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(rfp sample for website development)  Undergraduate study abroad,Is the competition really so important??For Chinese children,Participate in various competitions from small,Won all a award,This will also make your mother proud。therefore,Even enters the international system,Parents are most concerned about competition。Just like the problem I have continuously received:

  If you can get itAMC12High score,AIME 10Be more than,Can you guarantee me?CMU?

  ApplyCS,USACOIs the gold award??what else?

  I have to apply right away.,What is the award from others than our excellent??

  Child enters the international system,Parents are most concerned,In addition to homework,Be sure to test what test?What match participates in。me too,Go to the discipline of the child is interested in,Then find a tutor,I hope that the child can get more,This bridge segment,I didn't fall like it.。Even fillingCommon AppTime,Because it has five plaids to be filled with self-satisfaction,Do you have the same??

  but,Application for the United States is not such a standard system!

(rfp sample for website development)  first,Is the competition important??It is important to say in a sense.!I often hear everyone says,If you have an Olympic gold medal,Basically you can admitMIT,Is it right?correct,This type of top competition,Very reflecting IQ,If you can have a high IQ,Basically, you can get a lot of schools favor.。but,Can we reach this height??We analyze objective winning proportions,must admit,Most people can't reach,so,Competition and mortal,Can't win,Although it is still effective,But not all!

  If the competition representsIQ(IQ),But a complete person,Generally needEQ(Emotional business),American University believes,There is also a very importantLQ(Lover)。Today we mainly talk about competition,Subsequent, let's slowly analyze other parts.。

rfp sample for website development

  first,Let's analyze the competition,There are many competitions in the market.,I will make it defined as two types.:

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  1. Hard race

  This type is a single game,Often related to the discipline,Such as mathematicsAMC,physicsPUPCWait,This kind of competition award,Prove that you have academic strength in this discipline。


  2. Flexible match

  This type of competition is basically in the team's way.,Robot competition、Debate, etc.,This kind of competition award,First of all, you need to explain the role of your team,This can see you may achieve。so,Compared with the previous hard nuclear game,existIQCertificate will be weak,But in the reflection of leadership, it may be more,therefore,Nor did it。

  On the choice of the game,In addition to,There is also a kind of need to pay attention to it.,Competition maturity,The simplest judgment method is to check how many people participated in this competition.(Influence),Which countries participate,How is the winning rate??According to the number of participants,Analysis of this competition in the proportion of winning。Participate in the number of participants,Little winning proportion(Of course, you have to ensure you can get a prize.)。As for other weaker competitions,Selective participation is available。My suggestion is based on your own strength.。

(rfp sample for website development)  As for flexible game,Do you have to participate?Chinese parents may think that it is not important,But this also looks,Because flexible competitions have a chance to reflectIQ(IQ)outside,andEQ(Emotional business)。

  What are the high-quality competitions for the US undergraduate application worth participating?

  Mathematics competition

  1. American mathematics competition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★★☆

  American Mathematics Contest (AMC)

  Competition8、10、12grade,joinAMC10and AMC12Excellent results can be advanced to the US Mathematics Invitational TournamentAIME (American Invitational Mathematics Examination)。

  Before the results of the competition1%Before and before5%Students will receive the corresponding honor certificate,At the same time in the participating school3Name students can get gold、silver、Copper certificate(Concatenation)。Some school network application systems,Brand University、Carnegie Mellon University's online application needs to fill inAMCMathematics competition,It can be seen that the university pays attention to the award.。

(rfp sample for website development)  2. Qiu Chengtung Mathematics Competition Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★☆

  Shing-Tung Yau High School Mathematics Awards (YHMA)

  Classmates who are interested in participating can team up,And in Qiu Chengtong Science Award(math)Register on the registration page to complete the initial registration;

  The participating team can choose the appropriate mathematical research topic with the help of the instructor.,Conduct independent research;

  Each team must9moon15A research report now,Research reports can be written in Chinese or English(If it is a paper written in Chinese, there must be a summary,Entering the team after the third round,Need to pay an English version)。

  3. American High School Mathematical Modeling Competition Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★★☆

  High School Mathematical Contest in Modeling(HiMCM)

  The competitor is up to4High school students,Equipped with a guiding teacher,At designated17sky(Usually11Say Friday, the first week of the month)Inside,Continuously selected by the team36Hourly completed the competition。The program is two practical issues from the real world.,Each team is optional。

  4. International Olympic Mathematics Competition Entry threshold★★★★★ Containment★★★★★

  International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO)

  Olympics is the highest in all competition types、Difficulty、For the most helpful competition,Domestic situation is the award of the province to keep key universities,Enter members of the national training team(Generally60name)Can directly guarantee the Qinghua North University。Before the application30American university,Awards that get the national game will have a very helpful help。

  5. Princeton Mathematics Competition Entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  The Princeton University Math Competition(PUMaC)

  Princeton Mathematics Competition2006Annual,Divided into group competition(8Student team)Two forms of personal match。

  6. Harvard-MIT Mathematics Competition Entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  The Harvard-MIT Math Tournament (HMMT)

  Divided into group competition(6Student team)Two forms of personal match。

  7. Duke University Mathematics Competition Entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  Duke Math Meet (DMM)

(rfp sample for website development)  Duke University Mathematics Federation(DUMU)Promotab the hosted high school student mathematics competitionDuke Math Meet, Since now13Year history。The competition is divided into a team、Capability match、Relay match、Mixed competition and individual competition,Not only the requirements for individual mathematics requirements,Also attaches great importance to teamwork ability。

  8. International Mathematics Modeling Challenge Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★★☆

  The International Mathematical Modeling Challenge(IMMC)

  Each team must be from the same school 2-4 Classmate,And must have at least at least from the school 1 Teacher asking a guiding teacher。IMMC No limit on the number of teams registered by each school,Selection of each country2Participation team。

  Physical competition

  1. International Olympic Physical Competition Entry threshold★★★★★ Containment★★★★★

  International Physics Olympiad (IPhO)

  Domestic high school students say they“Race”,Or self-deprecate“Contest dog”,Basically, it is the default yourself in the Olympics.,This context does not include other competition types。

  2. Qiu Chengtong Middle School Science Award Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★☆

  Shing-Tung Yau High School Science Awards (YHSA)

  In addition to more familiar Qiu Chengtong Mathematics Award,In recent years,Qiu Chengtung Science Award has formed mathematics、physics、Chemical、biology、Awards for computer five university。

  Contest:1-3Chinese middle school students team,Submission。

  Judge:Experts in various disciplines participated in the review,Adhering to science、Rigorous selection standard,Last4Month,go through5Rule ratio,Finally decided to win the winner of the finals。

  Selection standard:Innovation from topic and solving problems;Research ideas originality;Academic normative nature of writing and verbal defense、Rigation;team work;Comprehensive assessment student capabilities for the potential of future discipline development。

(rfp sample for website development)  3. Princeton University Physics Competition Entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  Princeton University Physics Competition(PUPC)

  Princeton University Physical Competition is a physicoception competition facing international high school students,Physics organization from Princeton University,Supported by Physics and Twenty Physics Science, Princeton, USA。University of Princeton University, Physics Competition, Global High School Students,To provide them with the ability to answer yourself unconventional physical problems、Learning the most advanced research in the current physical field、At the same time competition award。The competition covers some challenging topics,Require participants to answer within the specified time,Exercise participants in the inner intuition of the beauty of physics。

  4. International Youth Physicologist Competition Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★★☆

  International Youth Physical Tournament (IYPT)

  International Youth Physicologist Competition,Is a academic event held in middle school students。This event is designed to exercise the ability of middle school students to solve complex scientific problems.,And can give a convincing solution for these issues。The competition takes a team debate,Also known as physical confrontation(physics fight, PF)。EveryIYPTThe team consists of five middle school students.,Middle School graduates can also participate in the graduation school year,Do not allow college students to participate。Local organization committee stipulates,Group members can also be3or4Famous student,Once the team is established,Replacement members are not allowed during the game。Game during the game,The team was captured by an official team member.,Commander。

  5. “Physics cup”American High School Physics Competition Entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆


(rfp sample for website development)  “Physics cup”High school physics competition“American Physical Teacher Association” AAPT host,The test is made by the university physics professor and the high school physics teacher of the university physics professor and teaching experience.。The event is the most influential high school physics competition in the United States.,Every year 11 A country exceeds 500 Well-known high school participation。Get high-profiles in the competition,past 9 Year 1 Name high school students get a full score in this competition。

  2015 National total 192 International school and key middle school 4300 Ming test student participated in this exam。Schools and students in China have received extremely excellent results in this competition.。in Division 2Group exam,Nanjing Foreign Language School won the first place in China,And the second place in the world。 Division 1 Group exam,Xi'an High-tech is the first place in China,And the first achievement of the world。

  6. British Physics Olympic Competition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  British Physics Olympiad competition (BPhO)

  British Physics Olympics 1979 year,1983 The official selection of national delegates in the United Kingdom participated in the International Physics Competition。British Physics Olympic Organizing Committee is mainly from Oxford University、British Physics Society and Odgen Foundation,Office is located in Oxford University Physics。British Physics Olympics Very important to physical knowledge flexibility,All test questions are proven。Classmates need to use their own physics knowledge to complete challenges,Its knowledge points involved very widely,The exam does not require students to complete all questions.,Instead, students encourage students to complete some of their own than their own interests and learning scope.。

  7. “American Physical Teacher Association”Physical photo contest Entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Containment★☆☆☆☆

  AAPT Photo Contest

  By American Physics Teacher AssociationAAPThost,Shooting a life or special designed by the contestants can be deeper physical phenomenon、Physical principle photo,Then match unneales250Character(English)Physical explanation。This event can stimulate students' interest,Also let students feel the beauty of nature and physics in life。Although the event is ready to be easy,But the award is absolutely not easy,Need very clever physical idea and explanation。AAPTHigh school physics

(rfp sample for website development)  Chemical competition

  1. International Olympic Chemistry Competition Entry threshold★★★★★ Containment★★★★★

  International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

  Mathematics、Physical Olympics,Chemistry Olympics is also the highest level of chemical competition。

(rfp sample for website development)  2. American Chemical Olympic Competition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad

  National Chemistry Contest by American Chemistry (ACS) host,It is the extremely influential high school chemistry competition in the United States.。A young man with chemistry interested in cultivating chemistry,Encourage and inspire their potential。Near the United States every year 16,000 American students participate in the competition,All students interested in chemistry can participate。Through this competition,The United States will select national team(Only for US citizens/Green card holder)Representing USA to International Olympic Competition。from 2018 Beginning,American Chemistry Society authorizes Chinese institutions to use American Chemical Olympics to organize this US national chemical competition,Let more Chinese students experience chemical academic charm and top high school students in the United States。 Chinese students will not enter the selection and participation of the national team。

  3. British Chemistry Olympic Competition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

(rfp sample for website development)  UK Chemistry Olympiad

  British Chemistry Olympic Competition(UK Chemistry Olympiad, UKChO)British Royal Chemistry Society(Royal Society of Chemistry,RSC)host。Royal Chemistry Society is headquartered in London and Cambridge,have5Ten thousand4000multiple members,It is one of the most influential chemical academic organizations in the world。The Royal Society of Chemistry is the UK's professional chemical organisation,Support and represent its members,Bringing together chemical scientists from around the world。Questions in UK Chemistry Olympiad to inspire and raise awareness of chemistry,Designed to provide an extension of the on-campus chemistry curriculum for outstanding high school students,Develop their chemical thinking and ability,Prepare for further university academic study and research。

  4. Royal Society of Chemistry Rising Star Challenge entry threshold★☆☆☆☆ Gold content★★☆☆☆

  Rising Star China Chemistry Challeng(RSC)

  Chemistry competition sponsored by the Royal Society of Chemistry“ Top of the Bench”so far20years of history,It is the longest-running secondary school in the UK,widest coverage,One of the most popular science competitions。In order to adapt to the student level and organizational form of Chinese international schools,Royal Society of Chemistry based on“ Top of the Bench”Competition Form and Proposition Rules,Specially organized for students in China“Chemistry Rising Star Challenge”。The competition is proposed and judged by the Royal Society of Chemistry,Officials certify the results,The finalists will have the opportunity to be invited to the UK's top international secondary school science forum。

  biological competition

  1. International Olympiad in Biology entry threshold★★★★★ Gold content★★★★★

  International Biology Olympiad (IBO)

  Biology Olympiad and Mathematics、physics、chemistry together,Tied for the four major Olympic events,Help with U.S. applications is also most significant。

(rfp sample for website development)  2. American Biology Olympiad entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Gold content★★★☆☆

(rfp sample for website development)  USA Biology Olympiad

  The sponsor of the American Biology Olympiad is the American Center for Elite Education (Center for excellence in education,short name:CEE)。CEE For non-profit educational academic institutions in 1983 Year established。at the same time CEE Or the Organizing Committee of the American Biology Olympiad,Select and train the National Biology Olympiad team for the U.S. for the World Biology Olympiad (IBO)。In recent years,Medicine at a prestigious US university、Biomedical Science、Biogenetics and other disciplines have become the most popular majors to apply for,The excellent results achieved by high school students in the American Biology Olympiad have become an important application advantage for these majors。therefore,American Biology Olympiad becomes America's most academic、One of the most influential science and engineering competitions,more than 10000 American high school students participated。

  3. British Biology Olympiad entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Gold content★★★☆☆

(rfp sample for website development)  British Biology Olympiad

(rfp sample for website development)  British Secondary School Biology Olympiad sponsored by the Royal Society of Biology (British Biology Olympiad,short name BBO),since 1995 Years since establishment 21 years history,It is the longest-running secondary school in the UK、One of the most influential science competitions,Nearly 10,000 high school students in the UK participate every year。Every year, the United Kingdom selects outstanding high school students through this competition to form the British Biology Olympiad National Team,Participate in the International Biology Olympiad (IBO)。

  4. International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition entry threshold★★★★☆ Gold content★★★★☆

  International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition(IGEM)

  The International Genetically Engineered Machine Design Competition is an annual world-class synthetic biology competition。The competition was organized by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in2004Year first,Aims to cultivate synthetic biology talents,To promote the study of undergraduate students in the field in various countries、Exchange and cooperation。Per year,The organizer of the competition will provide each participating team with a copyDNAStandard sample library,Each team selects their own topics and analyzes them through design and model,Import desired samples into existing biological systems,Synthesis of novel bioengineered systems(which is“genetically engineered machine”)。

  5. International Brain Neuroscience Competition entry threshold★★★☆☆ Gold content★★★★☆

  International Brain Bee

  internationalityBrain BeeBrain Science Competition(International Brain Bee Championship)Originated in America,It is an academic competition for young people around the world,Designed to encourage students to understand and explore the human brain。go through20Years of development,CurrentlyBrain BeeGlobally30Owned by multiple countries150multiple chapters。According to internationalBrain BeeCompetition Rules of the Organizing Committee of the Brain Science Competition,Each participating country needs to hold a national selection competition,Students selected from these represent the country to participate inBrain BeeBrain Science Competition International Competition。Per yearBrain BeeInternational competitions are all international conferences related to brain science(as neuroscience society、European Society for Neuroscience、American Psychological Association and other academic annual conferences)held at the same time,When student representatives from various countries participate in international competitions,was also invited to participate in the international conference。

  The above mainly revolves around the science class to introduce to you,Next is to share with you valuable competitions in computer science and social science business.,Remember not to blindly choose competitions when participating in competition activities,If you are not suitable for competition activities,Only with participation experience, no ranking,it doesn't make much sense,It's better to devote more of your precious time to academicsresearchactivity。I hope everyone can improve themselves,Be more competitive in your application。

rfp sample for website development(rfp sample for website development)

  computer、Robotics Competition

  1. International Olympic Informatics Competition entry threshold★★★★★ Gold content★★★★★

  International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI)

(rfp sample for website development)  The highest level of computer information technology discipline competition,and math、physics、Chemical、creature together,The five discipline competitions that make up the Olympiad。

  2. International Robot Olympiad entry threshold★★★★★ Gold content★★★★★

  International Robot Olympiad

  International Olympiad Robotics Competition(International Robot Olympiad)short nameIRO,by the International Olympic Robotics Committee(IROC)An international robotics competition with LEGO Education Denmark,The competition is divided into two categories: competition and creativity,In competition-type competitions, each group must build a robot and write a program to solve a specific problem,In the creative competition, each group can freely design and display robot models for specific themes。

  3. FRCRobot Competition entry threshold★★★☆☆ Gold content★★★★☆

  FIRST Robotics Competition

  FIRSTRobot Challenge(FIRST Robotics Competition)is a U.S. non-profit organizationFIRSThost,For high school students、An Industrial Robot Competition for College Students,Combine the excitement of sports with the precision of science and technology,is known as“intellectual college sports”。The competition has won the global500Accredited by many colleges and universities,All participating team members will receive approximately approx.3000,000 Scholarship Opportunity,such as MIT、Columbia University、University of Toronto, Canada、Macquarie University in Australia。Every year more new universities are added to theFIRSTList of scholarships。

  4. VEXRobot Challenge entry threshold★★★☆☆ Gold content★★★★☆

(rfp sample for website development)  VEX Robotics Competition

  VEXRobot competition is divided into junior high school、Three levels of high school and college。Requires participating teams to design their own、Make a robot and program it。The participating robots can be automatically programmed,Can be controlled by remote control,and on specific competition venues,Competition activities conducted according to certain rules。

  5. BotballInternational Robot Competition entry threshold★★★☆☆ Gold content★★★★☆

(rfp sample for website development)  Botball Program

  BotBallThe International Robot Competition is a competition originated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.(MIT)educational robotics activities。It first appeared as a course and competition for undergraduate students,received MIT The general recognition and welcome of students。Due to the obvious educational nature of this activity,with the U.S.STEM(science、Technology、project and math)Educational philosophy is highly compatible,since1997year onwards,BotBallPushed into junior high school education,To become an international robotics competition with the main purpose of education for middle school students。BotballThe design is based on the US National Science Education Standards,And focus on cultivating scientific literacy and exploration spirit。go through18Year-old development,Today, it has grown to young education robotic activities with extraordinary influence.。

  Humanities social science competition

  1. International Olympic Linguistics Competition Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★★☆

  International Linguistics Olympiad (IOL)

  IOLIs international language Olympic competition(International Linguistics Olympiad)Abbreviation。One-year degreeIOLThe game is currently global13One of the Olympic Science Competitions,Is a highest level discipline for high school students around the world。It works and cultivate participants' thinking ability、Teamwork capacity and problem solving ability。

  IOLEach topic of the game is the language fragment of a language that has been investigated in the world.,Differential differences in different language coding methods for entrants,And give enough known information,Require participants to find the rules behind this。IOLThe competition does not require players to have a deep linguistic knowledge,But it is necessary to use logical thinking.、Divergent thinking、The rules and secrets of comprehensive ability to solve the language phenomenon。In this event,come from all around the world,Young people with different skin colors and cultural backgrounds will also pass all kinds、Interesting competition and communication activities,Exercise ability、Enhance。

  2. China High School, American English Debate Alliance Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  National High School Debate League of China( NHSDLC

(rfp sample for website development)  NHSDLCCurrently a largest foreign language debate league in China,Committed to providing quality extracurricular activities platform for more domestic high school students。Demonstrate,Enhance their language expression and thinking,Expand horizons,Construction bridges for their communication with foreign high school students。

  Currently,The league has formed by an accentral competition.,City Region,National Invitational Tournament,National Championship and International Invitational League debate system。Per year,NHSDLCWill be at30Multi-city40Fair area。As of2017year,NHSDLCHas been mainland500Many schools100,000Names provide free training guidance。

(rfp sample for website development)  3. National Speech and Debate League Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★★☆

  National Speech and Debate Association (NSDA)

  The American Debate League is the whole American speech and debate league(National Speech and Debate Association,AbbreviationNSDA),Is the oldest in the United States、The largest middle school speech and debate honor organization,It is also the world's speech and debate field's largest professional coach member organization。NSDAProvide member schools and studentsNSDAPoints and ranking services。Through its unique integral and ranking system,NSDAEstablish an objective academic evaluation system in the country。Schools and students who participate in the debate can compare each other,Incentive competition awareness,And the system as one of the students' academic achievement indicators,Widely used in the enrollment process of universities in the United States。

  4. National Language Olympic Competition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  National Linguistics Olympiad

  This event is responsible for international linguistic Olympic competitions in China.(IOL)Single and convey the task of qualified players。NOLThe purpose of the game is not a speech of the linguistic knowledge.,Instead, they hope that the players solve those language puzzles they have never contacted by using logic and divergence thinking.,Correct answer by reasoning。In the process of answering these fun, the topic of interest,Players will feel the linguistics and interesting,Furthermore, it is interested in。

  Commercial competition

  1. National High School Student Business Challenge Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★★★☆

  Distributive Educational Clubs of America(DECA)

  National High School Student Business Challenge(The International Career Development Conference,AbbreviationICDC)YesDECAPeriodically held the highest commercial challenge,There is“Business Olympics”Claim。DECAAll asDistributive Educational Clubs of America,was founded in1946year,Is one of the largest secondary school students' business leadership education organizations in the United States,Committed to marketing、Financial finance、Business management、Travel management, etc.。DECAEmpower ability、Innovation、Integrity and teamwork。DECA ICDCThe National High School Student Commercial Challenge。YesDECAPeriodically held the highest commercial challenge,There is“Business Olympics”Claim。ICDCThe event is held by many well-known universities and corporate support.,Contest50Multiple projects,The judges are asked by the entrepreneurs and managers of more than 1,000 famous companies.。

(rfp sample for website development)  ICDCEventic awards and grades recognition,Including US Congress、US Department of Education、American Student Career and Skills Organization、American Middle School President Association、Consistent recommendation and recognition of American University Council,It is considered to be one of the activities that American students must participate in before the university.。

  2. American future business leader Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★★☆

  Future Business Leaders of America(FBLA)

  FBLAUnited States Future Business Leaders Summit(Future Business Leaders of America)Be founded in1937year,It is the world's largest non-profit student organization,It is also an education organization under the US Ministry of Education.,Currently in the United States215,000Member of a member。FBLAThe mission is to put business education through innovative form,Turn into a practical activity and career development project,Provide business education and business career plan for excellent young people。FBLAAll kinds of commercial elites and competitions will be held every year.,Its certificate、The award-winning certificate was recognized by US universities.。

  3. Syndrome Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

(rfp sample for website development)  SAGE

  Sai Zhi Middle School Student Social Innovation Competition is divided intoSRB/SEBTwo groups,Social problem is common starting point,inSRB(Social Responsibility Business)Emphasize that middle school students have passed the form of products.,Indirect social responsibility;andSEBGroup(Social Enterprise Business)It emphasizes its form of services.,Directly realize social responsibility。

  4. Diamond Challenge Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  Diamond Challenge

  Diamond Challenge2012Annual foundation,Sabering from Delaware University Entrepreneurship Plan,Committed to cultivating next-generation business competitions,Presenting the career development path of entrepreneurship,Provide them with an opportunity to understand the entrepreneurial process,And have the opportunity to put the idea into practice。now,From35A country exceeds4000Student's participation in this competition。

  5. Pantry Walton Investment Trading Competition Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  Knowledge @ Wharton High School(KWHS)

  Rules of competition:Working with WhartonOTISOnline simulation trading system management10Van Gold Assets,Students need to build their own trading strategy,Show your judges to choose the argument of developing strategies:

  Parameter qualification:9-12Grade secondary school students

  Entry form:Team ginseng,Do not support personal entries,Each team4 - 9people(Independent registration students can form a team)

(rfp sample for website development)  Transaction Type:stock。Contest selection stock category,US stocks。Each team member is at least responsible for an investment analysis and strategy report writing of a stock category.。

  Complete competition:Submit a mid-term report and the final strategy。All teams submitted to these two files,No matter whether it is finally finalized to the finals,You can get a certificate issued by Wharton knowledge online.。

  Establishment Committee:Professor Wharton Business School、Asset management company experts andKWHSJudges

  6. Sims Entrepreneur Challenge Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  Model Entrepreneur(ME)

  2015University of Columbia Business SchoolVenture For AllandIEG Global Corporation (IEG)Jointly establishedModel Entrepreneur(ME),Entrepreneurs aimed at allowing all ages can successfully create a company through the Teaching Idea and Guide of Columbia Business School.。Competition assembly integrate offline activities academic resources,Not only only limit the online competition,More relying on the powerful online platform,Conduct a competition。Be committed toMEPlace an international community and student extracurricular activities brand。Guide and optional courses through different stages,LetMEThe joins can truly learn how to apply commercial forms for brainstorms and various links。

  7. National Economics Challenge Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

  National Economic Challenge(NEC)

(rfp sample for website development)  NEC(National Economics Challenge)National Economics Challenge,It is the most influential high school economics competition in the United States.,go through17The development and accumulation of years,Every year10,500Students are invited to participate,Events and contestants have received well-known financial institutions in Wall Street、Wide support and recognition of top universities in the United States。

  Comprehensive technology competition

  1. Google Science Challenge Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★☆

  Google Science Fair (GSF)

  GSFIs a global online technology competition,Age13 arrive18 Students and teams between age(Most3people),The competition is divided into two groups of experiments and projects.,GSFCalling from an open entry project to the final global final award,General time6-7Monthly time。

  2. Intel Talent Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★★

  Intel Science Talented Search(STS )

  Intel Science Award(Intel Science Talent Search)Originally called West House Science Award(Westinghouse Science Talent Search),Originally located,Is there a small Nobel Award,It is the highest recognized in the United States.、The most elite high school scientific research competition,Its predecessor begins with1942Year“West House Science Award”。1998Change to Intel Science Award,Is the oldest in the United States,The most authoritative high school students science competition award。It attracts those outstanding,Young scientists who have a great ideal。Its aim is to encourage young generations to explore challenging scientific issues.,Cultivate them to solve unknown social problems。

  3. Intel International Science Engineering Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★★

  Intel Science and Engineering Fair(ISEF)

  “Intel International Science and Engineering Grand Prix”(Intel ISEF),Such a global teen science competition“World Cup”Reputation,Is the world's largest scale、Highest level、Also only9 ~ 12grade(Third to high)Middle school students' scientific competition。The prior to the scientific service(Science Service)At1950American Student Science Expo founded in the year。Intel will sponsor this event to2019year。Competition discipline includes all natural sciences and some social science contents, It provides mutual communication for the world's best small scientists and inventors., Show the stage of the latest scientific achievements。

  4. Siemens Science Competition Entry threshold★★★★☆ Containment★★★★★

(rfp sample for website development)  Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology

(rfp sample for website development)  Siemens Scientific Award is a award from Siemens' funds to reward the best mathematics and scientific students in the United States.,Open1998year,Committed to selection of the best mathematics and scientific students in the United States,Provide more than one year70010,000 yuan funding to support the education and development in the scientific field,Siemens science competition is one of the highest level of science and technology competition in the US.。

(rfp sample for website development)  5. International Space City Design Competition Entry threshold★★★☆☆ Containment★★★★☆

  International Space Settlement Design Competition(ISSDC)

  The most influential high school student in the global space research field——International Space City Design Competition,Original youth organizations originated in the United States——American Boy Son(Boy Scouts of America)exist1984Summer project,Globally8-12Grade students open。The contestants need to make12Personal team,according toRequest For Proposal(RFP)Demand,Design your unique space city program。The contestants will fully demonstrate their mathematics、physics、computer、project、Business、life sciences、Knowledge in the field of art、Skills and innovation capabilities。Program requirements use English,Need to cover an overview、Structural design、Infrastructure and operation、Habitat and safety、Automation and service、Six parts of commercial development,Completely describing a space city design and construction process。

  6. World Youth Invention Exhibition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★★☆☆

(rfp sample for website development)  International Exhibition for Young Inventors(IEYI)

  World Youth Civilization Exhibition is an international event,At2004Year is celebrating Japan Innovation and Invention Research Institute100Anniversary,A young inventor who is designed to have innovative spirit through exhibitions and competitions,IEYICreated as a link invented,Not only provides an international exchange platform not only provided a global inventor,Also cultivate teen scientific thinking and design thinking while,Comprehensively improve their understanding of scientific core concepts。

  7. Dengfeng Cup National Secondary School Student Academic Technology Innovation Competition Entry threshold★★☆☆☆ Containment★★☆☆☆

  Dengfeng Cup“Dengfeng Cup National Secondary School Student Academic Technology Innovation Competition”,Is a national middle school student academic technology innovation competition,Include“Dengfeng Cup”National Middle School Students Academic Works Competition、“Dengfeng Cup”National Middle School Students Mathematical Modeling Competition、“Dengfeng Cup”National middle school student robot competition、“Dengfeng Cup”National Middle School Student Structure Design Competition、“Dengfeng Cup”National Middle School Student Data Mining Competition and“Dengfeng Cup”Art Creative Design Six Parallel Competitions。