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Promote German unified practices through force,Not not。However, another completely different problem is:How to take responsibility to decide to use violence to lead a disaster,And bear the time to select the action。If you are alone、Purely follow the subjective factors to intervene in historical development,The results caused will always only have mature fruits.。

Its overall policy is based entirely on the possibility of defeating the defeat in Prussia.:He can save Prussia to save from the destruction after the defeat.,And charge your own remuneration。


Bismarck(Otto von Bismarck)Choose 媾 and this way out,And the result of Austria,It is probably that the most generous and about the victory between the victory and the defeat of the country.:Do not cutly、Do not pay、Repair of prisoners immediately、Above all occupied districts。In order to conclude this and about,Bismarck has a fierce dispute with his king.,Being forced to take into account suicide。Although he can't let the king see the signing this「Shameful to this level and about」Necessity,But he finally still pays。So in Bismarck's entire amazing career,The 1866 July occurs in Moravia「Nicolesburg」This crisis in the castle,Always is his most thrilling moment。

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And about the same generous and about the Southern Germany。Although they have played with Austria and shoulder the Prussian、Fall together,But you also don't have to cutly(Blacksen—Damstadt is slightly exceptional),I have never been occupied。They are only required to conclude military alliance with Prussia.——And they like the field and promise.。Besides,They have the first time in history, only this time,Become an internationally independent country。

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They are no longer like an eight○There is a German country before six years ago.,And in the 1815th year,have「Death Shorior」As a common roof。They have been understood,Work together to set up one「South Dee Sony」(If they are interested in this way),But they have never exercised that power。Austria's leading power of Nande is never a topic,This will only make them feel more satisfactory.。

Bismarck is more intense in Bende.。Prussia expansion in northern Germany,Originally, Bismarck real combat goals,Now he is achieved through the radical mergers.。Shiswi—Holstan、Hannover、Hessen—Kassel、Hessen—Nassau and other states,It has now become a provincial division of Prussia.;Frankfurt's old imperial free market was also incorporated into Pusher,And it is the only occupied area that has suffered rudely when he wars.(Stripping the soldiers to force the huge amount of money,Mayor is forced to commit suicide)。Prussia is now repeatedly merged and conquered and enrolled in the history of soil.,Completed the maximum and last expansion。

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Its boundaries have covered the entire northern part of Germany.,And overall, we must admit,Prussia has digested the huge land that is swallowed.。It is flexible in terms of territory,And its own business,There is a way to have good administrative management、Strict rule of law spirit and cold ice tolerance,Let the rule of Prussia can be「Must become the Prussian people」accept,Re-test again——The last test。Only Kenover within decades,Continue to have an opposition force to support the Welf royal family。

(mobile professional website development bismarck)If you are in accordance with the usual style of Prussi,It is reasonable to consider,Gossip the size of the northern de residue also merged。However, Prussia is not convenient and swallowing allies.——Metunburg、Oldenberg、Hanza City,And most of the small states in the Termingen area。The Kingdom of Saxony is ranked in the top of the mergers of Bismarck.,But Austria has been on the time of signing and about time.(Saxon people have joined the Austrian party in the battle of Knegrez.,And the casualties are heavy)。Then, for the Puers, it is aware of a wise practice.,It should be that Saxony does not bother to bother to borders in North Germany.,The top is just like the Bangna of South German,Force them to sign a cover。

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two、Establishment of German

They are impossible to cause any danger to Dawu Shrus in 1866.,What's more, many of these states are now just like sporadic spreads in Prussians.。However, Bismarck is also concluded with Deutsum's populism.。He must have a manifestation to Germany,At least give them something,Let them feel that it is German unified「First payment」。In addition, he has promised,To give them a German Congress that is generated by free universities——A German parliament,Not a Parliament。After all, Prussian democratization,It is what he finally intends to agree.。As a result, he found an outway。He invented「North Deegon」。

(mobile professional website development bismarck)North Deengoshi is a rare architecture。Prussia after 1866,The people of the country have been more than 2,4 million people,The total number of people in the remaining twenty-two people members of the North Deengo is only six million.。A Prussian free person is called:「A dog with a dog flea」。But no matter what,The status surface of the twenty-two small states is the same as the country.——In this way,North German Alliance is a state。

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But it got another「National council」,An all-in-one member states will be produced,And basically holding a parliament with legislative power and budget review——In this respect,North German League is a federal country。In addition, it should provide a framework,In order to have a chance to mature one day,There is also a way to include the South Gerbon.。The Prussian itself should continue to maintain the original appearance anyway.。That is「Circle」General challenge。

Bismarck himself seems quite quite understand,He made a contradictory thing。In the formulation《North De will》in the process of,The instruction issued by Bismarck is:「The form must be close to the state,However, in practice should have elasticity、Unordered,But a wide range of expressions,Make the nature of the federal country。」However, the actual way is still unclear.。We can feel,Bismarck this is not fully understood,What is what he wants?。

He is completely unable to comply with your own style.,Allowed North Deengosh Bondays to be selected for 1866「National council」,Can't make 40 amendments to the draft law。Among them, the most important point is included.:If the original laws of Bismarck,「Prime Minister」It is just that Prussia is stationed.「Banglian Senate」representative,Higher's high-level officials who lively act。The legal version of the ultimate passed「Prime Minister」Responsible for the overall policy of the Fanglian,Forcing Bismarck to have to personally serve as this job。


Bismarck has since then serves two positions.:He is also the Prime Minister of Prussian Prime Minister and North Deengos。After four years,「Prime Minister of North Defeng」Referior「Prime Minister of German」——The latest time is very obvious from this time,The Prime Minister's position is one of the two parties and serve.;And Bismarck is inadvertently,And if you don't know what this time does this time?,In fact, Prussia「Become an indirect country」。

Promote German unified practices through force,I also think not not。However, another completely different problem is:How to take responsibility to decide to use violence to lead a disaster,And bear the time to select the action。If you are alone、Purely follow the subjective factors to intervene in historical development,The results caused will always only have mature fruits.。

Germany's unity is still an immature fruit at this moment.,I believe this is something to all.⋯⋯We can also dial the hourly needle,Time will not move faster,And the ability to develop and develop,Is one of the prerequisites of pragmatic policies。

mobile professional website development bismarck

This is not like the speech of the madden will.。But it provides at least one statement,Let people get a peek,What is why Bismarck tends to be a calm attitude full of philosophical,Come to delay「North Deegon」Expand「German state」time。Secretary of the Royal Affairs Schlenitz once said to him:「We must not continue to advance,Unless our Prussian officer reserves are enough。」Bismarck replied:「Although I am not open to it,But that is the basic idea of my entire policy。」If he really has this idea,Then, even the Borders, the United States, the United States, is already the first step in deviating from its policy.,So it is not difficult to understand what Bismari Mai has stepped over a bigger second step.。

but no matter,Bismarck is a point of view of this vinegar in his later years.——「Bismarck has been in 187○The years before the year agreed to plan to fight the law,To take this to complete the unified large industry in Germany」——Foundation is myth。After 1866 and sixteen years ago,Bismarck's difference in policy has formed a strong contrast to his eyes.:Being a thorough move,Always deliberately manufacturing、Incomplete and solve disputes,And the goal is very clear。

Then, it is emphasized that it is quiet and changed and the lunner.,Have a repeatedly trying to flicker in an imminent conflict,At the same time, it is clear that it is impact,I don't know if I should combine North German with Nande.。Bismarck has made a lot of compromise that is very unreasonable from German populists in the 177th year.,The crisis that is fractured with France for Luxembourg,Its compromise measures and includes the evacuation of Prussia。In 186, he rejected Baden Daquan to apply for the proposal of the United States.,Because he thinks that it is unnecessary to France.。

(mobile professional website development bismarck)Even Bismari○Convince the king at the beginning of the year,Agree to let the Horn Zombian family's side supports the Spriscean,Nor did it be used by Bismarck to provoke the war(After more than 100 years, the detailed study of the inverter,Now we have confirmed this matter),It is used to scare military adventures in France。Bismarck called it「Spanish peaceful spring」,And hope that it has always been a source。


According to Bismarck estimation,Spain can never make a threat to France,But behind France, since there is an unsafe Spanish,Perhaps you can make the French warfare——They have been in 187○Before the year「Revenge for Sadda」,And do everything possible to find out a union with Austria and Italy。This time I finally decided to fight until the last moment.,And that is the exact reaction in France,Forced him only when he will make a choice between war and humiliation。even so,He still makes France to make a move of war。


《European history》《Bismarck biography》《Brief History of Time》


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