explain the steps to develop design of a website


As website application rate increases,therefore,Many website design companies launch a variety of convenient website production tools,Use more convenient to use,Therefore, the web page is made into a very easy thing.,Years ago,No website construction basics,Unable to design web pages with handwritten code。

because of this,There will be a lot of people think that the webpage is simple.,So they are eager to make their own websites,But they find that their websites are very rough,Want to do a good job,Must know the steps to design a website,Eight steps for website design,do you know?Today, I will talk about the website design steps.。

explain the steps to develop design of a website

one、Website theme style

(explain the steps to develop design of a website)No matter what type of corporate website or personal websites, you should determine the subject and style。

The subject of the website is what you have included in the website?,Find the content of the user,Deepen、Thorough excavation of your own characteristics,The theme style of the website is not fixed,What can be,Heavy highlighting theme,To make content、Make details,Also need unified website style、Use color、Use,In order to leave a deep impression to the user。

two、Collection of finishing materials

Determine the theme of the website,You have to start collecting the information you need to collect your website around theme。

(explain the steps to develop design of a website)Want to make your website special,Can attract the eyeball,You have to collect more valuable materials.,This will be easier to make a website later.。

Where can you collect information?,Information can be from books、newspaper、CD、multimedia、Collect and organize online,Will be collected、Go to the puppet,Material as a web page。

three、Planning planning website

The good and bad website design depends on the designer's planning level.,The content of the website planning includes website structure、Column design、Theme style、Color matching、Layout、Criterion sorting and the use of pictures,Before doing a web page, you should take into account these aspects.,In order to make a number in the process of production。

Only in this way,Web design can have personality、Characteristics and attraction。

Four、Start design website

Choose the production tool you are good at,Common web page production toolsfirework、Photoshop,Animation production software hasFlash,These software can be downloaded online。

After the software tool is selected,I started designing the website.。

When designing a website,First, it will be designed with a general structure.,Then gradually improve details,Start from the beginning of the design,Simple content design,Complex design,Good modification in order to have problems。

Fives、Production web background

Completed website page design,Differential view of the website,In useDreamweaverPage,Contains visual editing、HTMLCode editing、as well asActiveX、JavaScript、Java、Flash、ShockwaveEquality,Generate dynamicsHTML。

(explain the steps to develop design of a website)Complete front endhtmlpage,To be flexible to manage the content of the website,Improve work efficiency,Just a background management system,Website development language for current usage comparisons isPHP,Data type isMysql,There are many good open source systems on the Internet。

six、upload toWeb

Page production、After the background function development is completed,Publish all files and databasesWebServer,That is, the virtual host we bought,Do a good job in domain name analysis and bind domain names on space,Users can watch the website through the excursions.,Upload data toolsLeapFTP、FlashFXPsoftware,It is very convenient to post all the contents of the website to the network.。

seven、Website promotion

After the website design is completed,To conduct a full network promotion,Improve website access rate and reputation,Increase website traffic,Bring more consultants。

There are many ways to promote website.,For example, search engines submit、self-media、Classified information、Switched link、Add ad link, etc.。

Eight、Maintenance update content

Can I continue to retain users?,Let the search engine pay attention,The website is often updated with original valuable content.,Keep content fresh at any time,Only constantly updating content,In order to attract users to browse the website,Let spider crawl content,Give the website's ranking opportunity。

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