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There are tons of app building platforms to create and develop apps,without breaking the rules or requiring the user to know how to code。Conversely,Developers can quickly create mobile applications in use,and have access to tutorials and rich templates,These templates will no doubt be great too。The so-called best tool,It is undoubtedly the most time-saving and labor-saving way for developers,For business,Undoubtedly the least expensive,the best thing。The following areTOP 23The best mobile app development platform,If you have a better share,Welcome to leave a message。


Appery.iois a cloud-based platform,Backend services with visual development tools and integrations,Has beenAT&T,ESPNused by companies such as Samsung,This is a powerful and visual application builder tool。

(mobile app developer website)mobile app developer website

Appery.ioMany useful templates are provided,and supports responsiveWebapplication development。

2. Appcelerator

AppceleratorThe mobile platform offers pre-integrated cloud services and an extensive library of app extensions in its component marketplace。

This is ideal forWebTechnology for multi-OS application development enterprises。

It also contains impressive app usage insights,This means monitoring application performance will be very simple

(mobile app developer website)3. AppInstitute

(mobile app developer website)based onNottinghamofAppInstitutewas founded in2011year,foriOSandAndroidProvides a no-coding application building platform。

AppInstituteOffers a range of app templates and a useful drag-and-drop editor——not to mentionCRMapp to monitor app sales,Push notifications, analytics and more。

(mobile app developer website)4. AppMachine

(mobile app developer website)AppMachineis the tool that claims to make app making easy and accessible to anyone。It works by scanning websites and creating content。Then,AppMachineallows to iterate what it calls“building blocks”。

mobile app developer website

This is an economical and inexpensive way to obtain a minimum viable product。

5. AppMakr

AppMakrWill help developers get content or services,and create nativeiPhoneandAndroidapplication andHTML5mobile site。

(mobile app developer website)Here is a no-code solution,It only takes a few minutes,But be aware of the usage requirements for all services。

with the help ofAppMakr,Developers will be able to take advantage of built-in notifications,Full customization and live app updates。

(mobile app developer website)6. AppYourself

AppYourselfcan create a50EuroAndroidapplication。

Users can useOpen TableandResmiocooperation benefits,E-commerce functionality is relatively simple。AppYourselfThe interface is very easy to use。

It does provide a smooth and accessible platform for building applications。

(mobile app developer website)7. Appy Pie

Appy PieAllow editing of applications,and published on almost every platform available。

Developers can createWindowsmobile phone,blackberry andFire OS(Kindle)as well asAndroidandiOSs application,it's very impressive。although,need to pay a fee,spend per month50Dollar。

(mobile app developer website)If you want to make onlyAndroidapplication,then every month15US dollar base fee。

8. Bizness Apps

As an app maker for small businesses,Bizness AppsProvides an easy way to aggregate existing content from websites and social media。

mobile app developer website

Developers can see changes in real time,Absolutely no programming expertise required。This is useful for small and medium businesses that only need one app now,For those who are app centric,they are of little use。

9. Como

ComoUser can choose template and navigation style,even add your own personalized content,The main application that can be used to create a calendar,music player,Centered on ordering, etc.,Features such as the ability to add membership card plans。

10. GameSalad

GameSaladis a differentiated app maker,Gamesaladclaim,Developers can build a game in under an hour。

GameSaladSupports all major operating systems,includeAmazonandWindows。

11. Good Barber

(mobile app developer website)Good Barberis to build beautiful apps in four easy steps。Unlike most simple app makers,it puts the design up front,Let developers add content later。

This means that,Its content management capabilities are very impressive。at the same time,Good BarberMaking an app is easy。

12. iBuildApp

With a simple drag-and-drop editor,Built-inCMSand over1,000application templates,iBuildAppLooks like a do-it-all when it comes to creating well-designed apps,Developers need only minimal coding knowledge。

mobile app developer website

useiBuildApp,Developers can choose the department they work in and filter related templates。according toiBuildAppregistration,more than15,000businesses are using it,accumulated more than200million users。

13. jQuery Mobile

As the non-profit Software Freedom Protection AssociationjQuerypart of an open source project,jQuery MobileGreat for those who need open source mobilewebframe enterprise,These frameworks will allow developers to leverage existingjQuerySkill。

The framework provides the use ofHTML,JavaScriptandCSSBuild interactive mobility for a range of smartphonesWebability to apply,and can be used withPhoneGapUse together to build hybrid mobile applications。

It doesn't have the sleekness others have listed,but it should not be ignored。

(mobile app developer website)14. Kalipso

KalipsoforWindows,AndroidandMicrosoftOperating system provides mobile application development,Focus on process,instead of code。

(mobile app developer website)Key features include drag and drop editor,free runtime,built-inGPS,Database synchronization,Multilingual and technical support。

KalipsoThere are also many lovely themes for developers to choose from。

mobile app developer website

15. Kony

(mobile app developer website)KonyAt2007when it was first launched,Focus on consumer-facing applications,but then addedB2EFunction。

KonyThe platform is ideal for projects that require native functionality across a range of mobile devices。This environment can be used for tablet,smart phone,smart phone,Build apps for mobile browsers and even desktop browsers,Then deploy to all devices。

(mobile app developer website)16. LiveBlox

(mobile app developer website)Apulusthe company'sLiveBloxAllow users to pass“Blox”Develop applications without coding,These blocks of code can be chained together to create a meaningful application。

Key features include:Drag and drop editor,GUIbuilder,video,export application,3DEngine and plugin system。

17. Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadiealready quite famous。What sets it apart is the number of beautiful design templates and the additional features available。

Mobile RoadieHave a fan wall,to chat with,Music playback and location features,But all these features come at a price。

18. NativeScript

as beingGartnerexist2017Named a Leader in Mobile Application Development in the Magic Quadrant,open source frameworkNativeScriptis a pretty strong competitor。

user can useJavaScript,AgularandTypeScriptCreate native applications,and can easily reuse code,Save a lot of time for developers。NativeScriptCreate from a codebaseiOSandAndroidapplication,and provides many helpful guides to help shorten the learning curve。

19. Outsystems

Outsystemsis a low-code application platform,designed to create,Deploy and manage custom applications。

mobile app developer website

All applications are securely integrated,So a good option for those looking to build applications that may contain sensitive information。

20. TheAppBuilder

TheAppBuilderis a mobile development tool for enterprises。by includingHeathrow AirportImpressive client list including,TheAppBuilderHas become an important platform for applications and external-facing software build patterns。

21. Viziapps

Viziappsis an easy-to-use platform,for creating business applications。Users can design using a simple drag-and-drop editor,Test and release the application,So ideal for users who lack coding skills。

ViziappsA large number of third-party plugins andViziApps Studio,Enable users to see their applications on their mobile devices。

22. Verivo Software

(mobile app developer website)VerivoSoftware focused on lightweight native client applications,Makes it a strong choice for businesses that need to support a variety of device types and platforms with limited development resources。

To help provide a consistent native user experience across platforms,VerivoProvides visuals that can be shared across platforms/functional element

23. Xamarin from Microsoft

2016year2moon,Microsoft acquires mobile app development platformXamarin。

Developers can useC#Create applications easily,foriOS,AndroidandWindowsBuild native apps。 more importantly,XamarinProvides an interactive dashboard,Provide information about active users,Live data for sessions and other useful metrics。

The acquisition is said to increase Microsoft's drive for software innovation on open platforms。