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(minneapolis law firm website development)This time,Previous mysterious Liu Qiangdong“American lawyer”Clear appearance in front of netizens。

9moon25day,This is Mid-Autumn Festival,Zhang Ze Tian issued a photo of a three-person handy moon cake in a circle,But because Liu Qiangdong is involved in a new taste in the US, it is not a taste.。“As long as a family is together,It is a successful,I am willing to keep the clouds see the moon.。”A circle of circles presents a fascination of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Group.,But the screenshots have triggered a widely spread in the Internet.。

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Just in the Mid-Autumn Festival9moon24day,Liu Qiangdong sexual invasion in silence in nearly half a month has made a new progress。Reuters fidewext of the general disclosure of Liu Qiangdong is suspected of many details of the status of Shannesota,And the first time exposed the female victim and the friend's WeChat chat record。

minneapolis law firm website development

A new progress of Liu Qiangdong case, founder of Reverall Exposure,Jingdong stock price also fell sharply。exist9moon24Japanese stock market closed,Jingdong shares24.51Dollar,Frontal trading day26.49The US dollar's closing price fell1.98Dollar,Decline7.47%,The decline in the disk is up to8.14%。

minneapolis law firm website development

but,Liu Qiangdong's agency lawyerJill BrisboisThe lady claims that the article reported by Reuters does not match the facts.,and“Rejuvenate to interfere”Refuse to disclose more information for name。

(minneapolis law firm website development)Previous,Public disclosure of Liu Qiangdong case in the mediaEarl GrayandJoseph S. FriedbergAlso known as US users“Minnesota criminal double king”。Another agent lawyer in them and Liu QiangdongJill BrisboisMiss、And Chinese lawyer,I called Liu Qiangdong by China's netizens“American lawyer”。


until now,Open yourself on the global media is“Liu Qiangdong lawyer”Top four people:Friedberg、Gray、Chinese lawyer Hangjian and a female lawyer called Gill。Although there is no official response,but“Supreme criminal defense lawyer”、“CEO of criminal behavior allegations”Waiting for the label can also give a little bit of a spider mart。

(minneapolis law firm website development)This“Liu Qiangdong will not be subject to any prosecution,Maybe I will receive an apology of the police”of,Is one of the legendary criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota,Friedberg。The reason why it is called“Legendary criminal defense lawyer”,It is because he often defends some of the most inexpensive criminals.,Major customers include doctors、banker、lawyer、CEO、Athletes and police。

But I have to admit it.,This year81Friedberg,Learning in lawyer52Year,And his law firm has a long successful record:State trial17Federal jury is not guilty and85%Suspension rate。 Among them1974year,He became a Heheng Pingping County35The first successful use of mental illness as a lawyer for murder defense strategy。

minneapolis law firm website development

1991year,Friedberg defends the executives of the Midwest Federal Savings Loan Company,He is the reason for the jury“Government is crazy”,Required this case is the government for savings and loan crisis scandals in nationwide looking for。1992year,He is alsoRussell Lund Jr.Defense is subject to public opinion,thisRussell Lund Jr.Grocery Tycoon accused to kill his wife and his boyfriend,Annual income millions of dollars。

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Wall Street Journal,Friedberg is the chief criminal defense lawyer of criminal behavior.。“He knows how to investigate and deal with sexual violations, Recipes with children's pornography and 亵。” and,“The stakeholder of the person accused of criminal behavior,His door is clear。


Be called Liu Qiangdong by netizens“American lawyer”2The number is another lawyer who is famous in Minneapolis.——Earl Gray(Gray)。Erl·Gray is also one of the most famous criminal laws in the local area.,This once in front of Gustavs·The football players in the Adavus College also crushed the court during the summary of federal drugs and fraud and conspiracy.VCRHerfh record,Due to extremely strong、Aggressive trial style。

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2010year,Sensing Double“Hockey player murder”middle,21McGresen and23Years of Bridton were accused of murder and beating crime。In the bar,Simon is because of speech“Anger”Brilton,Simon riding bicycles left the bar to catch up with two people,After the cause of serious injuries, they were seriously injured after they were hit on the concrete retaining wall.。

When defended,Briton's defense lawyer,Gray grabbed Simon to steal a bicycle with a brake fault in the drunken state.(Blood alcohol concentration super limited standard3Multiplication)Abnormal movement,And reminding a special expert to testify that Simon has actually rescheduled bicycles after being pushed.。“This is a tragic accident.,Just this。”After the Santa Kroy County considered for more than seven hours,The jury identified Bridton's innocence。

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9moon1day,He as a proxy lawyer of Liu Qiangdong,Media state“Once the police realize that it is a mistake in the absence of appropriate evidence.,They will release him without bail,And didn't take his passport。I believe this Friday will be closed.,Liu Qiangdong will not be subject to any allegations”。

(minneapolis law firm website development)but,This news is so fast:9moon5Japanese US time on Friday at noon,Police Bureau spokesman John·Alde(John Elder)Delivery to a statement,It says:“Because this survey is still in progress,Minneapolis Police Bureau will not release any information about the case。Once the investigation is completed,The information collected will be sent to the county prosecutor office.,This is a standard program。”


This is not the lawyer of Liu Qiangdong by the media.。

Once publicdissGil's Lawyers in Reuters expressed their dissatisfaction。9moon24Day afternoon,Reuters released long text,Detailed about the night of Liu Qiangdong in Shannesota suspected of rape。in,The female protagonist said Liu Qiangdong forced and her relationship with her.,Its WeChat chat record is also exposed for the first time。

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Weibo netizen@ Big white·News brief translation is as follows——

1、Girls in the wine, send friends to friends,Strongly,I am really drunk.。

(minneapolis law firm website development)2、The banquet is over,The girl was pulled into a rental car by Liu Qiangdong.,Drive on the car,Girl refused。

3、Girls talk about the WeChat of a friend,Tomorrow, I want to escape from it.。At least two friends retain the WeChat chat record before the girl's alarm。

4、Keep the sheets as evidence,Go to the hospital afterwards, check。

(minneapolis law firm website development)5、The first time the police were afraid of retaliation,Identified the police to rape,So I didn't arrest the first time.。

6、Girl:“If you only have my own,I will commit suicide,But I still have parents.。”

And Liu Qiangdong's criminal defense lawyerJill BrisboisThe lady claims that the article reported by Reuters does not match the facts.,Mr. Liu Qiangdong has no violation of any law。“I can't immediately disclose evidence to the media immediately as others.,Because we respect the judicial process,Do not want to interfere with judicial procedures。”

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The American defense lawyer data has this female lawyer's life,“The main crime defends and advocates a case in the perspective of criminal defendants.”。In her career,Gill handles a wide variety of criminal cases such as murder,Sexual assault,Sexual harassment and drunk driving,And won many rulings that have benefited their customers and even the jury。

In defense work over ten years,Most of the customers of Gill face the dangers of lifelong imprisonment trials。Apart from this,She is still a member of the board of directors certified criminal law,Only3%North American lawyers can get this location。2013-2017year,She is also selected for the Super Lawyer Award for Minneu Lizhou。

According to the news disclosure,A Chinese lawyer, Hangjian, also joined Liu Qiangdong Staff Case。According to the insight,A Chinese lawyer,Estimated role division more translation。

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(minneapolis law firm website development)5

The suspect when Liu Qiangdong was taken by the Law Enforcement Officer of Minnesota.,Foreign media reports and comments are also the first topic at the beginning of this.。BBCby“Jingdong Liu Presidents were briefly detained in the United States due to incompetent behavior”Question,Track reports。

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《Wall Street Journal》:China's billionaires released by the Minnesota police after arresting misconductous behaviors (E-commerce companyJD.comExpress,CEO Liu Qiangdong is released after being called false allegations;Minneapolis police said the case is still not resolved)

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《Times Weekly》:China's billionaires were arrested in Minneapolis due to misconduct

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And just the Mid-Autumn Festival yesterday,A long report of Reuters has sent Liu Qiangdong.。

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(minneapolis law firm website development)Reuters issued a new detail of Liu Qiangdong invaded case,WeChat help content including girls,The inside claimed,And want to commit suicide,And retain sheets。At present, the prosecution is deciding whether to prosecute。Affected by this message,Jingdong fell sharply in the US stock market。

also,Wall Street News also digs Liu Qiangdong past event,say“Zhang Ze Tian met Liu Qiangdong during the US study abroad,They2015Annual marriage。This couple shares the intimate details in daily life online.,Pregnancy including their wedding and chapter,Therefore, China is also praised in China.,Also criticized。Liu Qiangdong was arrested and also trimmed。In the previous film interview,He insisted that he and Zhang Zide were married because of her appearance.。”

The report also quoted the previous Liu Qiangdong once said.。“My face blind,”He said。“That is to say, the foundation is unclear. Who is beautiful and not beautiful.。”A US netizen talked about these remarks when joking,“Maybe he regards another woman as a milk tea sister.。He is after all, blindness。”

Travel beauty Chinese reporter Longcan is not willing to evaluate Liu Qiangdong case,“In the United States,Everything see evidence,The big gundet is not using。”According to the latest news,Liu Qiangdong claims to be in the US lawyer“Respect judicial procedures,No evidence。

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