un sustainable development goals website


(un sustainable development goals website)United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

SustainableDevelopmentGoals (SDGs)

un sustainable development goals website

197Member States jointly adopted and participated

2015year9moon25day,The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit is held at headquarters,193Member States will be officially passed on the summit17Sustainable development goals。

(un sustainable development goals website)un sustainable development goals website

17Sustainable development goals

Sustainable development goals aim2015Year2030The society is completely solved in a comprehensive manner.、Development of three dimensions of economic and environment,Turn to sustainable development road and make historical commitments,Complete this17Sustainable goal。

• SDGsFirst1item:
No poverty The eradication of poverty
Eliminating all forms of poverty around the world,Looking forward to the future world will have extreme poverty。

• SDGsFirst2item:
Zero Hunger Zero hungry
Implement food security、Improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture。Complete the future world will be hungry。

• SDGsFirst3item:
Good Health and Wellbeing Good health and human well-being
Ensure a healthy lifestyle、Promote the well-being of people in all ages。The world who reaches the future will never die in the disease.,Everyone has the right to enjoy lifelong health care services。

• SDGsFirst4item:
Quality Education quality education
Ensure an inclusive、Fair quality education,Promote the whole people to enjoy lifelong learning opportunities。In the future, everyone has learned,Enrichment with knowledge。

• SDGsFirst5item:
Gender Equality Gender equality
Great gender equality,For all women、Girls empower。I hope that the opportunity to develop gender equality in the future。

• SDGsFirst6item:
Clean Water and Sanitation Clean water and facilities
Everyone has an important part of the world we want to live.。Enjoy cleaning water resources in the future world,There is enough sanitation everywhere。

un sustainable development goals website(un sustainable development goals website)

• SDGsFirst7item:
Affordable and Clean Energy Cheap and clean energy
Ensure everyone gets the burden、Reliable and sustainable modern energy。In the future, everyone can use heating、illumination、Power and other energy,At the same time, it does not affect the warmth of the earth.。

• SDGsFirst8item:
Decent Work and Economic Growth Decent work and economic growth
Lasting、tolerate、Sustainable economic growth,Realize full and productive employment,Make sure everyone has a decent。Looking forward to the future world economy flourishing,Everyone has work。

• SDGsFirst9item:
Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure industry、Innovation and infrastructure
Building a perfect infrastructure、Promote a sound industrial system,And promote innovation development。Looking forward to future world profits no longer becomes the only goal,But let everyone live better.。

• SDGsFirst10item:
Reduced Inequalities Reduce inequality
Reduce people、Inequality between the country and the country。I hope that the future world will no longer have personal prejudice and political extreme inequality.。

• SDGsFirst11item:
Sustainable cities and communities Sustainable development city and community
Building an inclusive、Safety、Risk against capacity and sustainable city and human residential community。Looking forward to the future world community living environment security,All residents get mutually inclusive and support。

• SDGsFirst12item:
Sustainable Consumption and Production Responsible consumption and production
Ensure responsible sustainable consumption and production mode。So future world production and consumption is sustainable——Taken by natural,Also。

(un sustainable development goals website)un sustainable development goals website

• SDGsFirst13item:
Climate Action Climate action
Take an emergency response to the changes in climate and its impact。I hope the future world will no longer be threatened by climate change.。

• SDGsFirst14item:
Life Under Water Underwater ecology
Protection and sustainable use of oceans and marine ecological resources to promote sustainable development。I hope the future ocean gets recovery and protects。

• SDGsFirst15item:
Life on Land Terrestrial ecology
Protect、Restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem、Sustainable forest management、Desertification、Stop and reverse land degradation phenomenon、Contains the loss of biodiversity。I hope that land ecology such as forests and animals in the future will be restored and carefully protected.。

• SDGsFirst16item:

Institutions, good governance Peace、justice、Inclusive institution
Promote peace and inclusive society that is conducive to sustainable development、Provide everyone with opportunities for judicial,Establish effective at all levels、Responsible and inclusive institution。It is expected that the future world is peaceful,All government public transparency,Law is equal in front of the law。

• SDGsFirst17item:
Partnerships for the goals Co-objective relationship
Strengthening the implementation means、Reviviation sustainable development Global partnership。Looking forward to all countries in the future、All people work together,Implement all global goals,Blessing Earth Every place、Every person。

un sustainable development goals website(un sustainable development goals website)

In order to achieve this plan is the global goal of sustainable development,We need to work together、Continuous cooperation、Haar difficulties,Complete each district of the benefit earth、Every place、Every person 。。。Even people can not be less !

un sustainable development goals website



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