factors to consider when developing a website pdf


(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)Whether you're doing your best with a limited budget to get the most out of your website,Or to operate at an enterprise level,A powerful website brings you unlimited business opportunities。

A good website considers visitors first,Provide a great user experience,and can be a powerful marketing engine。

You are investing in internet marketing,to drive people to your website,then now you need to deliver the experience they expect when they arrive。

factors to consider when developing a website pdf

1.Clearly define your goals

Although we should always start a website or marketing project with a goal in mind,But we need to consider both ourselves and our users' concerns about our site。

Only when we identify what the target audience wants and can deliver to them in a satisfactory way,the site to generate traffic,Leads and Sales。

It should be easy to define goals for your business and users。If the goals are inconsistent,then you may have a problem,You'll be looking to make money but not be able to deliver the product and get the experience your audience is looking for。

Seeing no traffic or no sales after investing time and money on your website,it's painful,No one knows why they should buy a product or service from you。this is a big question,Shows that you are focusing too much on sales goals,rather than meeting user needs。

2.correct budget

Ready to invest in your website。I know a lot of brands that spend too much on their website,And then spend very little on marketing。on the contrary,Some people want to expand their network marketing efforts,and don't spend too much on the site。

find what suits youCMS,Technology and Site Type。

off the shelf?know what the limitations are,This way you don't have to ditch it and start over before understanding your ROI。

Custom website design or development?Make sure it doesn't cost too much,and won't push your breakeven point into the future。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)Nanjing website construction expert Lang Zhichao reminds:Don't under- or over-invest in your website。Know what your upfront investment is and what your incremental investment is,in order to make the right decisions to support your business。

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3.Gain audience trust

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)factors to consider when developing a website pdf

Be transparent and transparent about what you offer and what you want your audience to do。know what motivates them,and what is your expertise。take advantage of this。

Websites often lack the emotional or credible connection needed to earn trust and leads or sales。A mistake we often see is the lack of substantive“about Us”page of the website(even a service company website)。

Users want to know who to do business with,not just a site introducing goods or services。

If you are unable to place corporate branding on your website,picture,culture or some type of story,then you won't be able to state your opinion。

Customers care about your corporate qualifications。even budget-conscious customers(Only pursue the lowest price),He also needs to confirm that you are a legitimate company before buying。

4.Find a way to stand out

Differentiation is the key。You can still use website templates,But need to make sure the look is different。

By customizing images and styles to fit your brand,you can stand out。This comes with earning trust。

When you tell your story and create a price,quality,customer service,How to handle profits,How to return when factors such as,you create a user experience that is completely different from other templated websites(Even if the industry is the same)。

5.Focus on usability and user experience

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)factors to consider when developing a website pdf(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)

Make it easy for your audience to get what they want。If you are a video site,then drive users to the video page。

If you have a product or service,Make sure users can get to the page they want with the fewest clicks。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)In addition to intuitive main menu navigation optimized for mobile and desktop experiences,Also consider placing a search box and other prompts for popular content。

Don't be self-righteous and think that users are willing to click multiple times to get the latest video or hot selling product they want,please remember:Users are usually“lazy”。

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6.rememberSEOBasic knowledge

It seems like a basic thing,But please don't forgetSEO。

At least understand how search engines crawl and index your content,And make sure to optimize for essential on-page factors。

There are many ways to simplify this process,Included via plugins and semantic coding。

SEOHas technical content,not just on the page,But you can at least make sure your content can be indexed(and is being indexed)。Customize elements on your website,and visually express your content from the page,Such sites areSEOIt's already half won。

7.Optimize your landing page

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)factors to consider when developing a website pdf

Landing pages are great tools for advertising。This includesPPCadvertise,News Feed,Internet Marketing Jobs, etc.。

If you are doing any marketing,Having a system that can quickly create and customize landing pages is critical to success。

If you use your website management system for a dedicated campaign outside of your normal navigable website,Make sure your website management system can control your website,and allows you to set the index state,Change the navigation and separate these pages from the normal navigation path。

8.use your statistics

another seems to be given,But not limited to installing Baidu Stats on your website。

You need statistics about your website,Information on achievement of goals, etc.,unless you take some quick steps to set it up,Otherwise you won't be able to get more information。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)Don't think you can just ignore it once you set it,And then a few months later to see how it goes。Although you don't have to log in to Baidu Statistics every day,But check at least once a week to see how the site is doing,and can be adjusted at any time,without having to react by the time it's too late。

9.Learning with Heatmaps

Heatmaps and page analysis tools are great sources of additional information about user experience。Many key aspects of website success are related toUXrelated。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)such asLucky Orangetools such as,Can give you insight into how far the user scrolled,mouse track,Number of forms completed before holding,Stuck on your site,There is a lot of information that Baidu Stats can't show you。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)By monitoring this detail level,User experience can be fixed,and fine-tune the site further to see if it works。

10.Make sure your website is always working

When making sure the website is up and running,We usually consider uptime。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)but,Without the correct protocol,you might not notice things likeJavaScriptcan't trigger,button doesn't work,Issues like browser-specific bugs or mobile experience issues。

Just by looking at sales data and monitoring uptime,You may miss the hurdles encountered by a segment of your audience。

(factors to consider when developing a website pdf)When they can't buy or get what they want,Many users won't find you and contact you,they will just leave。

Make sure your code works and is cross-browser tested。

11.Continuous listening and learning

don't assume。We are good at and continue to optimize and learn in the process of marketing。SEOis an ongoing process,which includes fine-tuning。

Don't let your website stand still。Listen to your target audience and users and learn。

through the media,customer service channels,analyze,Heatmaps and whatever data and touchpoints you have to do this。

Actively seek feedback and ways to improve,Make your website an asset that grows and grows with your business。

in conclusion

While most of the factors that lead to a website's success are tied to the user experience and your brand,But understand and utilize technology,Insights and feedback are important to optimize and improve your website over time。

please remember,Website optimization is not limited toSEO。


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