small business website development cost


With the continuous development of website technology,People can get information or information by browsing websites,To release some public information or find some related website services。Website is a communication tool。So,How much is website production??Let's take a look。

(small business website development cost)one、How much does it take to make a personal website??

1.For a personal website,First of all, register a domain name。Domain name is the string of others to access our website。Paying geographical name registration costs is approximately annual60-100Yuan,Different local name registration prices have slightly different。

(small business website development cost)2.Website construction also requires a server to store website program files。Personal can choose the size of the host according to the size of your own content。Generally,Virtual host size100MThe annual cost is about100Yuan or so。
3.Create a website requires a development website program。The website program belongs to the intellectual property product,Different prices。
two、How much is the company's website??
1.Enterprise website production needs to have a design plan,Enterprises will also find design companies to cooperate,Design can be planned according to its own solution,Design Company will charge different prices according to the program。
2.The website made by the company belongs to the standard type。The content of production can tell customer product and company information easily and directly,And clearly communicate with the user's information。Custom development cost is about300-4000Yuan。
3.Corporate website in brand design,Brand needs to do image and design elements,High network design requirements,Product content。Can improve corporate visibility,Custom development fee500-8000Yuan。
4.Website promotion page,The page of the promotion website is beautiful and generous。Produced by exquisite simple web page,Website can get good promotion,Fee from8000arrive15000Unequal。

SMEs' website production is still very different from personal websites.,Use the system template directly to use the system template.,Although this cost is small,But it is difficult to play a good role。in addition,SMEs are not strong than large enterprises,SMEs often have less funds、Some thin,It is impossible to give website construction too much cost。therefore,For SMEs,Find a website construction company to build a comprehensive display company business advantage,And it is conducive to user experience and complianceSEOin principle,It is enough to give yourself a certain order.。

How much is website production??As can be seen,If required,Price will also be different。Specific expenses need to find a website company to conduct a reasonable offer according to its own actual situation,To get the final price。but,We must find a professional website company,To ensure the final quality of the website construction。