part time website development jobs


part time website development jobs


job responsibilities:1. According to the situation of students,Develop individualized lesson plans for students;

(part time website development jobs)2. According to company requirements,conduct“online 1 right 1 ”teach;

(part time website development jobs)3. Regularly report on lesson preparation and teaching progress,Positive feedback on students' class。

Possess modular programming language ability or potential,Know at least one programming language,Such as Python、JAVA、JavaScript、C、C++、C#Wait;

2.Reptile Engineer

1.Responsible for crawling news text from several sources

2.Responsible for scraping chart data from several sources

3.Deal with backlash as much as possible:seal upip、account closure、verification code, etc.

4.Clean data5.Responsible for formulating crawling strategies,and deployment implementation

(part time website development jobs) analysis

According to the company's software and business needs,Conduct research in machine learning,Plan and build a big data platform。2、Responsible for collecting business big data,Identify,Characterize,Visualization to mine enterprise data value。3、Responsible for time series analysis of big data,Cluster analysis,such as sales forecast,Text Analysis,Intelligent decision, etc.。4、Responsible companyBIDevelopment and continuous development of software systems。5、Responsible for the construction and maintenance of the company's follow-up data warehouse。

University degree or above,math,computer,Physics related majors。

proficientpythonlanguage,and usepython3as a development language,Have good coding habits。3、Refinement of commonly used data analysis and machine learning libraries,E.gnumpy, pandas, sklearn, tensorflow。

(part time website development jobs)familiar with commonredis, mongo, mysql database software,Goodsqlsentence habits。

havesupervisedandunsupervisedLearning Modeling and Analysis Experience。Ability to independently complete data mining models in projects,For common clusters、Classification、In-depth understanding and practical experience of regression algorithms,Familiar with text mining algorithms。

Have strong mathematical skills,Sophisticated logical thinking ability,Data analysis capabilities,Good at thinking and summarizing。

There are large Internet e-commerce,Cross-border e-commerce especiallyamazonWork experience is preferred。

familiar with commonpackageand networkframe,E.g:urllib, requests, re, flaskbonus points。

usedpyspider, scrapy, seleniumOne of the frameworks has conducted a large-scale website crawler analysis,Distributed deployment,Bonus points for design framework crawler concurrency optimization and secondary development。

4.Backend development

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the company's website。 2. Responsible for the construction of the crawling system of the industry's core data crawler、Code writing optimization。

proficiencyPythonMultithreading,process,coroutine。Have a good foundation in data structures and algorithms。

master MySQL, MongoDB, Redisdatabase; Skilled useSQLstatement。

master at least onePythonCommon framework for background development:Django,Flask,Tornado。5. familiar Restful style API design and writing。

Proficient in Alibaba Cloud Web project and Nginx deployment and operation。

Skilled useScrapyframe,familiarDOM、XPathand other common page parsing techniques。8. Skilled useElasticSearch。

5.test development

1、Based on the entire business system,Build and maintain a fully automated test platform;

2、Participate in the whole process of product development,Include participation in needs analysis、design review,Platform implementation。According to platform requirements,Design and implement an automated test platform

3、Guarantee the release quality of the system under test,and innovate through testing processes and methodologies,Improve the quality and efficiency of R&D。

4、Be able to write courseware to train newcomers。5、familiardjangoframe and have2More than 10 years of project practical experience is preferred

job requirements:

6.AIQuantitative tradingPythonengineer

job requirements:

1、proficiencyPythonorJavaorClanguage programming technology

2、Have a good mathematical foundation,Good grades in math,Mathematical modeling experience

3、Have a certain knowledge of stock futures and other securities

4、Understand the quantitative trading framework and have some experience


Job Responsibilities:

1、Responsible for product technical architecture design、Selection and continuous optimization;

(part time website development jobs)2、Responsible for continuous version iteration of the product;

3、Instruct junior and intermediate development engineers,Responsible for the quality and efficiency of team output。

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