fantasy football website development


fantasy football website development

Editor's note:Soccer desert in the impression——America,Football enthusiasts are increasing,The football industry has also slowly rise。But even so,As the world's first sports, the influence is still not as good asNBA、NFL、MLBWaiting for traditional big alliance。So this fantasy family game is in the US popular virtual sports game,Can commercial football get a leap progress?,Become the next football??

(fantasy football website development)In the past few years,The rise of football has become an indisputable fact:Number of people in the World Cup,Thousands of young people on the court,New TV contracts in Germany and La Liga,Premier LeagueFOXandNBCCooperation,Top club summer in North America's friendly match with a huge audience,Sustainable and stable development of the Football Union。You can see more and more children and adults wear Messi andCRodTThe shirt appeared in the streets and gymnasiums,All caught up with McGrady and David·Otz。Now,Football has become part of American culture,And continue to increase existence。

The majority of the union in recent months is developing rapidly,New partners have appeared in business,Even global clubs like Bayern Munich,Also started with brand partners to conduct positive marketing in the United States,Even rooted New York,Built a completely mature office。However,Overall,The impact of football in mainstream media and television ratings is still behindNBA、NFL(Football big union)andMLB(Baseball big union),Despite the development,But far is far from enough to form huge scale。Is there any big outbreak in the development of football??Maybe,Maybe in the dream football(American virtual sports game)Digital world。

Although the statistics of football are far from reachingMLBorNFLDetailed extent,However, the heat of the football field for data analysis and gaming participation is continuously rising,This trend is not just in the United States,Europe is also the same。Last week,Chelsea announced andMondogoalEstablish a Fantasy Football Game Platform,MondogoalIs a company located in Britain and Boston,Currently, Barcelon、More and more mainstream clubs such as Rome and Manchester City have established a Female Fantasy Football Game,I hope to build a new exchange platform with one million supporters throughout the day and weekly payment games.,Not only limited to the fans of the team where the team is located,Also included in the United States, the fantasy game is very common in baseball and football.。

fantasy football website development

Chelsea said in a press release:

“As a club,We have been seeking to add new ways to increase global fans.,We think fantasy football is a huge opportunity,Also proudMondogoalCooperate together in this new field。We have seen,research shows,Fantasy website70%Revenue from rugby game,But in a global scale,Football accounts for sports gambling70%,So our supporters will welcome this cooperation。”

If this data can be kept,So dream football games as a huge source of income,In just a year, you can become a reality.,Especially when a fantasy sports game is popular, it has become accustomed to the gaming culture.。 MondogoalCEO,Former Roman official El Shad said the market is huge,Risk is worth,Although most reports show the clubs of early and dream cooperation,For example, Liverpool and Manchester City,Did not get expected results,But there are some clubs that have already been in the gambling issue.,And very advantageous。

It is difficult for you to find a British team who has no cooperation with traditional Zhuang.,These Zhuangjia companies did not regard their dream football as interest,Instead, dream is the obstruction of its business.。Some clubs receive millions of gains from League Daiji,It's much more than how much it is in the early days of dream football.,Most clubs,Should be all,In order to develop, it will stand on one side of money.。But more and more trends indicate,Dream football will attract new consumers and young audiences that are not traditional gaming models。

fantasy football website development

Has of the CEO of Phoenic Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. in many global clubsChris LencheskiExpress:“We know that dream football is different in the US and traditional gaming stores or casinos.。The club treats fantasy game as new input,Part of the overall growth,Not a different field。Especially now,Your club has a US fan involved in business operations.。Fantasy football is a health in the United States、Participation platform in legal and growth,Can bring you a new fans around the world,Its potential is huge。

So what is the situation in the United States??This fantasy game series has achieved great successful homes,at this place,DraftKingsandFan DuelSuch a merchant will launch a marketing war every week,Let customers participate in his partnersNBAorNHLLeague competition,orNFLandMLBNo party competition。Can Dream Football be a big game for the next development of sports??Can becomeMLS(Football professional big alliance)Little Gibes??It's hard to say。

Currently,DranftKingsandFan DuelBe committed toMMA(Integrated fight)This movement,UFC(Ultimate fighting tournament)I have entered the world of dream sports。althoughMondogoalSee the potential of the global club as the next big event,No matter where their ball fans,MLSAnd the agreement and investment of relevant interest groups cannot appear in time。MLSIndeed,But always,The extensive participation of the club payment game or large application has a long way to go。LencheskiReplenish。

When you see potential audience scale,MLSOverall growing,And most clubs are very proficient in the network,But compare four major sports projects in North America,EvenNASCAR(American Racing Association),It's still not enough.。It is very important to invest in fantasy football to expand fans.,But you must measure risk and reward,becauseMSLHaven't started big outbreak。MLSSomething will break out,But there is also a bigger promotion platform,Need to become truly influential and profitable before dream football。This will eventually achieve this,But not yet now。

fantasy football website development

There are other factors that will affect whether football will become the next dream.。In the United States,Critical part of fans involved——Network connectivity,At least abroad,The function is not very perfect。There is still a small number of states that do not support paying dreams,The biggest is Washington,MLSThe most influential team Seattle Music。There is also a problem that players spend time and dreams on the game.,For investment,It is largely becoming a number of games,Means of,You need to do 10,000,InNFLLook,Need millions of players,It is feasible to fiscal。

Most audiences come from traditional TV markets.,in this field,MLSThe audience has grown very much,Although the new TV contract is very potential,But still only account for a small part of all US Sports Alliance Share。Overall,Fantasy football is still a huge potential for the development platform of football.,And in fact,Many global clubs have a good signal for the preliminary investment in this field.。

Brand is looking for participation platform still has a lot of potential,Microsoft andMLSTake advantage of,Take fantasy football as a way of promoting brands and increasing fans,ifMLSBrand can continue to develop,So the team of the big alliance can also be like Chercyal Pool and other teams already have done.,Invest in games for specific teams。

(fantasy football website development)当然,Of course,就像美国MLSIt will take time。但是对于那些近年来从事美国商业足球事业的人来说,like america,梦幻足球也值得一赌。