small business website development services


  How much do you spend a website?,This is a very common problem in the web design industry.,But the answer is not as simple as it looks like it.。The cost of enterprises to do websites is mainly determined by two aspects.1.Website differences in design and functionality。2.Price and website construction company pricing。Decide the main factor of your website cost or your requirements,If you are not very familiar with web design or website construction,Pay only attention to low prices,Cheap construction service selection personal will be a good choice,Because they usually charge very low。

  But cheap sites sometimes have a lot of shortcomings,That's why website production should choose a professional institution to help you?。

small business website development services

  What are the types of website?

  1.Small business website

  If your business is not planning to sell online or products,Then a simple website is。This website will be used as your online business card,Visitors will see your service here and learn about your business。This type of website is ideal for small local companies。

  2.Business website development

  If you plan to use this website to attract new business,You will need a more beautiful website,The site is intended to convert visitors and show your previous works in a fascinating way.。These websites are ideal for service-centric small companies。

(small business website development services)  3.E-commerce website

  If you want to sell your product or service online and pay on your website,You need an e-commerce website。E-commerce website has various functions,Can be placed in a specific class。These include product databases、Shopping cart function、Payment gateway and transportation configuration。

small business website development services

  How much does it cost to make a website??

(small business website development services)  1.Domain name

  The website first needs a domain name,We assume that you have no domain names yet。Domain name is the address of your website on the network,The price difference between the domain name is very large。usually,It will cost you 69about。also,You must renew and subscribe every year。

  After getting the domain and set the site,You should install SSL(Safety socket layer)Certificate。If you are an e-commerce website,Or your website handle a lot of sensitive information,For example, credit card information、user name and password,So SSL It's required。

  2.Server selection

  Standard website's website hosted fees are about700Yuan/year,If you host large or complex websites or Web application,The cost is higher。The specific price depends on the type of website you want.、How many visitors do you have every day?、Your storage requirements and various other factors。Some key factors that need to be considered are safety、performance、support(Availability including phone support)And maintenance services。

  3.Website development

(small business website development services)  If you are Web There are not much experience in development.,You may want to leave this step to your institution。


  For any business website that wants to maintain competitiveness,It has become a mandatory requirement。This service helps improve your visibility in your search engine,Thereby more efficient contact to your target customers。Regardless of your business size or industry,It will benefit you with powerful online business.。therefore,Once your website starts and runs,Search engine optimization is of course worth trying。。SEO Service is essentially continued,I may spend you monthly monthly 800 arrive 1600 RMB,Usually it is packaged with marketing and website design services.。

  5.Website security maintenance

  Even after your institution has completed the website development and hand it over to you,The process has not ended yet。Any modern site requires maintenance to maintain its correlation and technology.。Unless your website is very simple,Or you have a certain degree of technical knowledge,Otherwise you may need to assign a monthly maintenance budget for your website.。Regular maintenance costs from monthly100Yuan to 800Element is not equal。

small business website development services

  How much does it cost to make a website?

  Now you know what you should consider helping you determine the budget of your web design project.。finally,Here is the total cost of rough estimation based on site type:

  Simple website of small businesses:about 3,000 Yuan

  Commercial website:3,000 to 6,000 Yuan

  E-commerce website:6000 Element 15,000 Yuan

  Custom features rich website:15,000 Element。

  same,These numbers may have a lot difference with reality.,So please take these estimates carefully!