world's best high-res catalog,Exceed 500 000 album reviews and artist profiles,QobuzAlso said it has more high-res soundtracks than any other music streaming service。

Of course, both subscriptions are not cheap。We can choose to skip this part,You can also choose a free trial for one month。

2、RoonIt is worth mentioning that multiple audio devices can be set up at the same time,and have them play different tracks at the same time。Our first choice isiPhoneaudio,Secondly, I also chose the joint model of Belkin and DevialetSOUNDFORM Elitesmart speaker。

how to develop audio streaming website

we canNASServer-side selection of music library location,also on mobileAppselect the music library selection。It can read directly toNAS's storage folder。we are directlyAppadd a folder inside。

Next isRoonexperienced。

Mobile terminalRoonexperience:

how to develop audio streaming website

1、APPAesthetic Online,Friendly operation。

2、Song names for each file are automatically organized、Author and interpreter,Associate album and author introduction and album image information。

(how to develop audio streaming website)3、sound quality is very good!(personal sensory experience)

(how to develop audio streaming website)how to develop audio streaming website

by opening the settings,We can see that:

1、Has a lot of customization options,Include track date。Sort by,Show and hide some items,Customize playback behavior and more。

2、can be configuredTIDAL、Qobuzonline music library,can connectDropbox。

How to access the InternetROONtutorial

RoonMore speechless is that it only supports LAN access,How to make the player always andNASin a local area network,Currently there are2way:

1、QNAPQVPNNetworking scheme,Simple

2、QNAPQuWANNetworking scheme,Need to purchase QNAP router equipment,Simple。

QNAPQVPNNetworking scheme

(how to develop audio streaming website)QNAP providesQVPN Serviceapplication,just need toNASdownload open,Then download aQVPNJust apply。

how to develop audio streaming website

have to be aware of is,QNAPQVPN ServiceThe networking solution only supportsQBeltplan,We need to change the port number first,Second, do port forwarding。

if your homeNASThe scheme is from light cat→router→NAS,Then you need to do a port forwarding in the optical cat,The router also needs to do a port forwarding。

how to develop audio streaming website

as the picture shows,connected successfully,Can visit at home at any timeNASvarious applications。

QNAPQuWANNetworking scheme

QNAPQuWANThe solution is the latest exclusive solution launched by QNAP,in“QuWAN”Refers to“QNAP SD-WAN”plan。

These solutions are directly mounted on the following new router series products from QNAP:


(how to develop audio streaming website)

how to develop audio streaming website

QNAPQHora-301Wis a gigabytewifi6router,carryQualcomm IPQ8072A Hawkeye v2processor,1GB RAM,4GB eMMC,Body configuration210 Gigabit Ethernet ports、4Gigabit Ethernet ports,Can be configured more flexiblyWANport and integrate multiple external network access。and configure itselfSD-WANFunction,Can be quickly networked。

QNAPQHora-301WThe evaluation link is as follows:


how to develop audio streaming website(how to develop audio streaming website)

QNAPQMiro-201W Bring your ownSD-WANFunction,Can be quickly networked in different places,Also supports tri-band WiFi 5 wireless transmission andMesh Wi-Fi seamless switching(Handover),Wireless、wired backhaul,Players can passQuRouter mobile phoneApp to build and manage a home network。

QNAPQMiro-201WReview link:


how to develop audio streaming website

QNAPQMiroPlus-201WIt is a brand new species of QNAP,both supportSD-WAN,can also be used asNAS。it has two systems。router(QuRoutersystem)Aspects equipped Qualcomm IPQ4019, four core ARM Cortex A7@716.8MHz processor,512MB DDR3RAM、4MB SPI NOR+4GB eMMCflash。NAS(QTS system)side is equipped with Intel Gemini Lake J4125 four core @2.0Ghz(Turbo 2.7GHz processor),4GB DDR4RAM,4GB eMMCflash,configure2.5inch double bay。

QNAPQMiroPlus-201WReview link:

BelkinSOUNDFORM EliteSmart Speaker Experience

how to develop audio streaming website(how to develop audio streaming website)

BelkinSOUNDFORM ELITE is the flagship brand of French audio Devialet co-createdHIFIsmart speaker,This product is usedDevialet Acoustic structure,Provide a shocking music experience。In addition, Belkin also implanted its own fast wireless charging.,At the same time, Tencent Xiaowei Intelligence Assistant,It supportsWiFi、Bluetooth、AirPlayPlay,All-round upgrade experience。

how to develop audio streaming website

BelkinSOUNDFORM EliteThe main thing is high quality,It uses audio circad flagship brand Di ValleyDEVIALETTechnology,includeSAMSpeaker active matching technology“Push-Push”Double low frequency speaker structure,Provide a shocking listening experience。

First, let's talk about its power is150W,Power can bring a bass shock experience。Second there are3Speaker,There is a power on both sides of the left and right sides.60W、size70mmSymmetric low frequency speaker,Use vibration elimination「Push-Push」Technology,And the middle is a power30W、size30mmFull-frequency speaker。

how to develop audio streaming website(how to develop audio streaming website)

Its outside is covered with a weaving material,Pure white very advanced,Suitable for integration into each room corner。

how to develop audio streaming website

also,BelkinSOUNDFORM EliteintelligentHIFIThe speaker is also available.10WWireless,supportiPhone、Samsung、GoogleAnd other supportQiEquipment for charging protocol。

GroupROONServer considerations

First useNASFormroonServer before,We need to listenRoonSuggestions over there:

1、Need a powerful processor

due toROONof Core Architecture, Roon Server Need more powerful than most media servers。From history,most NAS The equipment is not strong enough,Cannot pass Roon Provide first-class experience,But more and more equipment is becoming powerful。Weak function NAS Equipment also applies to smaller collection,Although their performance is not as good as the system we recommend specifications。

(how to develop audio streaming website)2、needSSD

Most of them have 64 Position x86 CPU(Such as Intel or AMD)At least 2GB RAM of QNAP NASSupport。We strongly recommend Roon Database 4GB RAM and SSD。Your music file can be on a rotating disk,Ideally Roon The database should be SSD superior。This optimization can be Roon Performance and user experience provides the greatest improvement。

3、Why do you need?SSD

(how to develop audio streaming website)Roon Store its metadata and index in a custom database built to improve performance。This database is Roon Plug when identifying your music file。It exists separately from your music file,For performance reasons,highly recommended Roon Database is located SSD Instead of rotating on disk。Your music file can be stored on a rotating disk,Not affecting performance。

4、if Roon Server Running in slower CPU(E.g Atom or Celeron)What will happen??

Roon Server Use more than any other audio software CPU。You can read it here to have Core And why it takes more than other software CPU s reason。although Roon Server Can be more slow CPU Normal work,But the consequences of running may include:

In general,Experience will not be so good。You can pass more appropriate CPU(E.g Intel Coreseries,CeleronnewU,)Solve this problem。

5、if Roon Database in a rotating disk(No SSD)What happens on the run??

Roon Database performance is running Roon The database of the media is the largest。We are not running on the rotating disk Roon database,You shouldn't。Will it work??Yes。Will you have the best? Roon Experience:NO。If you run on a rotating disk,Everything will be significantly slow。

6、This installation and ordinary Linux What is different??

NAS The operating system is not universal,But you NAS of Roon Server Software and standard Linux Roon Server same,Therefore, there should be no difference in functionality。With any Linux Installation,right Native DSD The support of the output depends on whether the kernel supports it. + ALSA Library。

(how to develop audio streaming website)7、Roon Ideal NAS What is the configuration??

As of 2018 End of the year,We recommend NAS Series is QNAP TS-473 and 4GB RAM。

optimal NAS Configure:

(how to develop audio streaming website)Why is the effect so good?:

optimal NAS Model recommended

how to develop audio streaming website

Wen UnicomTS-551A model5DiscountNAS,x86Architecture camp,IntelJ3355processor。This machine makes many masters.,Main reason is support2Piece2.5Inch hard disk and3Piece3.5Inch hard disk,This hard drive is in a programming master,A word,fragrant,Two words,good smell。Tangible points lies in the construction of the database,Processor performance is a bit。

(how to develop audio streaming website)But this does not cover up,If it is an entry levelx86 NASIn terms of,currently1599the price of,It is very effective and suitable for picking up。

how to develop audio streaming website

Wen UnicomTS-451DA model4InsertNAS,x86Architecture camp,IntelJ4025processor。This machine is personal, you can find it.2021The best in Wen UnicomNASone。The only feature of it is that all aspects are enough.,Enough value,Net port is enough,Ability!!!

(how to develop audio streaming website)And its price overlays platform subsidies during the promotion,can do2000Yuan,Now the price of the official flagship store is2099Yuan,Already close to history low price,Extremely fragrant。

how to develop audio streaming website

(how to develop audio streaming website)Wen Unicom TS-453DminiA model4 Discount NAS,x86camp,Intel CelemJ4125 4core4Thread processor,Support double2.5GNetwork port,Everything in household can be satisfied,Cheap,Very good performance,It is recommended to make a machine player to start,Soft route、virtual machine、DockerNot in words。

(how to develop audio streaming website)Comment:

1、Sales explosionNAS,Very good performance,Everything in the house can be controlled。

(how to develop audio streaming website)2、Support double2.5GNetwork port。No upgrade network,Match WiFi6 Enjoy the local area network200MB/sTransmission speed。

3、haveHDMIinterface,Can build home theater。

how to develop audio streaming website

Wen UnicomTS-653DA model6DiscountNAS,x86Architecture camp,ShouldNASProcessor is Intel CelegiaJ4125,pair2.5GNetwork port,supportPCIeSlot,Expand10GbESingle/Multi-mouth network card、5GbESingle/Multi-mouth network card、2.5GbESingle/Multi-mouth network card、M.2 SATA SSDExpand card、M.2 NVMe SSDExpand card、WiFi 6Wireless network card、Separation card and other expansion cards。


1、Sales explosionNAS,Very good performance,Everything in the house can be controlled。Soft route、virtual machine、DockerNot in words。

2、6Wheel machine,Very cost-effective。

(how to develop audio streaming website)3、supportPCIeSlot,Expanding high playability。

how to develop audio streaming website

Wen UnicomTVS-675A model6DiscountNAS,x86Architecture camp,The processor is the first day KX-U6580 Eight-core processor,pair2.5GNetwork port,support2indivualPCIe Gen3×4Slot,Expand10GbESingle/Multi-mouth network card、5GbESingle/Multi-mouth network card、2.5GbESingle/Multi-mouth network card、M.2 SATA SSDExpand card、M.2 NVMe SSDExpand card、WiFi 6Wireless network card、Separation card and other expansion cards。support2indivualM.2 Nvme SSDSlot,Can be used as a storage pool、QtierOr cache acceleration。


1、The strongest expansionNASone。

2、Support domestic。

3、Powerful、cheap price。

how to develop audio streaming website

Wen UnicomTS-h973AX It is a mount based onZFSBrand new file system QuTS hero New system9DiscountNAS,useAMD Ryzen V1000seriesV1500Bfour core8Thread2.2 GHzprocessor,Equipped with the highest32 GB SO-DIMM DDR4 RAM,One10GbEand2indivual2.5GbE Network port。also,Also3indivualType-A USB 3.2 Gen 2Interface and1indivualType-C USB3.2 Gen 2interface。Among them2PieceU.2 NVMe SSD。


1、four core8ThreadV1500B,Very good performance!

2、128PositionZFSFile system

(how to develop audio streaming website)2、supportRAID ZArray,Such asTriple Parity、Triple MirrorWait

3、Support real-time online data deduplication、压缩、compress,支持实时快照同步

(how to develop audio streaming website)4、compaction


6、Support real-time snapshot synchronization1PB的存储区域。

Probably the fastest multi-layer cache

好了,Ability to self-repair bad blocksRoon服务器的搭建方法已经介绍完毕,maximum support。

我是加勒比考斯,storage area、关注!



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