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With the popularity of smartphones and the rise of mobile Internet,Social information is also exploding,Campus resources have also become a market for college students to start their own businesses.?so howCustomize onecampusAppletsset social、takeout、What about a comprehensive platform for the mall??

(social networking website development)social networking website development(social networking website development)

Campus takeaway platform

Integrate on-campus canteen businesses,Provide check-in platform,Students can order delivery,Solving the last mile problem,Can be delivered to the corresponding dormitory,meet students“Lazy”mentality。Also offers on-campus employment opportunities,Students can become riders,Orders,complete delivery


Meet the Campus Dining Hall,Dine-in reservation,Students can book directly for dine-in,By appointment,Pick up in store。avoid peak periods

social platform

campus social,Release the campus second-hand item replacement platform,

(social networking website development)Campus summer job

(social networking website development)The platform publishes information on campus summer jobs of partner manufacturers,Students can choose to enroll,Update your own information on the platform,Then unified by the platform publisher。

Students can check working hours on the platform,Salary Details,Apply for withdrawal。

The person in charge enters the working hours of the students,and salary details,Students can get it directly。

Campus Recruitment Station

Cooperate with the school employment department to integrate offline companies,Post graduation recruitment information,Students can follow the recruitment information,Schedule your own time to register and post your resume information。

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