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More and more research shows,When the user must wait more than 3 Second to load the web page,Most of them will close。Users will not let their screens do not look over 3 Second,So if the web page is loaded too long,They will close it and they will not come back。

A study of Google found,If your website load is low 10 Second,40% Visitors will leave immediately,And if your website is lower than 5 Second,but 60% Leave。This means that people may find other websites with faster load time.,And don't return or click on your ad。also,You will also lose trust with them.,Because they will think that you are unreliable and assume that the moving version may be the same。

(experienced website developer)That's why for providing website design services to improve customer page speedSEO The agency is getting more important。Let us see some methods they can do.。

Delete unused Java and CSS

existGoogle Chrome DevToolswith the help of,You can find unused scripts and styles。Then,We can delete them。

You can click on any script tab by right-click and select“Check element”To check unused scripts。Then,use“script”Tab View content loading on the page。superior Web Developers can find the loaded content,Because they will use HTML Tag cross-referenced。

Size of compressed image

Compressed image is a good way to improve web speed。

Image size(In kilobytes)Greater,The slower it is slower on the web page.。Image compression passes through the redundancy data to reduce the size of the image。It will speed up load time and reduce bandwidth on your website.。

There are many programs that allow you to relax image。Some popular options include Photoshop、GIMPand Web Developer Toolkit (WDT)。

exist CDN Upper hosted image

exist CDN The upper hosted image means that the image will be stored on a server closer to the user.。It leads to faster load time。It also reduces the company's bandwidth and storage costs。The company can use this extra bandwidth to host video or other types of media,These media may need more space rather than just images。

(experienced website developer)have to be aware of is,Not all CDN All equality,some CDN At the speed、Safety and cost is better than others CDN。


There are many managed service providers on the market.,Choosing a suitable hosted service provider is a daunting task。But not all managed service providers are created equally.,You need to know where to find a function of helping you improve the speed of the website.。

There are two types of website managed service providers:Sharing hosting and virtual private server。Shared hosts are very suitable for small sites that have little traffic or no traffic,But when your website begins to get more traffic,Switch to the virtual private server (VPS) Host。

It may be difficult to choose a reputable host.,Because many of the fake hosts there provide great services。Make sure it is a trusted host's most reliable method is to read the comments from customers on the network.。

Restriction redirection

Website speed is a crucial factor for your users.,Because it affects the time required to find the content you want on your website。Well-known,Redirection will significantly slow down download time and increase 404 Incorrect risk。

The redirection is essentially a page from the user's path and sends them to other places.。This means that many pages will be sent from the home page to another.,Thus slowing the loading time。No need to use custom customization URL Revolving the server-side code redirection page to complete this action。

Restriction request

The more requests you received on the website.,The longer your website is loaded.。This is because each request involves browsers.、Extra work of servers and databases。

If you want to keep your website quickly loading,Please restrict the number of requests for one incoming。You can achieve this by determining the number of items displayed in the navigation menu or limiting the number of pages on the home page.。

(experienced website developer)You can also limit the type of content that allows you to request from your website,No limit on the number of display。so,You can make sure there is only one request at a time.,Because navigation menu、Home page、Each project in the widget page has its only one URL,This means that they have their own loading time.。

Cautious use JavaScript

JavaScript Is a support for modern Web Browser programming language。It is used to create an interactive animation in the web page、Effect and transition。But it can also be used for security purposes。

JavaScript Will slow down your website speed and make people difficult to use。If you want to prevent this from happening,You can disable on your website JavaScript And use alternative methods,E.gHTML5。

Avoid using too much on your website JavaScript,Because it will adversely affect your website performance and increase your website loading time。

Get a quick website immediately

Website design is a subtle topic,Need a lot of thinking、Planning and effort。If you use and follow all the prompts in this article,You will have a great website。

Many of these techniques will emerge in their daily users' minds.,But not for experienced experience Web Developer。If you are not experienced Web Developers or have not yet owned,We recommend that you find one。They will have the best opportunities to implement all these skills。