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The following is what I have multiple times.HRFriends ask,Even the cost of heavy gold asked him to eat a bowl of colostrum,I spent countless my heart,I hope you don't want to lift!(bushi)

The first write resume doesn't know how to write?Knowing the resume teaching does not apply to programmers?Unqualified resumes, there is no interview call?do not worry,Let me give you a good story about the programmer.!

Not talk nonsense,Direct access!We depth from the following points:

  • Resume template
  • Basic Information
  • professional skill
  • resume
  • practice/Project experience
  • Self-evaluation

Let's talk about it first:Do not fake resumes!Once found,You will be pulled inHRCircle in blacklist。Even,It is also easy to find out during work.。

one、Resume template

(one)Resume style

Many resumes don't know what a good-looking resume is like.,Either typographic,Simple fully all wireframe,Either complicated flowers,As if in art appreciation。

(software developer resume website)software developer resume website

HRShow your resume,As long as you want to decide your resume, don't bepassLose,thereforeHRI like it is usually simple and clean.、At a glance, you can see the resume of you.。

(two)Resume naming and format

The name of the resume is also very important,Don't be named“resume”I will send it out like this.,HRI don't know what the number you are.,May choose not to open it。

(software developer resume website)The naming of your resume should be like this:Name_School_apply for job

Secondly,usepdfFormatThe resume is the best。Do not use itwordFormat,Because it is easy to open on your phone.。

(software developer resume website)

(three)Resume template

Production resume requirements partition clear、Font unity、Clear,Will you find your own resume to find a template online?。

Don't use the template for the recruitment website,Template, like Zhilian recruitment,Will let your resume hang on the obvious wisdom of Zhilian logo,Very ugly。

I can give you a resume template here.,I hope you can move my hand to give me a favorite collection.,Don't be white~


Extraction code:dquc

(Four)Resume website

If you still want to see other resume templates,Don't worry,I also have some resume websites to recommend them to you.:

(software developer resume website)

two、Basic Information


(software developer resume website)Of course, put your own baldness……

software developer resume website

Cough,Open a joke。actuallyHRCan't do it at all, there is no photo,If you want to put photos, you must:

  1. front Photo,Can see your facial features
  2. Generous,Fullness
  3. Don't put travel photos、Beauty selfie


(software developer resume website)This doesn't have to emphasize this.。

(three)Contact information

telephone、E-mailIs two most important contact,Indispensable。Interview invites general calls and mailboxes,OfferIt is often sent via email。

(Four)Education,graduated school

Education:Specialist/Undergraduate/master/PhD。Graduate colleges can actually be a selection,If you feel that your school is too bad,Looking at the name, I don't know the kind of school.,Don't still fill it。As long as it is a good two, you can fill it.。

Don't fake diplomas。

(Fives)Career Objective

What should I write?。

(six)Work year

This influence is not written.,Don't exaggerate,Give yourself an interview standard。


If you have a blog or personal technology stack point,This is your additional item.。Of course, your blog can't be all scattered.,Otherwise it is also white.,Have some content。

three、professional skill

This is what I personally think is the most important.,This will show your matching between you and this position.。Don't write too much insteb hotels on your resume,Should write skills that meet your position。

Suppose the recruitment information we have seen is this:

software developer resume website(software developer resume website)

We can write this way:

  1. ProficientJava、C++,Solid,Have a good coding habit;
  2. familiarHTTPprotocol、TCP/IPprotocol,Master data structure、Common algorithm, etc.;
  3. Two years of experience in game development,There must be a certain cognition for common databases;
  4. Have good communication and coordination,Strong team spirit。

Notice!Cautious“proficient”Two words。If the interviewer you have encountered is really proficient,Then you don't have a good fruit.。You may be asked for various details of this skill to confirm if you are really proficient,If you can't answer, it is very embarrassing.。Can be used“Proficient”、“familiar”Waiting for words to replace“proficient”。

Four、work experience(Episode)


Reverse ordering your work experience is a good method。

Because this format can demonstrate the full process of continuous and upward occupational growth,At the same time, you can letHRSee your nearest job position,To determine if your experience is in line with your job。

(two)Attendance time

(software developer resume website)Time format should be unified,Unified use“year/moon”or“year/moon/day”。

At the time, you can reflect the frequency of your replacement work.,If you often hip the sloppy,This should be considered how to write。

(three)company name

Don't write,To write a full name。If“Huawei”Change to“Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd”。


This is nothing to say.,What is writing?。

(Fives)Job Responsibilities

(software developer resume website)Simply describe your main work

(software developer resume website)Don't write too fine,Don't write project details,Project details We put in the next project experience。

(software developer resume website)


2019year6moon-2020year12moon Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd JavaDevelopment Engineer Secondary development responsible for company internal management system

2018year9moon-2019year6moon Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd. JavaDevelopment Engineer Responsible for Tencent watch search andPCGSearch in the middle of the middle desk research and development

Fives、intern experience/Project experience

(software developer resume website)Project,Try only to write more eye-catching items。

In order not to write the experience of the tiger,We can use“STARlaw”Write。

“STAR”LawSituationContext、TaskTask、Actionaction、Resultresult,On this basis, we can finalize multipleThinkingThinking to upgrade it to “START”law。

(software developer resume website)use“START”law,We can divide the work experience into project name、project description、Technology、Design technology、Personal responsibilities and project harvest six parts to write。

(software developer resume website)E.g:

(software developer resume website)project name:Programmer Inn Home Built

Project responsibility:Be responsible forJavaRear end development

project description:Programmer Inn is a……。I am in this project.……,Mainly responsible for……。In this project,I use it.……,Achieved……。(result)(reward)

(software developer resume website)


Cheerful,strong learning ability,Strong logical thinking,Active,Communicate……

(software developer resume website)You don't write, study hard every day.?

It is recommended to write only the specialty and hobbies related to the job.,Avoid meaningless self-evaluation。Self-evaluation is a gold module,Write a bunch of things that can be available、Big segments will only reduce themselves。

Can we write this?:

(software developer resume website)

The above is the full content of the programmer resume.,I hope to help you.,Go to do your own resume.~


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