outsourcing ecommerce website development


E-commerce live broadcast,is a way of shopping,Legally a commercial advertising activity,The anchor also bears the responsibility according to the specific behavior“Endorsers”“Advertiser”or“Advertisers”Responsibility。If consumers buy fake products,First, contact the seller, that is, the seller bears legal responsibility,The anchor and the e-commerce live broadcast platform should also bear the corresponding joint responsibility。Beijing Muqi Mobile Technology Co., Ltd.,Professional software outsourcing company,Welcome to exchange and cooperation。Let's analyze in detail how to make a live e-commerce system and what preparations need to be made to develop such a system。

outsourcing ecommerce website development

1,Live function:Empower customers with a single strong desire

  Live feature has:The ability to stimulate the power of the client。The reason is:

(outsourcing ecommerce website development)  (1)Businesses can use on-site capabilities,Show products clearly to customers。Suppose you sell clothes,Manufacturing sales staff,Shopping guide,act as“anchor”,Then try the products sold on the live stream。at this time,Customers watching the live broadcast can directly see the upper body effect。at this time,Usually there will be a group of customers who produce orders that they want to buy。

  (2)through the real-time function,Businesses allow customers to clearly understand product features and benefits。still in clothing,Enterprise allows“anchor”try product,introduce product,The feeling of wearing the product,etc。therefore,Often understand the characteristics and advantages of customers clearly。Under this premise,It can also stimulate a group of customers to buy。

2,Mall function:Has a wealth of marketing plugins,it can stimulate customer orders。

Advantages of live broadcast mall system

  1、Traffic bonus

  Nowadays, the popularity of live streaming has exceeded people's imagination,Everyone in the retail industry has become an anchor,Use the Meal Replacement Live Shopping Mall system to carry out live delivery,Back to the consumer level,The reason for the popularity of live streaming,The way consumers shop is still changing,From the traditional offline shopping mall,to e-commerce shopping,And then to today's live shopping with goods。Consumer shopping tends to be more recreational and passive shopping,And the live broadcast scene,It can also meet the shopping needs of consumers.。Online retail traffic is almost concentrated in the live broadcast room of the mall,Consumers are more inclined to enjoy entertainment while,Choose to buy your own products。

  2、Accelerated the development of the private domain live broadcast market

  Traditional retail industry brand owners,Initially transformed and upgraded online,Expanding online channels will give priority to platform-based e-commerce giants。As more and more merchants join,The proliferation of homogenized products,Cause fierce competition among industries,Difficulty in acquiring customers for small and medium-sized businesses、High customer acquisition cost,will opt out because they can't make ends meet。Meal replacement live broadcast mall system opens the door to the private domain market for merchants,Use community marketing live broadcast to bring goods together,Create a private domain traffic pool,It is easy to solve the problem of customer acquisition、The problem of high customer acquisition costs。

(outsourcing ecommerce website development) 3、Create a more realistic shopping scene

  The virtuality of online shopping is the disadvantage of e-commerce development。After all, product selection、place an order、the process of logistics,invisible to consumers。And the meal replacement live store system,Create a more realistic shopping scene,Display products in high-definition live broadcast room,Allow consumers to display the products they want to buy from multiple perspectives,Meal replacement live broadcast mall system has live broadcast function,can see clearly,Don't worry about live broadcasts taking ugly pictures of the product,Makes people look ugly,In fact, the live broadcast has a beauty and whitening function,Can make your products beautiful and natural。

  4、Has a complete marketing system

  The anchor can provide consumers with more discounts in the live broadcast room,Allow consumers to bring goods through live broadcast,Buy more cost-effective products。Marketing tools and membership mechanism of the mall system,Can effectively increase user stickiness,As long as the quality of the goods is guaranteed,Can bring a lot of loyal repeat customers to the brand。Has a variety of marketing functions,for example:distribution、member、full reduction、Discount、integral、Group purchase, etc.。

  5、Ability to build trust with users

  in the live room,Users can communicate with the anchor while watching,Comprehensive understanding of product information,Save time wasted contacting customer service,Communicate in real time directly through the barrage,Alleviate users' doubts。