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This year6moon3day,Pulian Software successfully landed on the Growth Enterprise Market,Become a business establishment20The best gift for the anniversary。Grow from Startup to Large Software Enterprise,Listed on NASDAQ in the United States,And then to complete the privatization and be listed on the domestic GEM……Counting Pulian software20year,It can be called a classic case of Chinese software companies breaking through and developing。

software and website development company in nashik(software and website development company in nashik)business start-up,Focus on Financial Informatization

(software and website development company in nashik)The end of last century and the beginning of this century,China's software industry begins to develop from the beginning,at the same time,Foreign software companies have also begun to flood into the country,Competition is fierce。Full of enthusiasm and ambition to revitalize the national software industry,Many entrepreneurs are eager to try,I want to realize my big dream in this new world,A large number of software companies have sprung up,Pulian Software is one of them。

2001year9moon,The predecessor of Pulian Software“Jinan Hi-Tech Soft”Registered in Jinan High-tech Zone,This is one of the earliest software companies established in Jinan High-tech Zone。Qilu Software Park Building when the company startedAseat(Commonly known as“Ttype building”)office,then,Qilu Software Park Youth Entrepreneurship Plaza(Commonly known as“big circle”)just started construction,There are lots of crops around,It is very much like the vast market that China's software industry urgently needs to develop at that time.。

Start-up Pulian Software,Focus on software development and services in the field of financial informatization,Unlike several well-known companies in the industry at the time,Pulian Software focuses more on providing customized development and continuous support services for customers,This was an advanced concept at the time,There are not many companies in the country that do this。

2005Year to2008year period,Pulian Software undertook the construction of the first-level accounting system of China Petroleum Accounting、PetroChina Treasury System、A group of groups such as Sinopec's centralized capital platform have built a unified system,Gradually formed core competitiveness in the petroleum and petrochemical industry,Gain a firm foothold in the industry。

Landing on Nasdaq,Famous in the industry

Despite gaining a firm foothold in the industry,However, the scale of the start-up Pulian software is still relatively limited.,Not well known at the time。Based on the healthy expansion of the company's business,Use the capital market to promote the rapid development of the company,Become the clear consensus of Pulian software management。

(software and website development company in nashik)2008year9moon9day,Pulian Software was successfully listed on NASDAQ in the United States,Fund raising800million dollars。Pulian Software becomes one of the few software companies listed on NASDAQ in China,It is also the first software company listed on NASDAQ in Shandong Province.,Pulian software suddenly became famous in the industry。

After the NASDAQ listing,Pulian Software has entered a period of rapid development,And gradually from the petroleum and petrochemical industry to a wider industry market,Established a number of subsidiaries in Hong Kong and the Mainland,and through mergers and acquisitions,Consolidate industry position,Expand business areas,Significantly improved performance。Annual report shows,For a period of time after Puliansoft's NASDAQ listing,Rapidly growing revenue。

(software and website development company in nashik)Despite the rapid growth in performance,but affected by the international financial crisis、The impact of short-selling stocks and other events,Pulian Software is the same as other Chinese companies listed in the US,stock price falls,even below the net worth。In the opinion of the management of Pulian Software,Too low stock prices have hurt corporate entities。Due to the lack of understanding and value judgment of the company by investors,Pulian Software struggles to raise further financing on Nasdaq,In addition, maintaining an overseas listing is costly and less convenient,Management decides to return to domestic listing in China。

practice inner strength,Listed on the Growth Enterprise Market

2012year10end of the month,The privatization of Pulian Software was completed。But it is not easy to get listed in the country。after privatization,Pulian Software constantly cultivates internal strength,successively recognized as“Shandong Enterprise Mobile Computing Engineering Technology Research Center”、“Shandong Software Engineering Technology Center”。The company continues to increase investment in research and development,The ability to innovate has been rapidly improved,While consolidating the business of strategic customers,Actively expand business in advantageous areas,Launched a batch of high-quality solutions and software products,and in construction real estate、Financial insurance and other industries have gained a number of high-quality large customers,Promote the continuous expansion of the company's business scale,Income structure continues to improve。

2018year,Pulian Software established“Focus on large group customers、Focus on advantageous business areas”development strategy。In recent years, China's construction has been expanded、CNOOC、A number of central enterprise customers such as the National Pipeline Network,and established a long-term cooperative relationship,Construction financial sharing、Business and financial integration、money management、A series of super-large-scale projects such as digital construction。company from2018Year to2020year,Achieve rapid growth in performance,compound growth rate20%,2020annual operating income4.2billion,Net profit attributable to parent8300more than ten thousand yuan,Laid a solid foundation for the company's listing。

software and website development company in nashik

2021year6moon3day,Pulian Software was successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange,Became the first GEM listed company in Jinan after the reform of the GEM registration system。Company public offering2210ten thousand shares,The total amount of funds raised is approx.4.6billion。

Completing the listing is of great significance to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the company。Feng Xuewei, executive deputy general manager of Pulian Software, believes that,After listing as a public company,Pulian software will have better transparency and credibility,Have more innovative institutional mechanisms and more effective means to promote the company's development;With the support of raised funds,The company will increase R&D investment and capacity building efforts,Continuously improve the company's core competitiveness;Under the supervision and promotion of the capital market,Will maintain continuous pressure and motivation to drive the company's high quality、high-speed development。

Innovative research and development,Grow with the park

This year is the first time that Pulian Software has gone through.20year。20years,from start-up、NASDAQ listing、Returning to China and Going to the Growth Enterprise Market,from the first few dozen、hundreds of people,developed to the present1600multiple people。Today's Pulian software has grown into a strong technical strength、Serving large software companies in multiple industries,Nationally recognized high-tech enterprise、Key software enterprises encouraged by the state。

In Feng Xuewei's view,The development of the enterprise today is inseparable from the continuous investment in its own R&D and innovation。It is reported that,Pulian Software currently owns software copyright170multiple,Access to ministerial and provincial science and technology projects10item。Over the years, the R&D expenditure has continued to remain at the10%above,2020Annual R&D Expenses5000more than ten thousand yuan,R&D investment accounted for more than12%。

“The development of the enterprise over the years is also inseparable from the good industrial environment of Jinan High-tech Zone and the strong support of Qilu Software Park,such as tax、Talent policy support, etc.,The park also actively contacts companies to declare countries、Provincial and city-level projects,为企业争取扶持资金。”Strive to support funds,2003年,Feng Xuewei still remember,获得了园区济南科技风险投资有限公司资金支持300year,帮助企业渡过难关。

(software and website development company in nashik)Difficult period in the company's development,普联软件办公场所规模也在不断扩大,Get the support of the park Jinan Technology Risk Investment Co., Ltd.。冯学伟介绍,Ten thousand yuan、济南高新区及齐鲁软件园的支持下,Help companies travel through difficulties,预计2022As companies continue to grow8000多平米的新办公区,The scale of the Puslian software office is also expanding。

找记者、All period parks have given timely guarantees、求帮助,Feng Xuewei introduced“齐鲁壹点”APPIn Shandong Provincial Information and Communication Technology Research Institute“壹点情报站”,Jinan High-tech Zone and Qilu Software Park600多位主流媒体记者在线等你来报料!

software and website development company in nashik